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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 219

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 219

As soon as Elise entered the classroom, Jacinda saw her right away. Unlike before, the latter instantly took a book and covered her face in an attempt to diminish her presence, all the while hoping fervently that the other girl would not notice her. The incident with Ashlyn had been a huge lesson for Jacinda. She had also realized that she should try and avoid Elise as much as possible and not cross her path at school. Besides, Jacinda had also taken the initiative to apologize to Elise. “Elise, I made a lot of mistakes in the past. I shouldn’t have spread rumors about you among our classmates and destroy your reputation.

I sincerely apologize for finding fault with you all this while. I’m sorry.” Meanwhile, Elise was busy with her homework and she frowned upon hearing Jacinda’s words. Then, she gradually lifted her head and glanced at Jacinda, who was standing in front of her. “Is this a trick?” Elise retorted, to which Jacinda immediately denied, “No, it’s not. I truly want to apologize to you. We’re classmates after all, so I really hope that we can get along peacefully.” However, Elise ignored Jacinda and continued to work on her homework, which made the latter remain on tenterhooks.

“Elise, can you say something, please? I can’t stand it and I’m quite frightened when you ignore me,” Jacinda said with a whimper and it seemed that she was about to burst into tears the next minute. Elise, on the other hand, felt quite bothered by the commotion by her ears so she stopped writing. “If you don’t have anything else to do, then you should go and do some worksheets. Stop focusing on me. I’m generally clear cut on my likes and dislikes so I’m warning you to stop bothering me!” As soon as Jacinda heard Elise’s words, she finally felt at ease.

It’s great that Elise hasn’t taken everything to heart. From now on, I must stay away from her and not bother her. With that in mind, Jacinda went back to her seat mindfully and started to work on her worksheet. Elise noticed Jacinda walk off but she decided to ignore it. After completing her worksheet, she instinctively turned her head and murmured, “Mikayla, let’s…” Before Elise could finish her sentence, she suddenly caught herself. Coming back to her senses, she stared at Mikayla’s empty seat and heaved a sigh. Mikayla has been gone for quite some time now, but I’m still not used to things without her.

I wonder how she’s doing overseas. Just then, she felt slightly dejected as she pondered over the situation. Mikayla’s the first friend I made in school but right now, I don’t even know what’s going on in her life. Resigned, Elise heaved a sigh. Subsequently, she shifted her gaze and continued to work on her worksheet, but she seemed to have lost all of her motivation. In the afternoon after school had ended, Elise walked out of school by herself along the walkway. As soon as she reached the entrance, she heard a loud honk and soon after that, her cell phone, which was in her pocket, rang. “Elise, it’s me, Jack! I’m here and I’m slightly to the left in front of you. Get in the car.” Elise turned to look in that direction as soon as she heard his words and indeed, she saw Jack’s car.

Slightly perplexed, she made her way toward him anyway and knocked on his window. “What’s up?” Meanwhile, Jack scanned his surroundings before turning to her. “What are you waiting for? Get inside! We won’t be able to leave this place if my fans realize and swarm us!” And so, Elise had no choice but to enter the backseat of the car before shutting the door. Instantly after that, he started the ignition and drove off.

“So, what’s going on exactly?” she asked. However, Jack maintained a secretive look. “I can’t tell you anything yet, but I’ll tell you when we get there.” Meanwhile, Elise was totally in the dark regarding his intentions so she gave up and stopped asking. She took out a worksheet from her bag and started on it with a focused look in her eyes. As for Jack, he noticed that she didn’t even give a response after such a prolonged period, so he took a look at her through the rearview mirror. He was caught by surprise upon glancing at her and he couldn’t help mentioning, “I finally realize why you’re so good in your studies.

I guess even the top students need to put in effort.” Elise retorted without even lifting her head, “Don’t tell me that you no longer have to put in any effort just because you’re now a superstar?” There are always going to be talented people in this world. Without putting in any effort, the only end result would be being replaced by the up-and-coming new talents. “We’re not exactly making an effort in the same direction.” “That’s true. After all, it’s quite easy to be an idol but it’s tough to maintain the popularity and exalted status of one.” Jack did agree with what she said but today, he wasn’t here to talk about this.

In fact, he was on a mission to complete a task on behalf of someone else. “Elise, aren’t you curious about where we’re headed?” Upon hearing that, she pursed her lips and replied, “I am curious, but will you tell me?” Meanwhile, Jack shook his head in response. He had promised not to reveal a single thing until they arrived at the destination. “See—even if I’m curious, you wouldn’t reveal anything anyway. Why would I let you have the pleasure of goading me, then? I might as well take the time to complete a couple of worksheets.” Her logical thinking managed to render Jack speechless for the time being.

Nonetheless, it was quite lucky that they were about to arrive at their destination, so their topic came to a halt. Jack brought Elise to a familiar spot and after parking the car, she finally came to her senses and stopped writing immediately. “Why did you bring me here?” Jack shrugged in response. “What else could it be? She wants to see you.” As soon as Elise heard him mention a girl, she was quite excited. “Do you mean Mikayla?! Is she back?” Jack responded with a grunt. “She’s inside and she has been pestering me to see you, so I brought you to her.”

Just then, Elise couldn’t contain herself and as soon as the car came to a halt, she immediately opened the door to get out. “Has she recalled something? Does she remember me?” The glimmer in his eyes dimmed slightly as soon as the words left her mouth. Meanwhile, Jack opened the car door and got out. Then, he looked at Elise’s silhouette and said, “She hasn’t recalled anything, but she remembers you.” He said this while he walked over to stand in front of Elise. “That’s why when you see her later on, I hope that you can help me trigger her memory.”

Jack had an earnest expression as he said this and Elise could somehow sense a slightly different emotion coming from him. However, that emotion seemed to dissipate very quickly as Jack managed to mask his feelings before she could even clearly identify anything. In the end, the two of them made their way toward Mikayla’s house. At that moment, Mikayla was already waiting for them on the balcony upstairs and she beamed widely as soon as she saw them walk in.

Mikayla then called out, “Elise!” Meanwhile, Elise felt surreal upon hearing the familiar voice and she lifted her head to look at Mikayla. As soon as she saw the other girl, she smiled prettily. “Mikayla!” At that moment, Mikayla ran down the stairs in a hurry and rushed in front of Elise. Somehow, Mikayla had Elise on her mind the whole time the former was overseas.

Truth was, Mikayla had an unshakeable feeling that she must be very closely linked to Elise and that their friendship must have been like an unbreakable bond, which was why she had disregarded her family members’ objections and returned to the country to seek Elise out. Mikayla intended to get Elise to help her with recovering her lost memories.

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