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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 216

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 216

“Let me tell you the answer, then.” Elise glanced at Coner and spoke with a cold yet definite tone. And so, the former took the draft from Brendan and lifted her head to look at Coner. “You are indeed quite smart. You can tell what to plagiarize and what not to, but I have to say that you’re too sloppy. You didn’t even bother to look at the layout of the design carefully before you plagiarized it. Do you realize why it’s unsymmetrical? That’s because the draft that you plagiarized from was just my first draft. It was an incomplete design. Well, your skills are not up to par so you couldn’t even complete the work based on my original design, which is why the whole thing is not symmetrical.”

As soon as Coner heard the other woman’s words, she could feel her heart skip a beat. However, she instinctively denied it anyway, “I don’t understand what you’re on about. I didn’t plagiarize! This is my design…” Elise had already made her point quite clear, but Coner remained stubbornly unrepentant. In the end, Elise no longer bothered with the niceties and she brazenly flung the stack of designs onto Coner’s face. “I’ve met many shameless people in my lifetime but you’re really one of a kind! Designers are generally quite mindful of their reputation, but ones like you who even fail at plagiarizing one’s work should honestly drop out of the industry.”

“This is nonsense!” Coner roared back at Elise, refusing to admit to this offense as she attempted to use a loud voice to mask the truth. In the end, she shot a pleading look at Ashlyn and tried to seek help. However, Ashlyn was caught by surprise as well, as she didn’t expect this incident to be exposed so soon. In all honesty, she was wary of Coner blabbering and implicating her into this. In the end, she hurriedly interrupted Coner’s sentence.

“Coner, I can’t believe that you would resort to lying to me despite us knowing each other since university! I trusted you so much and even introduced you to my lifelong friend. Why did you do this?” Meanwhile, Coner looked at Ashlyn in disbelief. “That’s not true. It was—” “That’s enough.” At that point, Ashlyn interjected and immediately glanced at Brendan with an apologetic look on her face, “I’m sorry, Brendan. It’s my fault for not handling this situation well. I didn’t expect to be taken for a fool. I’ve misjudged her character and caused you so much trouble. I’m terribly sorry.”

With that, Ashlyn tugged at Coner’s arm and tried to make her leave, but Brendan wasn’t that foolish. He would have lived in vain for all these years if he was deceived by such a simple ploy. “Miss Lawson,” he uttered. However, those two words sounded formal and distant. He no longer paid any heed to their personal ties. “There’s something that I think you should be reminded of.” Meanwhile, Ashlyn was taken aback but before she could get a word in edgewise, Brendan continued, “There are surveillance cameras in this workshop. They are placed in discreet locations but can clearly show every single thing that occurred. It would be quite easy if I wanted to pursue this and uncover the truth.”

Ashlyn’s face paled instantly the moment she heard that. Meanwhile, she silently gripped both her hands tightly. Prior to that, they were originally hanging loosely by her side. In the end, she lifted her head and looked at him as she stammered, “O-Oh? Is that s-so….” Nonetheless, Brendan mercilessly continued, “That’s why I’m quite curious as to how the draft got into an outsider’s hands. Why don’t you accompany me to take a look at the security footage? Let’s uncover the truth together.” Upon hearing that, Ashlyn stumbled and instantly responded, “N-No, thanks.”

“However, I’m still very curious as to how it could be so coincidental that Elise’s draft was exactly the same as Coner’s, and you guys somehow published it on the internet before Elise?” Somehow, Brendan’s words spoke volumes and Ashlyn couldn’t seem to find any excuse to deny this. Meanwhile, Elise, who was standing silently by the side, suddenly spoke up coldly. “That’s the most you can achieve anyway. I guess the best you can do to reach your goal is to do such a despicable thing and use underhanded tactics. Ashlyn, you really are detestable.”

At that moment, Ashlyn tried to continue denying it. After all, they had no evidence of her being the perpetrator. However, she realized that there seemed to be nothing she could say that would make her sound convincing. “I…” Before she could even speak up, Molly strode into the room from the doorway. “Mr. Griffith, Miss Sinclair, I’m sorry but I told a lie…” In response, Elise looked at Molly with a frown on her face. As for Molly, she was so frightened that she couldn’t control the tears from streaming down her face. “Miss Sinclair, I lied to you. Actually, I didn’t tell the truth when you asked me about it yesterday.

In fact, I did bump into Miss Lawson but she paid me a large sum to keep it a secret. That’s why I didn’t tell you the truth. I owe you and Mr. Griffith an apology.” Molly’s words were practically the final nail on the coffin for Ashlyn. All of a sudden, Ashlyn went berserk and shouted, “You b*tch! What sort of nonsense are you on about?!” However, Molly paid no attention to her and continued to apologize profusely. “Mr. Griffith, I’m so sorry. I was tempted by the money Miss Lawson offered and I ended up making this mistake.

But I didn’t realize that Miss Lawson was here to steal Miss Sinclair’s design—” Meanwhile, Brendan didn’t even bat an eyelid and he disregarded her words. In the end, he coldly responded, “Go and pack your stuff and get out of here immediately.” “Mr. Griffith, please give me another chance,” Molly hastily pleaded for mercy but Brendan couldn’t care less. “We don’t need a traitor in the office. Don’t make me repeat myself.” At that point, Molly was aware that this was a gone case. Though she was displeased with the outcome, she had no choice but to turn around and walk out of the room.

“Brendan, can you hear me out? It’s not what it seems—” Ashlyn was about to continue to explain for herself, but Brendan merely looked at her solemnly. “Miss Lawson, I don’t mind saving you from disgrace out of respect for our friendship all this while, but please be mindful of your further actions. Otherwise, I’ll definitely lodge a police report on this incident.” Ashlyn’s expression dimmed when she heard that and her face fell. However, her current frightful appearance couldn’t even evoke any bit of sympathy from the people around her. In the end, Brendan arranged for the security guards to kick them out.

Ashlyn pleaded continuously up to the point where she was about to be thrown out of the place, but Brendan paid no heed to her words. He merely lifted his hand and gestured for the security guards to hurry up. Once Ashlyn and Coner were thrown out of the place, he finally turned to Elise. “Elise, I’m sorry about that. It was my carelessness that caused your design to be stolen. Ultimately, I need to take responsibility for this incident,” Brendan explained with an apologetic look. Meanwhile, Elise glanced at the draft in her hand and tore it up without a second thought.

“Actually, it isn’t a big deal. It’s just two drafts. My creativity stems from here.” she murmured as she pointed to her brain. “After all, no one can steal what’s in here.” Brendan finally heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing her words. Meanwhile, he couldn’t contain the appreciative look on his face and he subsequently beamed widely. “I kind of realize the reason Alexander chose you as his lifelong partner. It’s because you’re full of wisdom.”

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