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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 234

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 234

Mikayla nodded eagerly. “Yes, yes! You can’t see it, but my heart’s pumping so fast right now!” Elise played along and reached out to feel her heart. “Let me hear it.” Mikayla immediately nudged closer to her. The two girls locked eyes and shared a smile. Elise nodded solemnly and said, “Wow, it’s true!” Mikayla’s face turned pink. “Elise, you’re so pretty when you smile! How did I not know about this back then? You’re so charming; I’d be so smitten by you if I were a man.” Elise knocked on her head lightly. “Let’s do that in our next lives! I promise I’ll marry you if you’re a man.”

“Sure, promise!” Elise smiled and she finally looked toward Jack. Seeing that he was still in disbelief, she wasn’t planning to explain much either. She simply asked, “Have you seen Alexander?” Jack instinctively shook his head. “I haven’t seen him the entire day. Ask Stella! She probably knows.” Jack quickly called for Stella. Surprisingly, Stella stared at Elise like she was a stranger. She even asked, “Who’s this lady here, Young Master Jack?” Elise smiled at Stella and said, “Stella, it’s me—Elise.” Stella visibly jolted at the sound of that. The woman usually got along quite well with Elise.

Even though Elise had a peculiar personality and had a habit of dressing up in strange fashion every day, Stella had in turn become quite used to that version of her. Right now, such a gorgeous woman was standing right in front of her, but she had the same exact voice as Elise. The two women bore so much of a difference that Stella had trouble believing they were the same person. “Did you say you’re… Miss Elise?” Elise nodded, but Stella was still in disbelief. “Miss, you’re kidding, right? Even though Miss Elise isn’t exactly the most beautiful woman out there, she’s very kind and she’s a nice lady.

On the other hand, you’re so pretty—this is too much of a difference compared to Miss Elise! How’s that possible?” “Stella, it’s really me!” Elise said sincerely. However, Stella still couldn’t believe her eyes. Has the ugly duckling really transformed into a swan? “I still don’t believe you, unless you tell me a secret that only me and Miss Elise would know about.” Elise smiled slightly. She quickly went up to Stella and whispered into her ear. The older woman was quite taken aback when she heard Elise’s words. “A-Are you really Miss Elise?” “Yes, Stella! It’s really me!”

“I… I can’t believe it… Miss Elise, did you get plastic surgery?” Elise shook her head with a smile. “No, it’s just that I used to dress myself up too… unfashionably. Anyway, this is the real me.” Though Stella wasn’t fully convinced by Elise’s explanation, she decided to believe that the person before her was indeed Elise. “Miss Elise, is there anything you need from me?” Elise answered immediately, “Where’s Alexander? Did he come home?”

Stella’s expression soured at the mention of Alexander. “Miss Elise, I’d almost forgotten to tell you about it. Young Master Alexander has gone overseas; he left in a hurry in the morning. Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. Griffith got into an accident over there…” “What did you say? What happened to my parents?” Jack hastily butted in. Stella was initially planning to hide it from him, but she could no longer do so. Now, she had no choice but to tell the truth. “Mr. and Mrs. Griffith got into an accident in Yveltalia, and there hasn’t been any news of their whereabouts.

Young Master Alexander immediately arranged a private jet to fly him to Yveltalia upon hearing the news. He’s probably arrived by now. He even informed me to apologize to you on behalf of him before he left, Miss Elise.” Jack had already turned around by the time Stella was done speaking. He made his way to the main door in long strides. Elise quickly rushed up to him when she came back to her senses. “Jack! Where’re you going?” “I’m going to Yveltalia to find my parents.” “I’ll go with you,” Elise said without a second thought. Jack nodded. “Alright!”

“Wait for me. I’ll go grab my passport upstairs.” With those words, Elise scurried upstairs. Stella stopped her immediately. “Miss Elise, Young Master Alexander specifically said that you should wait at home.” “You too, Young Master Jack! You should stay at home too. Young Master Alexander said that he’ll be able to handle the situation there alone. He’ll let you two know as soon as there are any updates.” Hearing that, Mikayla chimed in, “Yeah, she’s right!

The situation’s unclear now, so you two won’t be able to help much even if you go there. Why don’t you guys stay at home and wait patiently?” However, Jack was persistent. “That won’t do. I have to go.” “Young Master Jack! You must listen to Young Master Alexander!” Jack’s hands tightened into fists on either side. After a moment of deep thought, he finally said, “Let me know if there’s news.” “Understood, Young Master Jack.

Don’t worry, both of you. Mr. and Mrs. Griffith are wonderful people, so the heavens will definitely keep them safe. They’ll be okay for sure.” Stella didn’t know if she was trying to comfort them or herself with those words. Meanwhile, Elise could only pray silently that everything was fine. That day, the inside of the Griffith Residence was brightly lit the entire night. Jack stayed up in the living room all night long, while Elise and Mikayla only drifted off to sleep hours after midnight when they couldn’t hold in their drowsiness anymore. Elise woke up early the next morning.

The first thing she did was to ask Stella, “How’s everything? Any updates?” Stella shook her head. “Not yet, but don’t worry, Miss Elise. No news is often the best news.” Elise was a little disappointed. “I can only hope they’re safe and well.” Just as the words left her mouth, the telephone in the living room rang. Elise was the first to react; she scrambled to the living room and picked up the call. “Hello? Is it Alexander?” A familiar voice replied from the other end of the line, “It’s me. You’re up early, aren’t you?” “Yeah.” Elise asked, “How’s it going over there? Are your parents okay?”

“We have yet to find them at the moment. I’m just calling to let you guys know that you don’t have to worry. Also, I was in a hurry yesterday so I left without saying goodbye. I’m sorry.” “No worries! Be sure to take care of yourself over there too. Let us know at once if there are any updates.” Just then, Jack walked up to her. Elise quickly handed him the phone. “I’m passing the phone to Jack. He needs to talk to you.” Then, the boys talked for a while on the phone before Jack hung up. The constant bad feeling that weighed on Elise’s heart was finally lifted after getting a call from Alexander. Now that she was done with the college entrance examination and her fan meeting was also over, she had become quite free all of a sudden.

And so, she thought, Why don’t I take the chance to visit Grandpa and Grandma at home? She quickly made up her mind and went back to her room to pack up some things. That afternoon, she set out for home. As she watched the scenery gradually become more and more familiar during her journey of a few hours, she cheered up considerably. After all, in her six months of being away, there was never a moment where she wasn’t longing to return home. The car slowly made a turn into a path amidst a prairie before it slowly came to a stop in front of a luxurious mansion.

“I’m back, Grandpa and Grandma…” Robin and Laura were sitting under the grapevines, enjoying the afternoon breeze. They thought they’d hallucinated when they heard Elise’s voice, but the two elderly were delighted to see Elise once she came into view. “Ellie is back.” “Why didn’t you tell us you were coming home?

And why are you alone? Where’s Alex?” Robin asked as he peered behind Elise for a sign of Alexander. Elise quickly explained, “He didn’t come, Grandpa. He’s busy.” Robin was visibly disappointed when he heard that. “Why didn’t you bring my grandson-in-law home for a visit? You’re so inconsiderate, Ellie…”

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