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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 223

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 223

One needed to comprehend that the client who ordered the custom-made wedding gown was the renowned Snyder Family of Athesea. Hence, if Brendan failed to deliver this order, he would have a tough time receiving such a worthy order again. “You’re welcome. Now that I’ve been busy for a couple of days, I’m so exhausted!” Elise mumbled before she yawned. Then, Alexander wrapped his arm around her waist and said to Brendan, “I’ll take her home for a rest.” Brendan hummed in response and he immediately arranged for the driver to chauffeur Elise and Alexander home.

As soon as she entered the car, she could no longer fight her exhaustion and fell asleep while leaning against Alexander. While looking at her deep asleep, he involuntarily reached out with his hand to tuck a strand of loose hair behind her ear; a hint of distress flashed across his eyes when he saw the dark circles around her eyes. “What should I do with you…” he murmured with a tinge of helplessness in his tone, but Elise merely turned to her side and continued her sleep in a comfortable position. When they arrived home, Alexander carried her in his arms and headed into the house instead of waking her up.

Upon seeing them, a tactful Stella steered away from them, but she couldn’t help peek at them from behind. Mr. Griffith would be relieved if he knew how close Young Master Alex and Miss Sinclair are. Elise had slept for a long time; it wasn’t until the afternoon of the next day that she woke up from her dreams. When she opened her eyes and saw the familiar furnishing in the warm sunlight that poured into her room from the window, a pleasant curvature appeared at the corner of her lips. She fumbled around for her phone. When she switched it on, she saw that she had a voice message from Brendan.

“Elise, the client is coming over to try the wedding gown in the afternoon. Please drop by if you are available.” Then, Elise checked when the message was sent and discovered that it was sent 30 minutes ago, so she replied, “I just woke up and will be there later.” In less than a minute, she received Brendan’s response. “Take your time. The client hasn’t arrived yet.” She kept her phone away and briefly washed up before she exited her room. The moment Stella saw that Elise was already awake, she approached Elise. “Miss Ellie, you are awake. I’ve kept some warm food on the stove.

Would you like to have some?” Elise smiled and joked, “I’m starving. Stella, I’m starting to suspect that you can read my mind.” Stella grinned before she explained, “Miss Ellie, I can’t, but Young Master Alex probably can. He’s the one who instructed me to prepare those dishes.” Elise blushed the moment she heard that before she questioned, “Where’s Alex? Has he gone to the office?” “No. He’s in the study. He had Cameron send his work documents over.” She hummed in response, feeling a little surprised at that news. However, she didn’t head over to pop her head in. Instead, she went straight to the dining room and took a seat.

Soon, the maids served the dishes, which were all Elise’s favorite. “Miss Ellie, please enjoy your meal. Let us know if you need anything.” “I understand. Thanks, Stella.” Then, Elise picked up the utensils and started relishing the meal. She was in a high spirit as she enjoyed the feeling of being cared for by someone. She was almost done with her meal and in setting aside her fork and spoon when Alexander happened to walk down the stairs elegantly. When he saw her, he questioned, “When did you wake up? Why didn’t you tell me?” She mischievously stuck her tongue out.

“I woke up not long ago. You were busy, so I didn’t tell you.” “I have to head out to get something done. So, I’ll return at night. You, on the other hand, should stay at home and rest. Don’t burn out.” Alexander approached Elise and patted her head as he stated that, so she quickly asked in return, “Where are you going? I’m heading to Brendan’s studio later. Maybe you could take me there?” When he heard that she was going out again, he interrupted, “You have just pulled a few all-nighters. You will burn out if you continue like this. I’ll inform Brendan that you won’t be going over later.”

“No!” Elise rejected his suggestion. Upon seeing Alexander’s dark expression, she held his arm and refuted in a mellow voice, “The client is coming over to try the wedding gown. If there’s any problem with it, she can tell me directly and I can help to alter it on the spot, so I cannot be absent.” When Alexander knew that he was unable to change her mind, he could only surrender. “Don’t tire yourself out too much. Come home once you are done.” After noticing that he finally agreed, a delighted Elise tiptoed and gave him a peck on his cheek. “Thank you. I’ll be home earlier.”

However, he wrapped his arms around her waist a second later and murmured in a beguiling voice, “You don’t think that I’ll settle for that, do you?” She pouted and asked, “What do you want then?” As soon as she said that, Alexander leaned in to press his lips onto hers. His tongue intruded her mouth and slowly ventured deeper inside… Since Elise felt that she was suffocating, she continuously struggled; it was only then did he let go of her. “That’s good enough.”

Her face flushed redder. “T-T-That’s too much!” “Hmm… Are you sure?” Elise, who sensed a trace of danger from him, immediately denied. “N-No.” “Alright. I still have some time to send you over. Pack up and I’ll wait for you at the door.” Now that she had regained her freedom, she instantly fled and returned to her room to get her purse before she headed downstairs. Thereafter, Alexander sent her to Brendan’s studio. It wasn’t long after Elise’s arrival that Audrey showed up.

When Audrey entered the studio while holding Ruben’s arm, Brendan immediately stepped forward to welcome them. “Mr. and Mrs. Snyder!” Ruben gave a slight nod. “Mr. Griffith, I supposed that my wife’s wedding gown is ready?” Brendan replied with a smile, “Yes, it is. We’ve been waiting for Mrs. Snyder to try it out and see whether it fits.” As he spoke, he introduced Elise to them at the same time. “This is the designer of Mrs. Snyder’s wedding gown. You can let her know if you have any thoughts about it later.” Elise offered a handshake. “Hello, Mrs. Snyder!”

Audrey looked at Elise; although she found Elise to be a little familiar, she couldn’t recall her at that moment and cast the thought aside. “I’ll have to trouble you to lead me over to try out the gown.” Then, Elise led Audrey to the changing room while two assistants helped to bring the wedding gown over. The moment Audrey laid her eyes on it, her eyes brightened. “Wow, the wedding gown is gorgeous!” “Mrs. Snyder, why don’t you wear it?

It will surely look more beautiful on you,” Elise encouraged as she asked the assistants to take the gown down from the mannequin for Audrey to try on. Ten minutes later, when Audrey exited the changing room, she instantly attracted the gaze of the crowd. “How is it? Do I look beautiful in the wedding gown?” she immediately asked. Ruben, who was standing aside, looked at his wife from head to toe as his eyes filled with an unprecedented astonishment.

“Drey, the wedding gown looks fantastic on you.” The compliment left Audrey in a good mood as she admired her reflection in the mirror. Not to mention, the corner of her lips were etched upward. “Mr. Griffith, your designer is excellent. This is exactly what I want. It totally meets my expectation of how I want my wedding dress to look like. This is fabulous.”

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