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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 267

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 267

All the students stood in a long line aside and watched as their classmates entered the track for the assessment. Addison was at the very front of the line. She barely passed the 50-meter run and was exhausted when she finished. Soon, it was Janice’s turn. Standing at the starting line, she had a calm expression on her face. As soon as she heard Harry’s command to start, she sprinted forward as quickly as lightning. Ruthlessly and steadily, she crossed all the obstacles, prompting her other classmates to squeal in excitement. “Wow! She’s so good!”

“My gosh! I couldn’t tackle that obstacle. I can’t believe she passed it so easily!” “Why did it seem so difficult for me but so easy for her?” To everyone’s amazement, Janice successfully completed the obstacle course in 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Everyone applauded, and even Harry couldn’t refrain from expressing approval. “You performed really well. You’re guaranteed to receive full marks with such a result. Everyone, please learn from Janice.” Smiling brightly, she answered humbly, “Thank you, Sir. I was able to achieve such results because I’ve been training since young. It’s normal that everyone else did poorly since they rarely train. You can’t use me as a comparison.” “You were amazing, Janice!”

“I’m so jealous that you started training at a young age. You have such a good physique. “You’re our class’ number one!” Listening to everyone’s praises, she couldn’t help but feel a little smug. Then, she glanced at Harry. As their gazes met, he couldn’t help but cough and avert his eyes. “Alright. Next is Elise!” When he called Elise, she simply acknowledged and went to the starting line. “Okay. Your time starts now!” As soon as he said this, she started running and passed the first obstacle effortlessly. Her movements were even swifter than Janice’s.

All the students who were watching were stunned. As she ran along the course, her movements were swift, and there was hardly any hesitation. After passing all the obstacles, she sprinted toward the finish line. “What the heck? She’s so fast!” “She already reached the finish line before I realized it.” “Sir, what’s her result?” Quickly, Harry came back to his senses. Luckily, he managed to record her result immediately after she finished. When he looked down and saw the numbers on the timer, he tensed. “1 minute and 59 seconds!” Everyone gasped when they heard the numbers. “Sir, did I hear that correctly? Did she really finish it in 1 minute and 59 seconds? That’s unbelievable!”

“That’s right. Elise only used 1 minute and 59 seconds to complete the obstacle course,” he confirmed. Instantaneously, there was a burst of applause. Watching as she walked over, everyone couldn’t help but cheer. “You’re so cool, Elise!” “1 minute and 59 seconds! You’re the legend of our class!” When Janice heard their cries, her face turned grim and then white. She was terribly unhappy. It was just a few minutes ago that they were still cheering for her. Now, everyone’s attention was on Elise. Completing the obstacle in 1 minute and 59 seconds was an achievement Janice never dared to imagine. Yet, Janice was unwilling to accept the fact that she had lost to Elise. How is it possible that I’ve lost to someone so ordinary?

Are my years of training in vain? Janice clenched her fists. Glaring at Elise, who was walking over, her eyes dimmed. “Your results are quite good; you surpassed a professional athlete’s level. May I know if you’ve received any professional training before?” Harry asked. Elise narrowed her eyes. The training she underwent was confidential and could not be considered professional training. Besides, she was not at liberty to disclose it. Hence, she had no choice but to reply, “Nope!” “Not bad! It’s a great start!” Harry praised with a nod. Everyone cast her envious glances.

“Go ahead and take a rest at the side!” Harry told her. With that, she acknowledged him and went to the side to rest. Just then, Janice stopped her. “Hold on!” Hearing this, Elise turned to look at Janice and asked, “Yes?” Janice lifted her eyes and crossed her arms. “Let’s have a competition, shall we?” It was an outright challenge from her. Meanwhile, the other students gathered around and watched enthusiastically. “Wow! A competition between two of the best! It’ll definitely be entertaining!” “Hey, Erudite Elise! Why don’t you satisfy our curiosity?”

“Come on! We’re rooting for you!” In response, Elise furrowed her brows as she was not interested to compete with Janice. Then, she said, “Sorry, I can’t compete with you.” It was the first time that Janice was rejected, and it made her upset. Thinking that Elise was looking down on her, she boiled with anger. “Why? Are you scared?” Upon hearing this, Elise lifted her eyes to meet Janice’s and simply replied, “I just think it’s unnecessary.” As soon as Elise said so, Janice’s face darkened. “What, now? Are all ugly people so unreasonable?” Disregarding Elise’s feelings, Janice insulted her harshly. “Do you have low self-esteem? Is that why you keep wearing that mask? To be honest, nobody would laugh at you for being ugly.”

Immediately, Elise’s eyes sank. Seeing this, Addison stepped forward and spoke up against Janice. “People with manners wouldn’t criticize other people for their shortcomings. Do you really think that you’re the best? You should know that there’s always someone better.” “It’s none of your business! What a busybody!” Janice snorted. Hearing this made Addison furious. Just as Addison was about to retort, Elise pulled her back and gave her an assuring look. Then, Addison said, “What are you scared of, Elise? Compete with her! You’re much better than her, and everyone saw your result earlier. Even Sergeant Miller said that you’re as good as a professional athlete! Anyway, she already lost to you, so why should you reject her?

Besides, I can’t stand that annoying face of hers. How disgusting!” “Who are you calling disgusting?” Janice pointed at Addison fiercely before rolling her eyes. “Do you seriously think that she’s afraid of you? We’re just worried that you might look bad after losing to her!” Janice had never faced such humiliation before. “Are you brave enough for a match with me?” With a frown, Elise questioned, “What event do you want to compete in?”

Quickly, Janice replied, “Any event’s fine. You choose. I’m okay with anything.” At that moment, Janice sounded so arrogant that even Harry couldn’t help but give her a worried look. However, Janice completely ignored him and stared at Elise as she gritted her teeth. Janice had to prove that she was better. “So, are you up for it?”

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