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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 264

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 264

The next day was the opening ceremony of the new semester. The ceremony was held on a large scale at Tissote University. Elise had given a speech at the ceremony as the representative of the freshmen. After it had ended, everyone went back to their respective classes to get their training attire. The moment Elise got her attire and exited the classroom, she was surprised to see Rowena standing at the end of the hallway.

Then, Rowena walked toward her. “Miss Sinclair, can I have a word with you?” Hearing that, Elise asked, “Why are you here? If it’s about the wedding dress, the design draft has already been sent back to Athesea. When it’s done over there, it will be sent over via flight.” “It’s not about that, Miss Sinclair! Miss Anderson wants to see you.” Though Elise was mumbling to herself, she followed after Rowena. As soon as she got out of the entrance of the campus, a luxurious nanny van stopped right in front. When the door of the car opened, Faye was seen sitting in the car.

“Miss Sinclair, looks like we meet again.” Having gotten into the car, Elise closed the door before asking, “Miss Faye, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Faye then replied without beating around the bush, “There’s something I need your help with.” At this moment, the car started moving as Faye started explaining, “You’ve already met my mother the other day. At first glance, I bet you can already tell that she’s… different from others.” Humming in response, Elise waited for her to go on. Faye then continued, “After my sister died of sickness a few years back, my mother had gotten ill.

The doctor said that she had some mental trauma, so she’s sometimes irrational. All these years, we’ve seen many doctors, but her condition has not improved at all. I thought that she would never be sober in this life, until that day, your appearance…” At once, Elise was taken aback. “Me?” After affirming her doubt, Faye continued, “I don’t know what’s with my mother. She was so agitated when she saw you. After you left, she kept yelling the name of my late sister.

In the past two days, she’s been saying that she wants to see you. She even went on a hunger strike to make me bring you over. I think that she may be seeing you as my sister. However, the dead cannot be resurrected. Hence, I’m here to find you because I’m left with no option.” At this point, Elise understood where Faye was getting at. “You want me to pretend to be your sister?” “I know that this is a lot to ask, but I will not mistreat you.

I only hope that you can come and visit her twice or thrice a week. As for the pay, you can name it! As long as it’s something I can afford, it will be fine.” At this moment, Elise’s head was filled with images of when she met Faye’s mother. Her heart clenched for a brief second, and she felt pain. She could not explain why her left atrium hurt when she recalled that specific piece of memory. Perhaps, it reminded her of herself… “Alright! I will try my best to keep her company,” Elise agreed. Hearing that, Faye smiled before taking a hold of Elise’s hand.

“Thank you, Miss Sinclair.” At a slow and steady speed, the vehicle finally reached the Anderson Family’s residence. The driver stopped the car at the entrance, and Elise got out of the car after. Looking at the huge mansion before her, she had mixed feelings. “Miss Sinclair, please follow me.” When she took a look at Faye, the latter smiled at her before saying, “Go ahead. Thank you for doing this.” Elise then retracted her gaze before following Rowena into the premises. She passed the main hall and came to a hallway in the backyard. Following the hallway, she passed through the garden before finally reaching the houses behind.

“Miss Sinclair, please wait here for a moment. I’ll get Madam.” As Rowena said that, she pushed the door and went into the house. Standing at the doorstep, Elise took a look around. The surroundings were a little small compared to the main hall and there were many florae planted all over, setting a relaxing atmosphere. “Miss Sinclair, please come in.” Rowena led Elise into the house. It was only then did Elise realize that the house was actually a chapel.

At that moment, Jeanie Gray was still praying. “Madam, Miss Sinclair is here.” Just as Rowena said that, Jeanie opened her eyes before scrambling to stand up. Looking at Elise, she smiled eye to eye at once. She then ran forward and hugged Elise. “Yoyo, you’re back. I miss you a lot…” Standing there dumbfounded, Elise was enjoying affection that was not meant for her. It made her feel guilty. However, she remembered that she had promised Faye. Thus, she slowly retracted her hand and let Jeanie hug her. “Yoyo, let me look at you. Have you been eating well lately?

Why do you look skinnier?” Jeanie seemed much more normal than the first time Elise saw her; she was not crazy at the slightest today. “If you’re craving anything, just tell me. I’ll cook for you. You youngsters keep saying that you’re on diet––you don’t eat this and that. However, my Yoyo doesn’t have to go on a diet. She has a figure that’s just nice…” As Jeanie mumbled on, she looked at Elise with a gentle gaze.

At this moment, Elise felt taken aback. As she grew up with her grandparents, she had never felt the love of a mother. It felt odd that she was feeling the affection of a mother from someone else’s mother. “I’m not hungry…” All Elise could manage to say were those words. Hearing that, Jeanie smiled even wider. “Alright. I’ll cook something nice for you when you’re hungry.” Elise nodded in acknowledgment. After that, Jeanie kept tugging on Elise with some force as if she was afraid that Elise would go missing. The gentle tone in Jeanie’s gaze made Elise feel extra warm.

If her mother was by her side, would she look at her with the same gentleness? “Yoyo, it’s been so many years. Have you been well?” At this moment, Jeanie’s eyes suddenly welled up with tears. Even her voice broke a little as if she would start crying at any moment. At once, Elise consoled her, “I’ve been living very well. Don’t worry about me.” Hearing that, Jeanie nodded. “That’s great… That’s great…” As she said that, she stood up, pulling Elise along with her.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you somewhere.” Elise quickly followed her. When they got to the entrance, Faye and Rowena were standing right outside the door. Unbeknownst to Elise, Jeanie’s emotions changed the moment she saw Faye. Tugging on Elise with a firm grip, Jeanie stood in front of the latter before scolding Faye, “You little fox! Stay away from me! Stay away from Yoyo… I don’t want to see you. Go away!”

At once, Faye’s eyes seemed sad. “Mom, I’m your daughter, Faye.” “No, I only have one daughter. You’re not… You’re not… You’re not… You’re a little fox, you’re a little fox…” As Jeanie mumbled that, she looked like she was going through a panic attack. Instinctively, she loosened her hand that was holding on to Elise’s before hugging her head as she squatted down. Then, Jeanie continued mumbling, “You’re not my daughter. My daughter is Yoyo, not a little fox!”

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