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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 243

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 243

Jamie’s eyes darkened at Madeline’s words, but his face gave nothing away. He merely said, “It’d be a blessing from God if I could have a girlfriend like Miss Sinclair. It’s just too bad that I’m not lucky enough to meet a good partner like her in my lifetime.” Upon hearing this, Elise gave Jamie a big thumbs up in her mind. This guy’s gotten better at talking, she thought. On the other hand, Madeline’s face grew even darker at Jamie’s words. Jamie ignored Madeline’s expression, though. Instead, he turned to look at Elise, asking, “Did you buy all these, Miss Sinclair?”

Elise was somewhat puzzled. Nevertheless, she shook her head and replied, “No, Mrs. Griffith bought these for Miss Dahlen here.” Jamie let out a long sigh. “I see. I saw you carrying these bags, so I thought you were the one who bought all these. Anyway, it’s rare for you to come to my shopping mall. Did you find anything you like after shopping around?” Upon hearing this, Elise finally figured out what Jamie was up to. She immediately replied with a smile, “Well, I had my eye on a few Hermès handbags just now.” The instant she finished her sentence, Jamie immediately understood what she implied.

He ordered the men behind him, “Pack up all the new handbags in the Hermès store and have them delivered to Miss Sinclair’s home.” “Yes, Young Master Jamie.” The men hurriedly carried out his orders. Meanwhile, Maya was instantly stunned by what was happening. Did he just say ‘all the new Hermès handbags’? That’s the dream of countless young ladies! A Hermès handbag is as valuable as ten Chanel handbags combined, yet this man offered to give Elise an entire limited-edition series! she thought. In an instant, she felt that the handbags she had just bought today didn’t appeal to her anymore.

“What about clothes? Or jewelry?” Elise seemed to give it some serious thought. Then, she said, “I heard that Cion, the jewelry brand, has just introduced a necklace that’s worth millions…” Without batting an eyelid, Jamie immediately ordered, “Pack up that flagship piece from the Cion store and have it delivered as well.” Even Madeline was stupefied when the man offered to give a necklace worth millions to Elise as a present without the slightest hesitation. Just what’s so special about Elise that makes this guy spend so much money on her?

Maya quickly took Madeline’s arm and exchanged glances with her, while Madeline patted the back of her hand to comfort her. Well, let’s see if this guy’s really that generous with money. However, in less than ten minutes, Jamie’s bodyguards came carrying many shopping bags. All these bags contained Hermés Birkin bags, and one of them even contained an exquisitely decorated gift box. “I hope you’re happy with these, Miss Sinclair.” Elise crinkled her eyes in a smile as she knew the reason why Jamie had done all these. Playing along with him, she replied with a nod, “Thanks for the gifts. I like them very much.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that you like them,” Jamie said, before turning to look at Madeline. “So, are you gonna continue shopping, Mrs. Griffith?” At this moment, though, Madeline was no longer in the mood for shopping, for the sight of those shopping bags made her feel very embarrassed. “No, I don’t think so. We’ve bought enough things, so we’ll be going back.” “In that case, could I have someone escort you home?”

Before Madeline could answer him, Maya replied first, “Sure! As it happens, I’m tired from shopping.” She just wanted to run away from here as soon as possible since she really couldn’t stand it anymore. Madeline was inwardly displeased. She shot an angry glare at Elise, but she didn’t say anything else. Before coming to the shopping mall, she had planned to open Elise, that country bumpkin’s, eyes and make her realize the gap between her and the Griffiths. But now, she was dumbfounded by everything Jamie had done. “Sorry for troubling you, then,” Elise said. Jamie hurriedly had a special car arranged to drive the three women home.

Madeline kept a sullen face on their way home, whereas Elise was much more relaxed. After arriving home, Madeline tossed the handbag in her hand to the servant and then said to Elise in displeasure, “You’re a lady, Elise. Don’t you know that a lady should stay reserved? When men give women presents, they usually do so for a purpose. How could you date my son while accepting presents from other men? Aren’t you ashamed of that?” However, Elise smiled faintly without the slightest displeasure. She replied, “I think you’re overthinking it, Mrs. Griffith.

Mr. Keller and I have known each other for years, so there’s nothing wrong with me accepting gifts from him. Besides, you must’ve gotten tired from an entire day of shopping, so let’s not worry about me. If you think it was inappropriate for me to accept gifts from someone else, I can do nothing about that. After all, I’ve got no right to control what you think.” “You… You’ve got quite the sharp tongue. Aren’t you worried that I’ll tell Alex about this?” “Well, whether to tell Alexander about this or not is up to you. You’re free to choose whether to do it or not.

I’m going upstairs for a rest,” Elise replied. With that, she turned around and left. Madeline was as mad as hell, for she found that she could do nothing about Elise. Just then, the servant came over with the Hermès shopping bags in her hands. She asked Madeline, “Madam, where should I put these bags? Should I put them in your room as usual?” Madeline replied snappishly, “Don’t ask me about that! Just put them wherever you like.” The servant was confused, but she dared not breathe. Just then, however, Elise poked her head out from somewhere, saying, “Stella, please send them all to my room.”

Stella immediately replied, “Yes, Miss Elise.” Then, she looked at the servant next to her, saying, “These are Miss Elise’s stuff. Just send them to her room.” The servant hurriedly brought all the shopping bags upstairs. Madeline felt like a formless fire was burning inside her. I’ve got to chase Elise out of this house as soon as possible! she thought. As soon as Alexander came home, she went up to him and said, “I’ve got something to tell you, Alex! Elise’s fooling around with someone else out there…” Alexander’s expression changed slightly at Madeline’s words, but he merely replied, “What are you talking about, Mom?”

Madeline couldn’t care less about anything else, though. She told Alexander everything she had seen today, though she didn’t say a word about what she had done on purpose. “I’m telling you, Alex, that Keller guy really spent a lot of money on her! It’d be understandable for him to do that if they were a couple, but he gave her such valuable presents despite them not being a couple. This simply doesn’t make sense! Not only that, but Elise accepted his gifts like it was nothing. There’s no doubt that she’s cheated on you by doing so!” “That’s enough, Mom! It’s not what you think.

I trust Elise; she’s not the kind of person you’re talking about.” This was the first time Madeline had seen her son talking to her like this, and the fire within her continued to rage. “Alex, you’re being fooled by that woman—” However, before she could finish her sentence, Alexander cut her short, saying, “Enough is enough, Mom! Let’s not talk about this anymore. I’m going upstairs.” With that, he went upstairs, leaving a stupefied Madeline behind. Alexander went to Elise’s room and knocked on the door. Right after that, Elise’s voice was heard saying, “Come in.”

When Alexander pushed the door open and entered, he saw some shopping bags containing high-end luxury items. His eyes darkened, but he walked toward her without looking sideways. At this moment, Elise was sitting at her desk and fiddling with the cell phone in her hand. “Oh, you’re back,” she said. The next second, though, Alexander grabbed her wrist right away and pulled her into his arms. Then, he held her close, asking, “Did my mom give you a hard time today?”

Elise blinked her eyes before saying with a smile, “No, she didn’t! She just took me on a shopping trip. These are the things I got, but they were given to me by Jamie as presents.” Alexander said with a straight face, “Just use the card I gave you when you go shopping next time. Don’t accept any presents from other men again.”

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