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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 258

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 258

Alexander walked straight in. “I‘ll send you over after breakfast.”

Elise made a sound of affirmation and hurriedly sat down at the dining table. The pair sat across from each other, eating breakfast, when there was a ding. A message came in.

It was from Mikayla. Elise quickly opened the message to see that Mikayla had sent her a photo. The Tissot University signage, all in capitals, was clearly visible in the picture. Right after that, Mikayla sent a voice message.

‘Look, Elise! I got into Tissote University!‘

Elise smiled as she recorded her reply. Congrats!

Mikayla quickly sent her another message. ‘I just decided to try it out and see when I took their entrance exam. I had low expectations, but then I passed! And I thought that I could only get into some regular uni with my university entrance exam scores. Who would have thought that I would end up getting such a huge surprise?‘

“That‘s wonderful! We can go to the same university!

‘Hey, I heard that you‘re working at Brendan‘s atelier, yeah? Send me the address I‘ll come over in a bit.

Elise sent the location to Mikayla. She then put down her phone and looked at Alexander. “Mikayla got into Tissote University too. We can go to class together now. But, Mikayla got in as a music major. We aren‘t in the same faculty, but at least we‘ll be going to the same campus.”

“That‘s great news. You can look after each other then.” At that, Alexander paused before continuing, “Are you sure you‘ll be okay in Tissote? Do you want me to come with you?”

Elise instinctively shook her head. “Nah, you‘re busy with work. Every day, you‘ve got so many things to handle. If you go with me to Tissote, what will happen to the company?”

“It‘s not like the company will just collapse without me there! On the other hand, I‘m a little worried since you‘ll be alone in a new city.”

“I‘ll be fine! I have Danny and Mikayla too, right? So just relax.” Elise had already

finished her meal, so she put down her cutlery. “I‘m going to the atelier now. I just got a new order in from Tissote, and I‘ve got no clue where to start. I better ruminate on it.”

Alexander immediately took out his car keys. “I‘ll drive you there.”

Alexander sent Elise to the atelier. After Elise put down her bag, she then picked up that blank sheet of paper and began studying it. She even turned to Google, but in the end, she still had nothing to show for her efforts.

Just as Elise was moping around, Mikayla knocked on her door. “Elise, are you in there?”

Elise quickly answered, “Come on in!”

Mikayla opened the door and entered. A delighted look came over her face when she saw Elise. “I heard from others that many people came looking for you to design their wedding dresses because of your reputation. You should‘ve picked fashion design as your major–it‘ll be a boon for you in the future when it‘s time to get a job in society!”

“Fashion design is just something I do as a hobby. I‘ve never thought of turning it into a proper job. I just wanted to try it out,” Elise quickly said.

Mikayla was still impressed. “But you‘re doing so well even if it‘s just a hobby. You‘re just awesome, Elise.” She had stars in her eyes. “Hey, since you‘re a pro when it comes to designing wedding dresses, you‘ll personally design my dress when I get married in the future, right?”

Elise nodded and grinned. “Sure!”

“Really? Then, I‘m actually looking forward to my future wedding. I‘m sure I‘m going to look amazing!”

Elise couldn‘t stop herself from coughing. “Wanting to get married already? Do you even have a boyfriend?” she asked.

“I don‘t have one for now, but I‘ll get a boyfriend sooner or later. It‘s just—you‘ll probably get married earlier than me. You and Alexander are in such a steady relationship. Are you planning to get married after you graduate?”

Elise had already thought about this. “If we do feel that way by then, then most likely yes!”

“Whoa there, are you serious? You‘ll only be 22 by the time you‘re done with uni!”

“That‘s not young anymore, at least when yonig by marriage laws.”

Mikavia pursed her lips. “But I want to be at least 30 when I get married.”

“So what? I just feel that there‘s no definite agc to get married, so long as you and your partner want to marry. If you‘re 30 by the time you meet Mr. Right, then that‘s when you should get married! Love can wait. It‘s worth it as long as you‘ve found true love.”

Mikayla nodded in agreement. “You‘re right! As long as you‘ve found happiness, it doesn‘t matter when you get married.”

They continued chatting for a while. Elise looked down at the paper in her hands and said, “I can‘t stay and chat longer with you; I still have work to do. Let‘s go out for lunch together later today.”

“Alrighty, you do your thing then!” With that, Mikayla swiped a magazine and sat on the couch to flip through it. Elise put the blank paper aside and began to draw some drafts.

Not long after that though, Elise crumpled her drawing paper into a ball and hurled it into the bin.

An hour later, the bin was filled to the brim with balls of discarded drafts. Right then, a paper ball landed by Mikayla‘s feet. She closed her magazine and bent down to pick up the paper ball on the ground curiously. She then smoothed out the paper. The paper had a rough sketch on it. It was nowhere near complete. Mikayla lifted her head to look at Elise, who had a deep frown on her face; she looked restless.

“Elise, what‘s up?”

Elise took a deep breath. “Nothing. It‘s just that the client gave me a hard riddle!”

Mikayla‘s curiosity ramped up. From what she knew of her, Elise was someone who was invincible and larger–than–life. And now, Elise was actually stumped.

“What‘s the riddle? Do you want to talk about it?” Mikayla promptly asked.

Elise pressed her lips into a thin line before she asked, “What kind of mysteries can a blank paper possibly have?”

Mikayla thought it over carefully. “A blank paper? Isn‘t that just a regular sheet of

paper? What can it possibly be hiding?”

That was Elise‘s thought too. But the client had said that her requests were on that paper. So, what could be written on it?

Mikavla picked up the blank paper before she spoke up again. “It may not be hiding anything, but there‘s endless possibilities for what you can use a blank sheet of paper for. We can just scribble whatever we want on it, or we can fold it into a bunch of different origami…”

“Wait a minute… What did you just say?” Elise‘s eyes lit up, and she proceeded to smack her head. “I got it now! I got it…”

Mikayla was in the dark. “You realized something, Elise?”

Elise couldn‘t be bothered to answer Mikayla at this point. She frantically grabbed her pen off her desk and began to draw. She was extraordinarily serious as she drew. Mikayla didn‘t have the heart to interrupt her, so she had no choice but to swallow her thoughts back down and sit down on the couch to wait quietly.

When inspiration hit Elise, it sprang up like a geyser. In the blink of an eye, she finished the first draft for the wedding gown. She looked at the design on the paper, only now understanding Faye‘s intentions. There was nothing on the blank sheet of paper, but it also had everything.

Elise stretched languidly. “Let‘s get lunch now!” She had just said that when she turned to look at Mikayla, who had fallen asleep on the couch. It was only then that she noticed the time–it was already two in the afternoon. She quickly walked forward and tapped Mikayla gently. “Mikayla, wake up. It‘s time for lunch.”

Mikayla woke up at last. “You finally remembered to eat. I nearly starved to death there,” she said in a pitiful tone.

“Sorry about that–I lost track of time. We‘re still in time for lunch. Let‘s go.”

Mikayla then got up and followed Elise out of the room.

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