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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 263

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 263

When Elise got back to the classroom, two-thirds of her classmates were gone. With that, she went back to her seat and sat down before fishing out some letter paper to draft her speech. After some time, her phone that was kept in her pocket rang. “Elise, come out and grab a bite. I’m waiting for you at the east entrance.” After she hung up the phone, she took a look at the speech draft that was almost done. She then packed her stuff and left the classroom.

When Elise arrived at the east entrance of the campus, she saw Mikayla, who was just a stone’s throw away, waving at her. “Elise, here I am.” She then walked over and pulled a chair to sit with her. “Why would you suddenly think of eating at this stall here?” “Their food is quite nice! That’s why I’m recommending this to you. So, you went to your new class today. How was it?” After a hum, Elise said, “It’s not bad! What about you?

The Music Faculty must be pretty good too.” Hearing that, Mikayla pursed her lips before replying, “It’s alright, but there are just too many people wearing weird outfits. It made me doubt whether they’re in the music faculty or fashion and arts. The boys were all wearing odd clothes––not to mention their long hair. There are just no good-looking ones.” Failing to stifle her laugh, Elise said, “Are you here to study or to gawk at good-looking boys?”

Mikayla sighed before replying, “Now that I’m in university, I can finally date someone. However, I can’t find anyone suitable in this class. That’s why now… I’ve given up on that thought. After all, I still favor good looks. I’m not attracted to those average Joes.” Just as she finished saying that, a boy with a tall and sturdy build approached her and said, “Hello there, can I get your social media handle?” Hearing that, she replied with a cold expression, “Sorry, I don’t use social media.”

“Your phone number works too!” “I don’t have a phone…” The boy seemed to not have given up yet as he looked like he was about to say something, but a man’s voice cut him off. “You want my girlfriend’s number? You can get it from me instead.” Upon hearing that, the boy quickly apologized before running off. It was only then that Mikayla noticed who the man was. In a low tone, she said, “Jack, why are you here?” Jack lowered his baseball cap and covered half of his face with only his eyes visible.

“I’m in Tissote for a business trip so I dropped by to pay you girls a visit.” Mikayla sneered, “Why did you pretend to be my boyfriend then?” “I’m fending off your admirers for you. You should be thanking me instead.” “I didn’t ask for that. You’re the one who did it voluntarily.” “But I still helped you! Otherwise, you’ll be disturbed by men of that sort.” “You’re overthinking it…” Seeing the way the two quarreled, Elise thought that they looked like a couple in a fresh relationship.

“Can the two of you take a break?” Mikayla scoffed before ignoring Jack. Then, he shifted his gaze toward Elise before saying, “Actually, I’m here for you this time, Elise.” At once, Elise raised her brow in surprise as she asked, “Me? What is it that you have to see me for?” After he found out that Elise was H, he wanted to thank her in person. If it wasn’t for her help, his new single wouldn’t have been so successful. With her talent in composing songs and writing lyrics––not to mention the fans and fame that she had for all these years in the circle as H––it would be a pity to let it end just like that.

Hence, he asked, “Elise, have you ever thought of making a comeback in the entertainment field? As H?” Hearing that, Mikayla turned toward Elise with bright eyes. “Elise, if you were to make a comeback, my days won’t be so boring anymore. Having an idol to idolize, my days will definitely be filled with positivity.” Elise took a glance at the two people in front of her and said, “Isn’t life as it is right now pretty great? I’ve actually never planned to make a comeback.”

Truth was, the entertainment industry was not as simple, clean, and pure as it seemed. After witnessing all the dirty deeds that couldn’t be seen in the light of day, she just couldn’t take it anymore. “Why not?! You already have a stable fanbase and a decent amount of fame. Even after all these years of being dormant and not releasing any new singles, your fans are still sticking by your side. Once you make a comeback, they’ll definitely support you like last time.

Besides, the music industry lacks outstanding artists like you.” Instead of answering her, Elise asked, “Why would you suddenly think of this?” Hearing that, Jack replied, “I just don’t want a talented artist like you to be buried. Of course, I won’t be able to make the decision for you, but I just want to at least give you my advice. However, if you still don’t want to, then just pretend I’ve never said anything.” Elise hummed in response but did not say anything further.

Seeing her response, Jack had no choice but to stop pestering her. Although he was merely making a tentative suggestion, Elise completely ignored him, which left him hopeless. At that moment, he finally understood that she might have no intention of getting back to that field anymore in the future. “Alright, understood! I will not bring this up again in the future. Today is the first day you’ve arrived at the new university.

Congratulations on becoming an official student.” “Thank you!” After the trio chatted, Elise bid them goodbye before leaving for the hostel alone. En route on a small path in the campus, she kept recalling his words. It made her think about the old times when she was free and easy to be in the industry with the identity of H. However, it was a past that she could not return to. When she got to the hostel building lobby, she paused her steps.

Standing a few steps away from her, was Alexander, carrying a big bag. Seeing that she came back, he gave her an adorning look. At once, she ran into his embrace. “It’s late. Why are you here at this hour?” Pulling up the bag in his hand, he replied, “I heard that the new students have military training, so I’ve prepared some items that you may need.” Immediately, she opened the bag. There were all sorts of sunblocks and medications for emergencies inside. In a nutshell, there was everything that she could possibly need. “Why did you prepare so much stuff?”

“I thought that you may need them. Just in case.” Raising her brow, she said, “The training shouldn’t be too challenging for me.” After all, she had received training that was way crueler than military training. These training sessions for freshmen were just a piece of cake to her. Obviously, she didn’t say all that out loud. “However, thank you for being so thoughtful.” “All I get is a thank you? No action to show your gratitude?”

At once, a blush crept up her face. Looking up at him, she finally tipped her toes and gave his cheek a kiss. “Will this do?” At this moment, his smile reached his eyes. He then said in a soft tone, “Not even close, but under the current circumstance, I’ll make do.” Hearing that. Elise was speechless, so she simply nudged him. “Alright, I’ve received the things. Hurry up and go back.” Staring at her, he sighed, “Elise, when will you really grow up?”

At once, she retorted, “I’m already eighteen.” “It’s not enough…” Those words seemed to have carried a heavy meaning. After she had gotten back to her hostel, she was still thinking about what he said.a

At once, she took a good look at herself in the mirror to check that she had a good feminine figure. She’d say that she looked nothing like an underaged, so his words might not mean what she had in mind. At least, that was what she told herself…

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