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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 261

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 261

Shocked, Elise quickly stepped backward. However, the woman stopped all of a sudden too. Her eyes widened as she stared at Elise, who was standing in front of her. Thereafter, she became very agitated and pulled Elise’s arm with force. “Yoyo… My dear Yoyo, you’re such a big girl now. Come here and let Mommy take a closer look at you…” Elise was dumbfounded by the woman’s reaction, so she quickly pushed her away. “What are you doing?

Please don’t come near me. I’m not Yoyo.” However, the woman grabbed her even tighter. “No, you’re Yoyo, You’re my Yoyo. Yoyo, Mommy missed you so much…” The woman started tearing up as she said that. For some reason, Elise felt sorry for the woman when she saw her weep.

As such, she stopped pushing her away and allowed the woman to tug at her without resisting. But the next second, the woman directly reached out her arms to hug Elise. “I’m sorry, Yoyo. Mommy has let you down…” Elise instinctively patted the woman’s back, and the woman gradually calmed down under Elise’s appeasement.

Just then, a servant ran over in a fluster. “Madam, why are you here?” With that, the servant was about to pull the woman away, but the latter shoved her to the side. “Don’t touch me! I just want to be with my Yoyo. Stay away, all of you!” “This is not Miss Yoyo, Madam. You’ve made a mistake.” “No, I did not! It’s her! She’s my Yoyo…” While saying that, the woman tightened her grasp on Elise. The servant was in a quandary as she said to Elise apologetically, “I’m so sorry for the trouble Madam had caused, Miss Sinclair.”

“It’s okay,” Elise said as she glanced toward the woman. At this moment, Faye walked over with a gloomy face, but she still kept her shirt on and said to the woman, “Please let go of her, Mom. She’s not Yoyo. She’s a guest of mine…” Nevertheless, the woman would not listen at all as she continued holding onto Elise. Perceiving that the soft approach would not work, Faye ordered the servants behind her, “Why are you all still standing there?

Quickly go and pull my mother away.” The servants went forward to pull the woman, but the woman mustered all of her strength at this moment to hold onto Elise stubbornly and did not allow the others to come near. “Go away, all of you! Don’t harm my Yoyo. Don’t come near…” Faye’s eyes darkened as she could not be bothered about the others anymore and directly went up to seize the woman’s wrist. “Come to your senses! Yoona is already dead and won’t be back anymore no matter how you make a fuss!” However, Faye’s words only served to provoke the woman further.

With an ear-piercing scream, the woman let go of Elise and crouched on the ground in agony. “No… no…” Seeing that, Faye gave a look to the servant behind her, who then quickly went forward and brought the woman away. It was only after the woman had left did Faye say to Elise, “My apologies for causing you trouble, Miss Sinclair.” Nonetheless, Elise was not curious about other people’s private matters but she just felt sorry for that woman for some reason.

“No worries. Since our matter is already settled, I shall take my leave first,” she said. “Please walk Miss Sinclair out, Ms. Johnson.” “This way please, Miss Sinclair.” Rowena led Elise out of the bungalow and specially arranged a chauffeur to send her back to the university. After getting out of the car, Elise walked back to the hostel alone. The moment she opened the door, she saw a few large luggages placed in the middle of the room.

The light in the bathroom was on, and the sound of running tap could be heard. Elise put down her bag and sat down on the chair to unpack some of her own luggage. Just then, the bathroom door opened and a tall girl walked out. Seeing Elise, she asked directly, “Are you my roommate?” Elise hummed in response. “Yeah.” The girl was curious to see Elise wearing a mask, so she walked toward her and asked, “Are you sick?

Why are you wearing a mask?” Elise explained, “It’s nothing. It’s just more convenient to have a mask on.” Hearing that, Addison Whitlock did not continue asking as she introduced herself. “I’m Addison Whitlock. What about you?” “Elise Sinclair.” Addison was astonished upon hearing this name. With her eyes wide open, she asked agitatedly, “Are you Elise Sinclair, the top scholar this year? The prodigy who scored full marks for a few papers in the exam?” Elise nodded. “Oh my gosh! It’s such a surprise to have you as my roommate!” Addison wiped her wet hair and went to take her phone from the table.

“Do you know how impressive your result is? I have a friend who practically worships you like a god.” While saying that, Addison sent a voice message. “Hey, sis. Quickly come to my room. I want to introduce a new friend to you.” Soon after the message was sent out, a knock on the door came forth.

Following that, a girl with short hair pushed the door open and walked in, “Hey, Addy! Who’s the new friend?” As soon as she asked that, the girl saw Elise, who was standing in front of her, so she greeted courteously, “Hello!” The next second, Addison pulled Elise over and wore a proud look. “Do you know who she is?” The girl responded with a puzzled look. Seeing that, Addison quickly said, “She’s your idol!” “What?” “Elise Sinclair! The top scholar!” At once, the girl looked toward Elise with a shocked expression. Blinking her eyes, she inhaled deeply.

“You’re Elise Sinclair?” Elise was amused by the two girls’ reactions. Since when did I become so famous that they have to be so stirred up upon hearing my name? “I’ve heard that you enrolled in Tissote University, but I didn’t think that we would be in the same faculty. Hi, I’m Ricky Williams, Addy’s childhood friend. We grew up in the same neighborhood.” Ricky’s name was just as gender-neutral as her appearance.

“Nice to meet y’all!” Elise said courteously. Ricky was a straightforward person. She had long heard that although this Elise Sinclair from Athesea was very good in her studies, she had an awful appearance. Now that she saw Elise wearing a mask, she reckoned that the rumor was most probably true. “Nice to meet you! We’ll be studying at the same university from now on. I’m from the Linguistic Faculty. Since we’re all from the same university, let’s get along well in the future.” After saying that, Addison glanced at her luggage which was placed on the floor and quickly explained to Elise, “I brought these along but didn’t have time to unpack them yet. Hope you don’t mind it.” “Not at all!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep them away by tomorrow so our room won’t be as messy as it is now.” Then, Addison quickly asked Ricky to give her a hand. “By the way, Elise, tomorrow will be the opening ceremony and the military training will begin the day after. Did you prepare some sunscreen?” Elise frequently put on makeup in the past, so sunscreen was a necessity. However, she had rarely used cosmetic products ever since she regained her original look, so she did not bring along the sunscreen.

“I forgot to bring it, but I can go get a new one tomorrow.” As soon as she said that, Addison quickly said, “That’s not necessary. My family just launched a new sunscreen, and it’s very effective. I’ll give you one.” With that, Addison went to take a new sunscreen from her dressing table and passed it to Elise.

“You can give it a try. It’s very effective in shielding the sunlight, and you don’t have to be worried about getting a sunburn even during military training.” “Addy, are you here to be a promoter? You’re even promoting the new product developed by your brother’s company at this moment!” “That’s not true! I just feel that this sunscreen is pretty good. I just wanted to share the good things with you girls.” Elise received it and said, “Thanks!” Hearing that, Addison smiled brightly.

“You’re welcome. We’ll be roommates from now on, so let’s help each other out when there’s a need.” Before this, Elise was still worried that she would not be able to adapt to the new environment. Nevertheless, with a roommate like Addison, she reckoned her days in the university would not be as boring as expected.

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