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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 224

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 224

When Brendan heard Audrey’s comments, he finally felt the weight being lifted from his heart and looked at Elise with encouragement. After receiving his encouragement, she quickly approached Audrey and said, “I’m glad you like it, Mrs. Snyder! Please check to see whether you wish to have the waist area altered. I’ve left some extra space there because I was afraid that the dress wouldn’t fit. If you want to alter it, please let me know.”

Audrey touched her waist and she realized that the design of elastic folds used for the gown had cleverly concealed her slightly bulging belly, which not only ensured a beautiful presentation of her body, but also carefully considered the size of her belly. Suddenly, she had a great impression of Elise. Therefore, she pulled Elise over and whispered, “How did you know I’m pregnant?” Elise explained, “I have seen your measurements before. When I looked at the proportion of your body, I noticed that the size of your belly is a bit off, so I took a gamble and guessed that you might be pregnant.

That’s the reason why I specially left this extra space for you because the dress wouldn’t feel like it’s suffocating you. Not to mention, you’ll feel comfortable in it as well. Even if you have to wear the gown for an hour or so, you won’t feel anything.” As Audrey listened to the explanation, she suddenly had a huge admiration for Elise. “Thank you so much. I was worried that my pregnancy would affect the way I look for the wedding. After all, it’s every girl’s dream to look beautiful at their wedding and you’ve perfectly solved the problem for me.” Elise responded with a smile, “You’re welcome.

It’s my pleasure to help. By the looks of it, it seems like I don’t need to help you to tighten the waist of the dress.” “Yes, it’s perfect this way. Also, I can see that your design is extremely unique. Looks like I have made the right choice when I asked for a custom-made dress. You really are a professional.” After that, Audrey turned toward Ruben. “Darling, I’ll choose this dress! I love it!” Ruben affectionately looked at Audrey as he replied, “As long as you’re happy with it.”

Then, he handed out a black card to Brendan. “There you go, Mr. Griffith!” When Brendan looked at the said black card, his heart was filled with mixed feelings. If it weren’t for Elise, I wouldn’t have been able to secure this order. “Thank you, President Snyder! I’ll definitely send a gift to you and your wife’s wedding.” After that, he handed the card over to his assistant. Meanwhile, Elise led Audrey to remove the wedding dress. Ever since she had cleverly helped Audrey to solve the problem, Audrey felt a lot closer to Elise and continued to whisper to her as someone of the same gender.

Before she left, she didn’t forget to extend a copy of her wedding invitation to Elise. “Miss Sinclair, I like you very much. This is our wedding invitation. I hope that you can attend with your fiance by then.” Elise looked at the red invitation whereupon she received it. “Thank you, Mrs. Snyder! I’ll be there in time.” She felt a burden being lifted from her shoulders after Ruben and Audrey left. It was a lucky thing that Audrey was satisfied with her wedding dress, so not much was needed from Elise afterward. However, she didn’t know that Brendan was standing behind her at this moment.

“The Snyder Family is one of the wealthy families in Athesea, but Ruben was able to start a company on his own through selling maternal and infant products. I heard that he and his wife were already a couple on campus. Their love goes all the way back to when they were students.” When Elise listened to his explanation, she couldn’t help but blink. “It’s such a lovely thing that they’re now having a wedding after falling in love with each other at school!” Brendan nodded his head in agreement. Then, he squinted his eyes at the invitation card in her hand.

The Snyder Family is also a wealthy family in Athsea, but the Griffith Family has little connections with them. Now, she has obtained a way to build good relations with them. “Elise, it’s not a bad idea to have a good relationship with the Snyder Family.” Of course, Elise understood his intentions, but she didn’t think much about it because she genuinely liked Audrey as a person. She felt that Audrey had a nice personality and someone worth befriending. “The wedding is in three days’ time. If you are planning to attend, you can pass my gift to them on my behalf.”

After looking at the invitation card, Elise decided to attend their wedding since she had nothing else to do that day, but she didn’t know whether Alexander had the time. “Alright. I’ll inform you by then.” After that, she took out her phone and sent a text to him. In the meantime, Alexander read her text and he thought about it for a while before asking Cameron, “Did we receive an invitation for Ruben Snyder’s wedding?” Cameron quickly found the invitation card and answered, “Yes, we will handle it the usual way by sending them a gift in the company’s name.”

“No need for that. I want you to prepare a huge gift for me to personally bring it to them,” Alexander replied. While listening to Alexander’s orders, Cameron was a little surprised. President Griffith usually doesn’t attend a wedding for business purposes. Therefore, he couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master Alex, are you going to attend the wedding?” “Yes, I will be.” “I see. I’ll prepare the gift right away then.” … Three days later, many people gathered at the Imperial Hotel, which was a five-star hotel located at the market center of Athesea.

The scene in the hotel was extremely lively and those who attended the wedding were influential and wealthy people in Athesea. Elise had been preparing for the said wedding at the stroke of dawn. After looking into the mirror and ensuring that everything was alright, she called Alexander and urged, “Hurry up. It’s time for us to leave.” When he saw her in a lavender dress that vividly presented her in the manner of a wealthy lady, he couldn’t help but smile. “You look beautiful today.” After feeling embarrassed by Alexander’s praise, Elise continued to urge him, “Alright.

We should be leaving now.” When they arrived at the entrance of the Imperial Hotel, many cars were continuously being parked around the area whereupon the entire place was packed with visitors. However, the moment she emerged from the car while holding his arm, it caused an uproar among the crowd. It was something to be expected since Alexander’s presence had always drawn attention. On top of that, he rarely attended weddings for business purposes, so everyone was shocked by his presence. “It’s the president from the Griffith Group!

I can’t believe he’s here.” “Who is that girl beside him? Why does she look so… ugly?” “Shhh! Be quiet. If she is Young Master Alex’s date tonight, it means that she is not an ordinary girl…” Everyone continued to discuss Elise and Alexander’s appearance, but they concurrently made way for those two to walk through without saying anything. Then, a middle-aged man approached the couple and handed his business card to Alexander.

“Young Master Alex, I’m Elias Fraser from The Beauty. Can you have a look at our company’s—” However, Alexander only gave the man a faint smile and answered, “I’m sorry, I’m not discussing business today.” After that, the man returned Alexander’s smile and allowed the couple to pass without saying a word.

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