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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 221

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 221

Jack figured that her words were merely ones of comfort and didn’t give it much thought. “Let’s hope so. Rest assured, if I’m able to meet her one day, I’ll definitely bring you along and fulfill your dream of meeting your idol.” Elise gently hummed in agreement. Since he was somehow in high spirits, he floored the pedal and sped home. The moment they arrived home, he turned off the engine while she opened the car door to alight from the vehicle. As soon as she let herself into the house, she saw Alexander’s coat on the rack, which made her feel happy. “Stella, is Alexander home?”

she asked immediately. Stella answered, “Miss Elise, Young Master Alex hasn’t returned.” Her reply made Elise feel dispirited. She wondered what Alexander was so busy with recently that she hadn’t seen for a few consecutive days. “Miss Elise, is there anything else that I can help you with?” Elise shook her head. “No, thanks. I’m heading upstairs.” When she returned to her room, she fished out her phone to call Alexander. However, even after the phone had rang for a long time, the call wasn’t picked up, which left her with no choice but to hang up and toss the phone aside.

Then, she sat in front of her dressing table and started to remove her makeup. As she gazed at her stunning face in the mirror, she suddenly paused in her actions and was seen deep in thought. After a while, she took her phone and gave Jamie a call. “Jamie, I’m thinking of holding a fan meeting.” Upon hearing the news, Jamie, who was on the other end of the line, was so astounded that he was at a loss for words. “Boss, what did you say? A fan meeting?” Elise hummed in response and continued, “I find that many of my friends seem to adore me a lot, so I would like to fulfill their tiny wish, especially Mikayla’s.”

Jamie instantly understood her intention. “Boss, if you are going to hold a fan meeting, it will be sensational. You have to understand how popular you were years ago. Although many years have passed, your fans are still very loyal. Your popularity may have decreased a little, but you are still as popular as most first-class singers, at least.” “I understand, which is why I planned to hold a minor fan meeting. I have no plans on making a huge deal out of this.”

Sensing that she had already made up her mind, he caved in and said, “I’ll try to contact a few people. What is your plan in terms of the timing?” “Let’s make it happen after the college entrance examination! We still have more than a month, which should leave us with enough time.” “Alright, I understand.” The call was then ended. Nevertheless, little was Elise aware that her decision had caused a huge ripple in her fan community. When she went to school the next day, all the students were discussing this matter. “Have you heard about the news? H is about to make a comeback.”

“It’s genuine! According to the internal news, H will hold a fan meeting here in Athesea.” “I have to grab a ticket on time. I must not miss this.” Elise was stunned to hear their conversation. Why do I feel that the whole world seems to know about this after one night? The news is spreading too fast! “Jamie, what happened? Why does it seem like everyone knows about this?” At the mention of this, a helpless Jamie explained, “My initial plan was to call to ask about the venue, but I accidentally revealed that you are going to organize a fan meeting. The moment the news was leaked out, it went out of control whereby the fan community spread it further.

I can’t help it, Boss. You are extremely popular and influential and it was totally beyond my control.” His explanation had rendered Elise speechless whereas her silence caused Jamie to feel anxious instead. “Boss, I swear that it was unintentional. If you are not happy about it, I’ll delete all the relevant posts.” After thinking about it, she asked, “How is the venue coming along?” “There’s no problem with it. When they heard that you are going to hold a fan meeting, they agreed to make the largest sports complex available for the function, but I remembered that you said that you don’t want to make it too big, so I rejected their offer.

However, judging from the enthusiastic fans, I’m afraid that the tickets available will be insufficient. The scalpers will take the opportunity to resell the tickets at a high price and your fans will be the ones suffering in the end.” “If that’s the case, let’s reserve the sports complex. As for the ticket prices, reduce the price and donate the profits to the welfare institution.” “Alright, I know what to do. Don’t worry about a thing, Boss.” Soon, the news about H hosting a fan meeting spread like wildfire in the entertainment industry. All the fans were looking forward to the sale of the tickets and were prepared to grab them.

As for Elise, her focus returned to her studies after the event had been decided. It was the weekend, which meant that she was finally able to see Alexander, who had disappeared for a few days. As soon as she stepped out of the school compound, she spotted a familiar car. A second later, the car door opened to reveal Alexander alighting from the car and walking toward her. Standing at a frame of slightly over five-feet-eleven, he instantly attracted the attention of many girls around them. “He’s so hot!” Some vague exclamations were heard from the crowd.

Alexander marched to Elise and asked with his usual gentle tone, “Are your classes over?” A dissatisfied Elise snorted coldly and muttered, “Where have you been these days? You went missing for such a long time.” There was a hint of displeasure in her tone. Alexander reached out with his hand to hold hers as he coaxed, “I was busy attending to something. Now that it’s been settled, I have the time to accompany you.” As Elise was never a curious person, she didn’t press on when he said that he had been busy. Maybe it’s work-related stuff, she thought.

“Okay, I forgive you. Let’s return home then.” Then, she opened the car door, entered the car and buckled her seatbelt. Suddenly, as if something had crossed her mind, she asked, “How’s Brendan’s studio?” “Not too good. His studio caught fire, which resulted in many orders not being able to be delivered on time and he has to compensate his clients.” After Elise heard Alexander’s reply, her resentment toward Ashlyn only deepened. If Ashlyn hadn’t had an arsonist setting fire at his studio, he wouldn’t have such a mess on his plate. “Let’s visit his studio to see how we can help,” Elise suggested.

Alexander glanced at the time. As it was still early, he agreed and thereafter started the engine before he drove off. What was once a proper studio was now in ruins. It was a fortunate thing that the studio was located in the suburbs, which enabled them to continue with their operation by erecting a temporary structure beside, albeit barely. Brendan was on a call when Elise and Alexander arrived. The person whom he was talking to had said something that made him look depressed.

When the call finally ended, Brendan helplessly rubbed his temples. It was at this moment when Elise knocked on the door, which caused him to return to his senses. “Come in,” he said. Elise and Alexander pushed the door open and entered the room whereupon Brendan was obviously surprised to see them. “Alex, Elise, why are you two here?”

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