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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 233

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 233

Jack stared at Mikayla fixedly. He had a feeling that whatever she was about to say was going to be outrageous, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Who?” Mikayla replied matter-of-factly, “She’s Elise.” “What?” Jack’s jaw dropped. However, Mikayla simply nodded solemnly. “Yes, Elise is H, and H is Elise.” Jack whipped his head toward H who was on the stage. It was no wonder he had a faint feeling that the woman looked a little familiar. Nonetheless, little did he expect that she’d be Elise! How’s this possible? Elise is just a yokel from the countryside—she’s a country bumpkin! How can she be H, the hottest celebrity from three years ago?

“That’s impossible,” Jack blurted out offhandedly. At the same time, he instinctively recalled inside, Who was the one who had put the music score for my new song in my office back then? He’d looked through the CCTV footage after that. He remembered seeing Elise enter his office during that period of time, but he never thought of putting the two together. Now that he knew Elise was none other than H, everything finally made sense. The song was written by Elise, and she’d placed the score in his office. She was also the one who had written the clarification post on Twitter.

After silently doing so much behind his back, didn’t that mean that he had indirectly become incredibly indebted to her? “Are you sure that she’s Elise?” “Yeah, I’m sure. There’s no mistaking it. Think about it—the VIP tickets she gave us aren’t sold to the public. How did she get them, then? It’s definitely because she’s H, so getting her hands on these tickets was just a walk in the park!” Even when Mikayla put it that way, Jack found it difficult to believe that Elise was H. “Does Alexander know about this?” Alexander was also a fan of H, and he was also here at the event today. Wait—where’s Alexander? Jack looked around and realized the seat that belonged to Alexander was empty. Why didn’t he come today?

In fact, Jack wasn’t the only one who was looking for Alexander; Elise was also searching for him as she stood on the stage. However, she couldn’t seem to spot him even after glancing through the crowd. Her hands instinctively balled into fists. The next agenda of the event was an interactive session. She initially set up the fun game with the intention of telling Alexander a snippet of the truth through the activity, but now that Alexander wasn’t even around, was there still a point in having the session? In the end, she straight up told the staff members to cancel the session altogether.

Up until the fan meeting event ended, Elise didn’t see a sign of Alexander. “With that, our fan meeting today has come to an end. Thank you everyone for coming! Next, we have a lucky draw activity. One of you lucky fans will receive an exclusive signed album of H…” As the host began his concluding speech onstage, Elise slowly left the stage. Without even changing out of her performance outfit, she frantically looked for her phone and gave Alexander a call. “Hello, the number you’ve dialed is out of reach…” Elise had a bad feeling once she heard the robotic female voice in her ear.

Her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach. Alexander, why didn’t you come today? Where are you? Why’s your phone turned off? Her assistant hastily ran up to her and asked, “H, some of your fans would like to take photos with you. Are you okay with that?” Elise snapped out of her worries and immediately put away her phone while feigning nonchalance. “Sure, let them in.” With that, a group of fans rushed over, holding their phones up to take photos of Elise. There were also some who went up to her for photos together. By the time her fans dissipated, an hour had already passed.

Elise almost felt like a smiling machine from posing toward cameras nonstop for such a long time! Phew. I’m glad it’s finally over. When she was about to leave the stadium, Jamie kindly escorted her to the minivan. “You’ve worked hard today, Boss. It’s great that everything’s gone smoothly. However, I got a lot of calls asking if you’re interested in taking brand endorsement or advertisement deals. I’ve already rejected all of them.” Elise said dejectedly, “Alexander didn’t come today.” Jamie quickly replied, “Perhaps he was busy! Boss, you don’t have to take it personally.”

Elise responded lightly as she turned her head to watch the view outside. Jamie could obviously tell that she wasn’t in a good mood, but he didn’t know what to say in consolation. So, he could only change the subject and talk about other things to shift her attention elsewhere. “Boss, your influence is really off the charts! Out of the ten trending topics on Twitter, eight of them are about your fan meeting today. Go and take a look at their posts—everyone’s asking for you to make a comeback.” Elise looked away from the window and finally took out her phone to tap into Twitter. Jamie was right—she was occupying a majority of the trending topics on Twitter. A number of fans also sent her direct messages, asking her when she was planning to return.

Elise simply scrolled briefly before she turned off her phone with a smile. “Jamie, what do you think? Is it time I make a comeback? At least I wouldn’t disappoint them if I do that.” The car screeched as it came to an abrupt stop the moment she said that. Jamie said in a panic, “No! Boss, if you return to the entertainment industry, what happens to the company? Back then, you said you’d only leave it to us for a few months, but it became two years. Then, you dragged on for another two years, but now you sound like you’re going to leave it to us for even longer.”

Jamie sounded like he was about to cry. Elise quickly tried to calm him down. “There, there. I wasn’t being serious. I currently don’t plan on making a comeback just yet.” He felt better once he heard that. “That sounds better! That’s right, Boss. Are you putting that makeup on today?” Elise glanced at her reflection. She’d planned to come clean with everyone today, but since Alexander wasn’t there, she’d almost forgotten about that. Since I’ve already made a decision, though, I’m going to face everyone today with a brand new me no matter what! “No need. Let’s just head back.”

“Alrighty.” When Jamie sent Elise back to the Griffith Residence, Mikayla and Jack were already home. Mikayla crashed into her arms the second she got down from the car. “Ah!!! Elise, it’s really you!” Jack stared at the “unfamiliar” face by the side. He couldn’t help but ask in disbelief, “Are you really Elise?” Elise looked at the two people in front of her. With a smile, she said candidly, “What do you think?” It was the same voice, the same tone of speech, and the same expression. Who else could she be other than Elise? “But your face… How’s this possible?”

Jack recalled the time he first saw Elise. He made fun of her for being ugly and called her a country bumpkin. Even after getting along with her for a long time, he still thought that she was pretty ugly to look at, but now that he was staring at this woman in front of him who had such exquisite features, he just wanted to say… She’s far from ugly!! She practically looked like an international beauty queen no less! Even a Hollywood A-list celebrity couldn’t compare to her in terms of looks!

“Elise, that was too huge of a surprise from you.” While Jack said that calmly, Mikayla was losing her cool by the side. “My best friend Elise is a big hottie—how wonderful is that! Most importantly, Elise is H! That’s the most amazing news I’ve ever heard! Oh, I’m about to die from happiness. I’m going to school with H every day! I can’t believe it. My heart is going to burst!” Elise couldn’t help but tease, “Are you really that happy?”

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