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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 238

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 238

Danny explained with a chuckle, “It’s a recent internet slang that means ‘Greatest of All Time.’ You’re really amazing, Boss!” Just as Elise was about to say something in reply, her cell phone rang in her pocket. When she saw that it was a phone call from an overseas number, she immediately figured out who the caller was. “It must be a call from Alexander. Boss, answer the phone while I tell the others our results,” Danny said before he left. Elise went back to her room before answering the phone. Alexander got straight to the point, asking, “Have your college entrance exam results come out?

Did you do well in the exam?” Elise answered with a smile, “I did well in the exam, so it won’t be a problem for me to get into Tissote University.” “I just knew you would make it.” “Aren’t you gonna ask me what score I got in the exam?” “Judging from the way you sound, you probably did pretty well in the exam. Let me guess. You scored at least 600 in the exam, huh?” “Uh-huh,” Elise replied with a smile. “I scored 713 in the exam. Better than what I expected, actually. I thought I’d only get a score of about 680.” “Congrats on becoming an undergraduate-to-be.”

“Thanks! When are you gonna come back, then?” “In a few days, I suppose…” Alexander glanced at Adam Griffith, his father, on the sickbed through the window. “My dad’s leg injury flared up yesterday, so he’s still in the hospital right now.” “In that case, just go ahead with what you’re doing. I’m hanging up.” “Alright. Take good care of yourself. I promise I’ll be back soon.” Alexander hung up the phone. As soon as he put his phone into his pocket, a woman’s voice sounded, asking, “Is that the fiancée your grandpa arranged for you?” “Uh-huh,” Alexander replied as he withdrew his gaze.

Upon hearing his reply, the woman said in displeasure, “I wonder what your grandpa was thinking about back then. Why did he insist that you marry a country bumpkin?” Upon hearing this, Alexander knitted his brows in displeasure. “Mom, she’s not what you think she is.” However, the woman replied, “I’m not interested in knowing what kind of a woman she is. All I know is that with her family background and social standing, she’s simply not good enough for you. Now that your grandpa has passed away, I think you’d better call off the engagement.

I’ll find you a woman who could be of help to your career with a family background that’s of similar standing to ours.” “Mom, that’s my own business, so stop concerning yourself with that. Why don’t you care more about Dad’s leg?” Madeline Bowen was somewhat furious; this was the first time she saw her son talking to her like that. That woman hasn’t married into our family yet, yet she’s made my son so infatuated with her. Who knows what trouble she’ll cause when he marries her in the future? she thought. “Alright, I’m not gonna talk about that anymore.

Still, like I said, your engagement to her isn’t valid. I’ll have you call off the engagement one day.” Alexander still wanted to say something, but Madeline wouldn’t give him the opportunity. “Alright, what matters the most right now is your dad’s injury.” Seeing that Madeline had said so, Alexander could only drop the subject. I’ll talk to her about it once this matter is over, he thought. “Don’t worry about Dad’s leg. I’ve hired the best specialists. We’ll be going home after this time’s surgery.” There were deep furrows in Madeline’s brow as she looked at her husband on the sickbed with her eyes full of worry. “I hope your dad gets better soon. I’ll be relieved when he does.”

… After the college entrance exam results came out, Elise chose to go to Tissote University. Seeing that Elise would be going to Tissote, Danny wanted to go to a university at Tissote as well. Therefore, he chose to enroll at Elk Grove University, which was one of the top universities in the country, and submitted his application to the university. “It’s nice to go to college in the same city as you, Boss.” Elise looked at him with a bright smile. “Congrats on getting admitted to the university of your choice!” Unbeknownst to her, her smile alone made Danny feel like being greeted by a spring breeze, causing his heart to beat irregularly for a moment.

As his heart kept thumping, he hurriedly averted his eyes and calmed down. Then, he replied, “Hehe, you’ve got no idea, Boss. My buddies were stunned when they heard that I scored more than 600 in the exam. They looked at me with admiration in their eyes, and when I told them that my boss is the top scorer in liberal arts, they had nothing but admiration for you. I’ve never felt so proud before in my life.”

Elise couldn’t help but chuckle. “Haha! You’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?” “Yeah, I’m very, very proud of myself.” As the two were talking, they heard the sound of a car engine outside. Danny immediately craned his neck to look outside, saying, “Who’s coming home?” As soon as Danny finished his sentence, Brendan strode in. His target was none other than Elise, though he still had a hard time adjusting to it when he saw her beautiful face right now. “Congrats, Elise. I heard that you’re the top scorer in liberal arts this time.” Elise looked at him, saying, “I suppose you’re not here today just to congratulate me.”

Brendan was surprised by how observant she was. “Yeah,” he uttered. Then, he quickly took a bank card out of his pocket and handed it to her. “What’s this?” “It’s your reward for helping with the design of the wedding dress last time. It’s all in the card.” “You don’t need to give me this, actually. I only did you a small favor. Take it back.” To Elise’s surprise, Brendan shoved the card into her hand without allowing her to refuse. “No, you have to take it.

Ever since the wedding dress you designed made a big splash at the Snyder Family’s wedding last time, our studio received many large orders, which saved our studio from the brink of closing down. It was a huge favor, so you deserve the money.” Elise looked at the card. “Alright. Thanks for the card, then. I’ll keep it.” “Sure, of course. Actually, there’s another reason why I came to you today.” Brendan pursed his lips. He didn’t really know how to begin. “Just tell me what the matter is. We’ve known each other so well, so you don’t have to be reserved.” Brendan smiled.

Then, he explained, “Well, our studio received a few large orders recently, and the clients specifically asked that you design their clothes, so I was wondering if you’d like to come work at our studio. You’re now on summer break, after all. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely pay you your due.” Oh, I see, Elise thought. As it happened, she was worrying about having nothing to do on her summer break, but now she had found something to do. “Sure! No problem.” Seeing that Elise agreed to his request, Brendan got so excited that he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“Thank you so much, Elise! You’re helping me out big time here.” “Oh, don’t mention it. I can go to your studio tomorrow.” “That’s great! I’ll go back and ask the staff to clear out your workspace. Just come and work with us with peace of mind.” When Danny saw Elise being so amazing, even knowing how to design clothes, he thought that his boss was really awesome. “Boss, you play games well, score well in exams, know how to design clothes, and you can write songs. Is there anything else you’re good at that I don’t know of?” For a moment, Elise was at a loss for a reply.

Then, she replied with a cryptic smile, “There are many things about me that you don’t know.” Danny couldn’t help feeling that there was more to it than what Elise had said. For a moment, though, he couldn’t fathom what she actually meant. Just then, he heard a scurry of footsteps; Jack was putting on his jacket while hurrying downstairs. Danny asked, “What happened? Why are you leaving in such a hurry?” “Dad, Mom, and Alexander are coming back today.

Their flight’s touching down soon, so I’m going to the airport to pick them up.” “What? Uncle Adam and Aunt Madeline are coming back?” Brendan asked. Danny was quite surprised as well. “I’ll go with you.” “I’m going too.” Brendan turned to look at Elise. “Are you coming with us, Elise?” Elise nodded. “Yeah. Let’s go together.” The four then hurried to the airport. Elise was somewhat nervous on her way to the airport.

She glanced at herself in the rearview mirror. Alexander still doesn’t know what I really look like. Will he be taken aback by my current look? Or will he think that I’m a scheming woman who deliberately concealed my features by making myself look ugly? Will that ruin his image of me completely? For some reason, Elise was a little agitated. However, she had intended to reveal her secrets in the first place. Alexander probably won’t blame me for this, she thought.

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