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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 222

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 222

As someone who was straightforward in character, Elise directly stated her intention of coming. “We are here to see if there’s anything we can help out with.” Brendan sighed and spread out his hands. “There’s nothing much. It’s just that we won’t be able to deliver some designs to a few clients, so we will have to pay for their compensation.” She asked with furrowed brows, “Are they the designs for wedding gowns?” He nodded. “We initially had a few lovely wedding gowns designs, but the original designs were destroyed in the fire. We have to start everything from scratch again.”

To make things worse, these were orders that cost millions. Hence, their loss was immeasurable—not only in terms of monetary loss, but also their reputation where it would be significantly damaged as well. “Do you mind showing me the relevant designs? Perhaps I could lend you a hand.” Brendan’s eyes brightened when he heard that, but they dimmed the next instant when he seemed to recall something. “We have such a short period of time. We only have three days until the delivery date. Even if we rely on our existing designs, we won’t be able to prepare the product on time.”

Elise pursed her lips. “Let me give it a try.” He raised his eyes to look at Alexander, who gently nodded at him. Since the outcome is practically destined, there’s no harm in giving Elise a chance to take a shot, Brendan thought. Thus, he handed Elise the client’s design requirements. After perusing it, she had a rough idea of the design and stated, “I’m able to complete this design on my own.” “Elise, are you serious?” Brendan had an incredulous look on his face. She nodded. “Prepare the materials according to what I need now. Just give me three days and I will definitely produce the wedding gown,” she declared adamantly, but he found it unbelievable.

One had to understand that the production of a wedding gown would take several months of labor from the design stage all the way to the production stage. Therefore, it would be impossible for anyone to complete it within three days even if one were to tirelessly work day and night. “Elise, it really doesn’t matter. Even if it’s not finished, I’ll only pay for the compensation, at most—” “Trust me. Every girl who chooses to purchase a custom-made wedding gown must be eagerly anticipating their gowns.

If you tell them that the wedding gown can’t be delivered as scheduled, they will be disappointed. On top of that, they can’t reschedule their wedding date. Are you going to let them enter the marriage hall in regret?” What Elise said has a point, Brendan thought and decided to give it a try after some consideration. “Elise, tell me what you need and I’ll get someone to immediately prepare them.” So, in one breath, Elise told him everything that she needed before he wrote them down. It was that night itself when she began work in the studio.

Alexander was with her the entire time. Elise first drafted the design and made a prototype where the design was bold and refreshing with a unique choice of color. In short, the prototype that she made was dazzling. She had spent almost all her time in Brendan’s makeshift studio this weekend while Alexander moved his things over to work there as well. Time quickly flew by and two days had soon passed in the blink of an eye. Elise had already completed one-third of the wedding gown, whereby every single stitch was sewn by her own hands.

Outside the window stood Brendan and Alexander, who watched as Elise busied herself with the project. Brendan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Alex, Elise is amazing. My previous impression of her has totally changed.” “She does have plenty of shocking qualities; she’s like an invisible treasure that constantly produces surprises.” Alexander genuinely meant what he had said. Then, he turned to look at Brendan before he continued, “Let’s not stay here and disturb her. We can reward her nicely after she is done with the job.” Brendan hummed in agreement before he suddenly thought of something else and asked, “Alex, do you remember what I told you before?

I previously sought Elise’s help because she has the perfect sewing skills. The wedding gown that she helped me to produce before this was sewn using a special sewing technique. It’s extremely similar to that of a wedding gown designer named Lily, whom I’ve previously met. I initially planned to investigate whether Elise is related to Lily in any way, but I didn’t manage to get an answer. Then, things happened in the end, which led us to where we are today.”

“Lily?” Upon seeing Alexander’s puzzled look, Brendan explained, “She’s a renowned wedding gown designer in the fashion industry, but it has been a long time since she has released any new designs. Rumor has it that she has retired, but her works are still popular.” Alexander didn’t ask further about Lily as he wasn’t interested in her. His main concern at the moment was Elise’s health and whether it would be affected after she had worked tirelessly for a few consecutive days.

Elise made stitches after stitches on the garments without any signs of exhaustion. Time silently slipped by as daytime changed to nighttime and by the time she had made her final stitch, the world was now awakened by the sun outside the window. She stretched her back. “It’s finally completed.” Looking at the wedding gown in her hands, she had a satisfied look. After checking the stitching once again and ensuring that everything was perfect, she rose to her full height and placed the wedding gown on the mannequin. It was only then that she felt exhausted and started yawning.

Alexander, who came in with a thermal food container, saw that and quickly walked up to her. “You have worked throughout the night. You should take a rest.” Elie looked back at him and replied, “I’m fine. The wedding gown is done. Tell Brendan that he can deliver the product on time.” However, Alexander stepped forward and held her hand while ignoring the gown. “You have been working tirelessly for a few days straight. Eat something and take a good rest.

You can leave the rest to Brendan.” She was indeed tired. “Don’t worry, I’ll go and rest after personally handing the wedding gown to Brendan.” Unable to persuade her otherwise, he led her to the desk where he asked her to sit. “You’ve worked hard. Here, eat something.” Elise hummed in response and she opened the food container, which contained her favorite food. As she had been starving for some time, she started to gobble up the food.

After she had her breakfast, Brendan arrived at the scene and he was astonished when he saw the wedding gown. “Oh, my, Elise, this is breathtaking!” The wedding gown was totally impeccable in both its design and the handiwork. “You can inform the client and ask her to come to try the dress. I can alter the gown if it doesn’t fit her.” He nodded. At that moment, he was so overwhelmed that he was at a loss for words.

Not only had Elise assisted him to complete a wedding gown, she even helped him to avoid any losses and saved his studio’s reputation. “Elise, thank you!” Brendan thanked her from the bottom of his heart. At that instant, he found that no matter how much he said, no amount of words could describe his gratitude toward Elise.

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