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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 226

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 226

As the wedding ceremony officially started, Elise sat in the audience and enjoyed the couple onstage exchanging their vows, rings and a kiss…

While watching the scene before her unfold, she couldn’t help but be touched. In a daze, she fantasized that she was the bride and Alexander was the groom as they hosted their wedding under the eyes of their families and friends.

“We have now reached the end of the ceremony! Next, let us welcome all of the single ladies to step forward as the bride will toss her bouquet of flo—”

Just as the announcer was about to finish his sentence, Audrey interrupted, “Wait a minute…”

The announcer was quick to respond. “It seems like our bride has something to say.”

Audrey took over the microphone and spotted Elise in the crowd. “I want to invite the designer of my wedding dress to come onstage.”

The crowd cheered as they all wanted to meet the designer who had produced such a gorgeous wedding dress.

Although Elise was confused, she finally went onstage amidst everyone’s gaze after Audrey’s encouragement.

The moment Elise appeared onstage, it caused an uproar among the crowd.

“What? She was the one who designed the wedding dress?”

“How is that even possible? Isn’t she Alexander’s fiance? Is she also a designer?”

“The wedding dress is gorgeous! She must be an amazing designer to have fashioned such a beautiful bridal gown!*

It was obvious that Elise couldn’t hear what the crowd murmured about, but when she stood beside Audrey, Audrey immediately passed the bouquet of flowers to her.

“Miss Sinclair, I present to you these flowers and wish that you can marry your own prince charming soon.”

“Thank you!”

The audience clapped as Elise accepted the flowers.

“In fact, I’m exceptionally grateful to Miss Sinclair for designing my dream wedding dress and allowing me to enjoy my wedding without any regrets.” Audrey turned to address the crowd. “I can see that she is really talented with fashion. If anyone here is interested, you can contact her directly!”

The moment they heard Audrey’s words, the ladies in the audience started to have their own ideas.

After all, Audrey’s bridal gown was exceptionally beautiful and there wouldn’t be a single girl in the entire world who wouldn’t want her own custom-made wedding dress.

“Thank you for your support! You may contact Brendan Griffith’s workshop for any custom-made orders. Don’t worry, we are all professional designers.” Elise didn’t hesitate to give Brendan a shoutout so that the audience would know who to look for if they wanted to have their bridal gowns custom-made as well.

When Elise came down from the stage, she started to receive orders for custom made dresses and bridal gowns one after another. However, as the reaction had been overwhelming, she was unable to personally reply to everyone, but luckily, Alexander was there to give Brendan’s contact number to those interested.

On the other hand, Brendan, who was at home, was puzzled when he suddenly received numerous orders.

After the wedding, Elise’s name became well-known among the upper-class society.

Everybody was now aware that Alexander’s fiance was a wedding dress designer who produced Audrey’s bridal gown. Whenever people talked about Audrey’s bridal gown, they would also mention Elise’s name.

When it came to the Monday of a new week, Brendan halted Elise just as she was about to leave. “Elise, there are many orders specifically requesting for your custom made designs pouring in, but my workshop hasn’t been fully settled yet. Will you have a look at them when you’re free?”

Elise didn’t know what to answer. “I don’t have much time as I’ve less than six weeks

before the college entrance examination. Why don’t you ask them whether they’re willing to wait for a month until I’m done with my exams.”

He nodded. “Alright! You can focus on preparing for your exams and leave the rest to me, Elise!”

Elise merely grunted in response.

At this moment, Alexander drove the car with the intention of sending her to school. “I’m going to school now. You don’t need to pick me up this evening since I’ll be coming back myself,” she said while waving at him.

He finally left after he watched her enter the campus.

However, as soon as Alexander had left, another figure suddenly appeared. “Boss!”

Why are you here:” Elise was shocked by Jamie’s sudden appearance.

He hurriedly approached her and commented, “Boss, you are so brilliant! The entire upper-class society has been talking about your amazing bridal gowns designs and that you are now Alexander’s fiancee… I’ve heard it all!”

While listening to him, she slightly furrowed her brows. “Is that all they’ve been talking about? And nothing else”

Of course there were also criticisms toward Elise’s looks, but Jamie wouldn’t repeat what was said to her. After all, he had seen her gorgeous looks before, so there was no point in caring about the opinions of shallow-minded people.

“Of course not! You’re now famous, Boss. They would all be shocked if they discover that you are actually the award-winning designer, Lily—”However, before Jamie could even finish his sentence, Elise immediately covered his mouth.

*Don’t speak too loud.”

He blinked a few times, signaling that he wouldn’t repeat his mistakes again, so she removed her hand from his mouth.

“Boss, what I’m saying is the truth, though!”

“I know, but let’s not talk about this here. How is the fan meeting coming along?”

It was when Elise mentioned the fan meeting that Jamie finally remembered his reason for coming in the first place.

“Boss, do you really have to make such a big scene just for Mikayla’s sake? You should know that a lot of people are willing to buy the tickets for a higher price now that they know you’re holding a fan meeting. Everyone has been asking me for insider news.” Her reputation really is something else.

However, the more she listened to him, the more she furrowed her brows. “You have to get it done no matter what! Other than the VIP tickets that I have specially reserved, the rest of the tickets must not be sold at a higher price. I want all the tickets to be sold to the fans through legal methods.”

“Don’t worry about it, Boss! I understand this. As for the pre-sale of the tickets, it will start on your birthday.”

Elise was immediately baffled.

“My birthday? When will that be?”

“Boss, don’t tell me that you have forgotten your own birthday,” a confused Jamie said.

Um… It‘s not that I have forgotten about it; it‘s just that I have been so busy that I‘ve never thought about it.

“Boss, you’re going to turn 18 and finally be an adult this year! You must celebrate it no matter what.”

He‘s right; to a girl, turning 18 is indeed a really special day.

“Okay. I’ll think about it,” Elise replied.

However, Jamie knew that she wasn’t taking the matter seriously. It doesn‘t matter. I will prepare a huge birthday gift for her anyway.

“Alright, Boss. You can head to class now! I’ll settle everything for the fan meeting and send you the VIP tickets once they’re released.”

After that, he waved at her and left.

The moment Elise entered the classroom, she heard a familiar voice calling her. “Elise!”

When Elise heard the voice, her eyes instantly brightened. “Mikayla, you finally came to school!”

Mikayla nodded. “I was already back a few days ago, but I didn’t see you around.”

“I took leave to settle some personal issues, which is why I’m only back today,” Elise explained quickly.

“I see. By the way, I found out that H is having a fan meeting soon. I just saw the news on Reddit…”

Without saying much, Elise merely smiled and asked, “Do you want to go?”

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