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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 237

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 237

“Yes, we are, Miss Sinclair. We’ve learned about your college entrance exam results, and with your results, it wouldn’t stress you out to apply to our university. We’ve got the best majors for you to choose from. As long as you apply to our university, we’ll waive your tuition fees, give you a living allowance, and award you scholarships every semester.”

Upon hearing this, Elise had it roughly figured out. She had heard earlier that before the results of the college entrance exam came out, the officers from the top universities in the country would visit the top scorers in various subjects at home to get them to enroll at their universities.

She had thought it was an exaggeration, and it wasn’t until now that she realized this was all true. “Mayweather University also called me just now.” “What? Did you accept Mayweather University’s offer? No way! Our university is ranked as the top university in the country. Besides, you’re a lady and a liberal arts student, while Mayweather University’s popular majors are suitable for science students and thus not suitable for you at all. Tissote University is definitely the better choice for you.” Elise replied, “Well, let me think about it.” “Sure! Please make sure to apply to our university!

You deserve to be a student of Tissote University.” Elise was rendered speechless by the caller’s remark. That morning, Elise received phone calls from the top three universities in the country. Mayweather University and Tissote University’s student recruitment officers even came to her to persuade her to enroll at their university. For a moment, the Griffith Residence became especially lively. Elise had been wanting to know her actual results after talking to the student recruitment officers. However, they were too tight-lipped and wouldn’t tell her her exam results unless they got a definite reply from her. Because of that, she was quite upset. Mayweather University’s student recruitment officers looked at Elise hopefully.

“Have you made up your mind, Miss Sinclair? Are you gonna enroll in our university?” A hint of shrewdness flickered across Elise’s eyes as she faced the many pairs of eyes before her. “Well, everyone, I think it’s still too early to enroll in any university right now. It won’t be too late for me to decide which university to enroll in after looking at my results.” Upon hearing her reply, the student recruitment officers from Tissote University got impatient at once. “Why do you need to look at your exam results? Your results are terrific—you scored full marks in a number of subjects!”

Elise’s heart thumped unstoppably at the officers’ words. What? I scored full marks in a number of subjects? “Really?” At the sight of Elise’s expectant eyes, the student recruitment officers from Tissote University could hardly restrain themselves. “Never mind, I’ll tell you your results. You’ll learn about it sooner or later, anyway.” On the other hand, the student recruitment officers from Mayweather University were displeased. “Hey, that’s not playing by the rules! Didn’t we agree not to tell her her results in advance?” The student recruitment officers from Tissote University replied, “We at Tissote University sincerely welcome Miss Sinclair to our university.

Still, if she’s made a better choice, we’ll naturally respect her decision.” As they spoke, they took out a result slip and handed it to Elise. “Please prepare yourself first, Miss Sinclair.” Elise was startled for a moment before she took the result slip. When she saw her results, her eyes instantly shone with surprise. The result slip read, ‘English: 148 marks. Mathematics: 150 marks. Chinese: 150 marks. Comprehensive liberal arts: 265 marks. Total: 713 marks.’ “As far as we know, Miss Sinclair, you scored the highest among all the liberal arts students in Athesea.

So, would you like to study at our university?” Elise’s hands trembled slightly. She looked up at the student recruitment officers from Tissote University with a smile, saying, “Well, I was planning to study at Tissote University in the first place.” Upon hearing her reply, the student recruitment officers from Mayweather University knew that there was no way they could get Elise to enroll in their university anymore. Still, unwilling to give up, they asked, “Miss Sinclair, aren’t you gonna consider studying at our university?” Elise replied apologetically, “Well, I’m a liberal arts student, after all. Mayweather University’s majors are mainly in the sciences, so they’re probably not suitable for me.”

“Are you really not gonna reconsider your decision? We’ve got some pretty nice liberal arts major programs.” “I’m sorry about that.” “It’s okay! We respect your decision,” replied the student recruitment officers from Mayweather University. With that, they left the Griffith Residence. After they left, the student recruitment officers from Tissote University immediately said, “Miss Sinclair, this officer here can help recommend majors for you. Please take some time to look at these materials for you to choose your major.” “Okay. Thanks a lot!” “By the way, Miss Sinclair, the college entrance exam results are still classified for now and won’t be announced to the public until 10PM tonight.

Please keep it secret for the time being that you’ve learned about your exam results.” “Got it. Thank you so much.” After showing the student recruitment officers from Tissote University out, Stella hurriedly walked up to Elise. She had heard every word of their conversation, and she never expected that Elise would be so amazing as to become the top scorer in Athesea. “Miss Elise, the late Mr. Griffith will surely be glad if he knows that you did so well in the exam.” Upon hearing her words, Elise subconsciously turned to look at Jonah’s photograph that was hung on the wall.

“You’ll be happy for me, Grandpa Griffith, won’t you?” Jonah’s smile was fixed in the photo right there, but Elise felt like she saw Jonah smiling at her then, and her eyes reddened instantly. “Thank you, Grandpa Griffith! I’ll definitely keep working hard.” When the time came for the college entrance exam results to be announced that night, Danny had been impatiently refreshing the web page on his cell phone while waiting for the results to be made public. As soon as the results were available online at 10PM, he hurriedly keyed in his identification number and exam registration number.

After he waited for a minute, the results of his college entrance exam were displayed on his phone’s screen. Upon seeing his exam results, he suddenly jumped up from his seat. “Ah! My results… They’re out! They’re out…” Jack heard Danny’s loud voice from downstairs, but before he could ask Danny about it, the latter had impatiently run downstairs, asking, “Where’s my boss?” Jack could only reply, “I’ve never seen her today. She’s in her room, I guess.” Danny immediately turned around and ran toward Elise’s room, but Jack stopped him, asking, “Do you really have to get that excited about your results? What score did you get in the exam?” Upon hearing Jack’s question, Danny couldn’t help cackling stupidly.

He had never thought he would do so well in the exam this time. After all, he used to be a typical study slacker, but he had improved so much in his studies after studying with Elise for half a year. He asked Jack, “How much did you score back then?” Jack answered, “I was a fine arts student, so I got a lower score, but I managed to enroll at a second-rate university back then.” “Well then, guess what score I got in the exam.” Jack gave it some serious thought. Well, with Danny’s usual exam results, it’s good enough if he could get into a third-rate university.

Therefore, he asked, “You scored high enough to get into a third-rate university, huh?” Danny shook his head. Jack then asked, “No way! You scored high enough to get into a second-rate university? It’s simply unimaginable that you could get into a second-rate university with your results!” “Nope, I scored better than that. I got a total score of 603 in the exam.” “What? You scored 603 in the exam?” Doesn’t that mean he’s scored more than enough to get into a first-rate university? Jack still wanted to ask Danny questions, but Danny ignored him and trotted to Elise’s room right away. “Boss, are you inside?

The results are out! Have you checked yours?” he asked. Right after that, he recalled that he had Elise’s exam pass with him, so he quickly checked her results on his cell phone. Just then, Elise opened the door. At the sight of Danny’s expression, she figured that he must have scored well in the exam this time. So, she asked, “How did you do in the exam?” Danny was just about to tell Elise his exam results when his eyes fell on Elise’s exam results displayed on his cell phone.

Stupefied, he exclaimed, “Holy cow! This can’t be true! Boss! Y-Y-You’re… You’re incredible!” Elise nodded with a smile and replied, “Well, my score isn’t too bad.” “It’s too modest of you to say that, Boss! How could you say your score is ‘not too bad’ when you scored 713 in the exam? I’d say you’re the top scorer in the exam in our province!”

“Probably. After all, both Mayweather University and Tissote University have come to me earlier.” Danny looked at Elise with admiration and adoration in his eyes. “You’re the GOAT, Boss!” Elise frowned slightly. “What does that mean?”

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