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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 231

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 231

Mikayla was a little embarrassed, but she nodded anyway. “Jack said he’ll be coming with us, so I’m here to wait for you guys.” “Jack came home?” Elise stared at her in confusion. Just as the words left her mouth, Jack emerged at the top of the staircase and made his way down. “I know I don’t come home often, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so surprised, Elise.” Elise was at a loss for words. After a moment of pause, she said, “Are you done getting ready, Jack? Remember to dress down a bit. I don’t want your fans recognizing you when we’re there.”

Jack fixed his hair while he said narcissistically, “It wouldn’t be surprising if people actually recognized me, though. After all, I’m just that handsome.” Mikayla and Elise rolled their eyes at him in unison. “How can you be so full of yourself?” “You’re so full of yourself!” The two ladies exclaimed in sync. They shared a smile a second after realizing that. “Our minds are so alike, huh?” Mikayla said jokingly. Then, she gave Jack an annoyed side-eye. Jack shrugged and said, “Don’t put the blame on me. I might be narcissistic, but it’s not like I don’t look the part!

I can’t possibly shy away when the heavens gave me such a flawless body to live in.” “Stop! Jack, if you’re going to act like this, I’ll be leaving with Elise.” Seeing her reaction, Jack immediately stopped fooling around. “No, wait for me! I’ll be ready in a minute.” With those words, he scurried upstairs to change into a low-key outfit. He also put on a face mask so that it was less likely for his fans to recognize him in public. “Mikayla, Jack, you two should go ahead. I’ll head over there in a bit. Let’s meet up at the venue.” Jack was beyond thrilled to hear that.

He instinctively gave Elise a grateful look. How could Elise not know what he was thinking? She figured it out when she noticed how interested he was in Mikayla. “Sure, Elise. We’ll get going, then. See you.” Mikayla waved at Elise and left with Jack. When the two of them had left, Elise asked Stella, “Where’s Alexander? Did he go to work?” Stella quickly replied, “Miss Elise, I haven’t seen Young Master Alexander since this morning! His car is still in the garage, though. I just don’t know where he went.” A hint of doubt passed her eyes. His car is at home, but he’s not?

She immediately went upstairs to Alexander’s room, but there was no one inside when she pushed open the door. There was no sign of the man at all. Elise went around the entire house to search for him but to no avail. Thus, she took out her phone and dialed his number, only to be replied by a woman’s robotic voice, “Hello, the number you’ve dialed is out of reach…” Elise’s forehead furrowed in a deep frown. Why’s his phone turned off? And so, Elise gave Cameron a call, but the guy only answered, “Young Master Alexander hasn’t come to his office.

I didn’t see him either, but I’ll let you know if I do. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be hanging up now.” After ending the call, Elise couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Come to think of it, though, Alexander’s also a fan of H, so he’d definitely attend the fan meeting. He even promised to wait for me after the event. So, Elise pushed the unsettling thoughts to the back of her mind and returned to her room to change before heading out. She then hailed a cab to Jamie’s office. After undergoing a makeover by a makeup artist and a stylist, she reappeared with a brand new look.

“Boss, you look absolutely stunning and cool in this get-up. Your fans will be so hyped to see you like this.” Elise stared at her own reflection, feeling quite satisfied about how she looked. “It’s a brand new start today. Hopefully I can finally be myself again from now on.” “Everything will go well, Boss. Let’s go.” … At this very moment, the largest stadium in Athesea was filled with people. Fans were holding LED sign boards of H high above their heads, and never ending waves of ecstatic cheers filled the air. A minivan slowly arrived at the entrance, and screams grew louder wherever it drove past.

“Boss, you have such passionate fans!” Jamie couldn’t help but exclaim. Elise looked at her fans around her through the windows, feeling unbelievably moved. These people were from all over the world, but they were all gathered here today just for her. They were all strangers to each other who had traveled far and wide to see her. “Boss, you can just head inside from the entrance. Our security system is very well-established here; there’ll be more than 20 bodyguards around you at all times to ensure your safety.” “I know. There’s a huge crowd today, so tell everyone to stay safe.”

When the car fully came to a stop, Jamie got down first and opened the door for Elise before she swiftly got down. The moment she did so, the surrounding crowd reacted enthusiastically. They couldn’t stop cheering for H, and Elise waved at them with a smile on her face as she followed the bodyguards into the venue. Mikayla, who was standing amidst the crowd, spotted H immediately. She couldn’t help but buzz with excitement as she said to Jack eagerly, “Look—it’s really H! She’s so pretty in person!” Jack followed her line of sight. A pleasant surprise filled his eyes when he laid eyes on Elise.

H had always mesmerized her fans with her voice alone, so he didn’t think that she’d be so beautiful in person. “She’s indeed very pretty. She looks so young too! She doesn’t look like a singer with years of experience at all.” In response, Mikayla patted his shoulder matter-of-factly. “H debuted when she was 15, so she should only be around 18 or 19 now. Don’t you know that?” Jack felt a little embarrassed; in truth, he actually didn’t know much about H. “I didn’t know that, but I do now that you’ve told me.” “It’s fine! We should head inside too. But why isn’t Elise here yet?”

Mikayla decided to give Elise a call as she spoke, but she was stopped by Jack. “You don’t need to call her. It’s so crowded here anyway, so the signal is probably bad too. She’ll definitely head inside if she’s here, so let’s just wait for her inside.” Hearing that, Mikayla put away her phone and went through the entrance with Jack. Meanwhile, Elise went to her dressing room backstage to take a break. Without missing a beat, the director came over to check up on her schedule for the day. After they were done with that, Elise took a look at the time.

There’s 10 more minutes before showtime. I wonder if Mikayla and the others are here yet. As that thought flooded her mind, her phone buzzed with a notification. It was a text message from Mikayla asking where she was. Elise quickly replied, ‘I’m already here. See you later!’ Then, she kept her phone away. Since Mikayla and Jack are here, Alexander should also have arrived. “Boss, it’s time to stand by,” Jamie came and informed her. Elise got up and made her way toward the waiting area. Round after round of energetic cheers came from the stadium; they hadn’t stopped once even before Elise made her appearance onstage.

“Alright, alright. I’m sure everyone here can’t wait to see our star of the day—H! Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s welcome her onstage together!” The host’s friendly interaction fired up the crowd, and they cheered in unison, “Ten… nine… eight… seven…” When the final second came, Elise ascended up the stage from below on a trap door, slowly coming into view before her audience. The surrounding screams and cheers amplified at once.

As Elise took it all in, she couldn’t help but feel deeply overwhelmed. She walked toward the host and he quickly passed her a microphone. “Here, H. Go on and introduce yourself to the fans.” Elise took the microphone and she looked around at her fans, who had filled every seat in the stadium. She said, “Hello everyone, I’m H. It’s great to see you all!”

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