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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 227

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 227

“Of course I want to, but I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to secure the tickets.” Mikayla nodded her head.

Elise quickly added, “Trust me, you’ll be able to secure the tickets. So, you don’t need to worry about it. For now, you should try to think of anything that you want her to know when you meet her.”

Mikayla was left speechless when she heard Elise’s words.

Although she had lost her previous memories, she still felt a burning passion every time H was mentioned, so she knew that her fondness for the singer was genuine.

That was the reason why Mikayla was caught off guard by the idea of meeting H in person because she didn’t know what her own reaction would be.

“Alright. You can take your time to think about it. Let’s return to class.”

Mikayla simply hummed in agreement and went back to her seat while Elise busied herself as she caught up with the lessons that she had missed in the previous few days.

Half a month had quickly passed. It was during this period that the school held another monthly examination, yet Elise was able to maintain her grade and even obtained first place in the monthly exam even though she was always absent from class.

As a result, the teachers would usually turn a blind eye toward her attendance.

After school, Elise and Mikayla walked to the school entrance together. However, the way Mikayla stared at Elise looked as though she had something in her mind that she couldn’t tell, so Elise asked, “Mikayla, is there something you want to tell me?”

Mikayla shook her head in a hurry. “No, I don’t have anything to say.”

Even though Elise felt that something was amiss, she didn’t pay much attention to it. “Alright. I’ll be going back now. See you tomorrow!”

After waving her hand and watching Elise leave, Mikayla quickly fished out her phone and made a phone call. “Elise is in the car right now! Are you guys done with

the preparations?”

After hanging up the phone, she went to the roadside and flagged a cab before leaving.

Now that Elise was on her way back, she was focused on doing her homework. There was a hyperbolic question that was rather arduous and although she thought about it for a long while, she couldn’t arrive at a solution. However, the car abruptly stopped by the curb at this moment.

“What’s going on? Is there a problem?”

“Miss Sinclair, the car has broken down, so I’m calling the mechanic over to repair the car now. I’m afraid that we’ll have to return home later than usual today.”

“It’s alright. I have a question that I haven’t solved yet, so I’ll just continue with my homework.” Elise didn’t dwell on the issue at hand and instead focused on her homework. After solving the question, she kept her pen away and stretched her body.

When she noticed that the sky was almost dark and the mechanics weren’t here yet, she started to suspect that something was really wrong. “Sir, why aren’t they here


The driver returned to his senses and he hurriedly explained, “I just checked the car and realized that there aren’t any problems with it. We can head home now.”

A confused Elise saw that the driver was starting the car again, but since she had already completed her homework and was ready to head home for dinner, she didn’t say much about it.

As Elise thought about it, the car slowly came to a stop inside the Griffith Residence’s garage not long after.

However, she felt that the house had a slightly weird aura today because it was exceptionally serene and those lights that were usually switched on were now turned off. After she exited the car, she turned around and realized that the driver had already driven the car off.

Without giving much thought to it, Elise walked toward the entrance and she opened the door before turning on the light switch. All of a sudden, the grand living room was bright, yet the entire house was still silent. 7

“Stella, are you here?”

Elise continued to call Stella, but there was no response from Stella. Then, the street lamps that led to the back garden were suddenly switched on, so she followed the bright path in curiosity.

As she walked to the back door, the arc lamps lit up one by one. Although she felt that something was strange, she still pushed the back door open. The moment she did so, she was greeted with sounds of fireworks and a group of people appearing out of nowhere while singing the familiar birthday song.

“Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to you…”

As everything played out in front of Elise, she was shocked to see Mikayla, Samantha, Jack, Danny, Alexander and Stella… Everyone whom Elise knew was standing in front of her.

Mikayla grabbed Elise’s hand a second later and they walked along the trail before they arrived in front of a cake with 18 layers. Then, she helped Elise to wear her birthday crown.

“Happy birthday, Elise! Make a wish!”

Under the crowd’s anticipation, Elise pressed her palms together, as if she was about to pray, and closed her eyes to make a wish. When she opened her eyes again, the crowd cheered as they helped to blow out the candles.

“This is,”

“Don’t be stupid. Today is your birthday! Did you really forget about it?”

Despite Jamie’s reminder that day, Elise had totally forgotten about her birthday since she was busy with her studies, so she scratched her head in embarrassment.

“How did you know that it is my birthday today?” The moment she had asked the question, everyone turned their heads toward Alexander at the same time, so she looked at him and continued to clarify, “You told them? How did you know that today is my birthday, though?”

Alexander chuckled. “I remembered seeing it on your identity card.”

I see! “You prepared all these…”

“You silly. Today is your 18th birthday! I just wanted to give you a surprise.”

“Thank you!” Elise then reached out to give Alexander a hug.

“Alright, birthday girl. It’s time to slice the birthday cake,” Jack urged, so she quickly released Alexander from her embrace and started to slice the cake before she distributed it to everyone.

Danny moved closer toward Elise and whispered, “By the way, Elise, Alex has also prepared a birthday gift for you! It’s in your room, so you must remember to open it later!”

She lifted her eyes to look at Alexander before she probed Danny, “What kind of gift is it? Why are you all being so secretive about it?”

I don‘t know what it is. Danny shrugged, as if to indicate that he was just as clueless as she was. “Alex has been exceptionally mysterious with what the gift is and he wouldn’t reveal it to anyone.”

When Elise listened to his explanation, she raised her eyebrow in excitement.

Now that she was done with distributing the cakes, she was busy accepting the overwhelming number of birthday gifts from everyone, so Mikayla had to assist her with carrying all of it to her room.

“Thank you, everyone! You have really made my day!” Elise genuinely responded. Her 18th birthday was by far the happiest birthday that she ever had.

“Anything to make you happy, Boss!”

“Yeah. Elise, from today onward, you are an adult. There’s a whole new world for you to explore.”

“Congratulations on turning 18!”

Elise smiled faintly as she looked at everyone while secretly wishing that she could stop time at this very moment,

“Oh, no! The ticket sale for H’s fan meeting is starting soon. Hurry up and grab the

tickets!” Everyone then turned their attention to their phones the moment Danny said those words.

At this moment, Jack entered the application on his phone and was ready to snap up the tickets for the fan meeting.

Meanwhile, Mikayla, who had been standing aside, was busy lining up for the tickets since she couldn’t afford to miss her idol’s fan meeting.

Even Alexander had also taken out his phone to ask Cameron to purchase the VIP tickets for him.

“It’s starting soon…”

As soon as Danny’s voice rang in the air, everyone tapped on their screens as quickly as they could, but when the page was refreshed a second later, it showed that the tickets were already sold out.

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