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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 212

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 212

Elise nodded and directly said, “Give me a space, then. I’ll start working later!” Brendan smiled upon hearing that. “There’s no need to hurry. I already arranged an office for you. You can take a breather first. I will ask Molly to bring you over later.” As soon as he finished speaking, someone knocked on the door.

“Mr. Griffith, Miss Lawson is here.” Brendan’s expression changed when he heard her name and he immediately became more business-like. “Ask her to wait for me in the meeting room. I’ll be right there.” “Noted, Mr. Griffith.” Seeing that he had other businesses to attend to, Elise quickly got up.

“Since you are busy, just ask Molly to bring me over.” “Alright. I’ll do that.” After coming out of the office, Molly quickly said, “Miss Sinclair, let’s head over there now.” As soon as they turned a corner, they came face-to-face with Ashlyn. Upon seeing the other girl, Elise raised her eyebrows slightly as she thought to herself, So this was who they were referring to just now. Even Ashlyn was surprised to meet Elise here. However, the former soon recalled what she heard from Jacinda and could not help but smile with a triumphant look in her eyes.

“My, my! I didn’t expect to meet an old friend here!” Elise ignored her remarks and walked past her, but Ashlyn called out, “Why are you leaving as soon as you see me? Alex is so much warmer when he sees me.” It was better if she did not bring this up. At the mention of this, Elise felt the grievances that she had find an outlet. “Are you being serious when you say that he’s treating you warmly? Why do I hear that he is quite unfriendly toward you?” Ashlyn’s expression did not change a bit even after hearing Elise’s words, which was why Elise knew that she had really misunderstood Alexander earlier.

After knowing that it was Ashlyn alone who falsely portrayed everything, Elise felt her mood become much better. “What do you know, Elise? Alex asked me out on a date in a hotel room…” With that, Ashlyn tucked her hair behind her ears as she added, “I’m sure everyone knows what goes on between adults. I guess I don’t have to spell everything out for you.” Nevertheless, Elise did not get annoyed. Instead, she countered, “It seems like you enjoy it a lot, Miss Lawson. Could it be that you’re hallucinating and pleasing yourself instead?” The blatant insult in her words made Ashlyn’s expression change instantly.

“You—” Elise, however, met the other girl’s eyes without any fear. “What do you think Alexander’s reaction will be when he knows that you have been damaging his reputation?” Upon hearing that, Ashlyn clenched her fists soundlessly. After all, she did not expect Elise to trust Alexander this much. In that instant, she was at a loss on what to retort. “Since when have I damaged his reputation? I’ve said nothing.” Elise smiled in response.

“That would be best. No matter what, you already have a partner, Miss Lawson, so you better not seduce another man who already has a fiancée. I’ll have you know that I bear grudges easily. If I know that another woman seduced my man, I won’t hold back at all.” This is not just a threat! Ashlyn felt a tinge of fear upon hearing that. Elise is just an ugly woman from the countryside, yet she has such power. It was only then that she knew she had to restrain herself even though she liked Alexander

. “What are you saying, Elise? I’ve always been disdainful about your belongings.” “That would be best.” With that, Elise ignored her and walked away. However, Ashlyn looked at the other girl’s leaving figure resentfully and bit her lip hard, annoyed that she was on the losing side when they taunted each other just now. However, shortly after that, she saw Elise walk into a designer’s office. Hence, she could not help asking the assistant, who was standing next to her, “What is she doing here?” The assistant then replied, “Miss Sinclair is a designer that we just hired, Miss Lawson.”

Ashlyn wanted to burst out laughing upon hearing that. “She? A designer? Isn’t she afraid of people laughing at her? She’s just a country bumpkin! Does she even know what fashion is?” The assistant remained quietly for a moment before saying softly, “Miss Lawson, do you still remember the evening gown you liked when you came here last time? That was designed by Miss Sinclair.” Ashlyn was thunderstruck upon hearing that. She fell in love as soon as she saw the evening gown, but Brendan told her that it was not for sale. No matter how much she was willing to pay for it, he would not sell it to her.

Because of that, she felt rather disappointed. Hence, it was a huge shock to her that the evening gown was designed by Elise. “This way please, Miss Lawson.” Though unwilling, Ashlyn followed the assistant. After Elise entered the design studio, she sat down on a bench, a pen in hand as she bent over the table. Then, she started to slowly work on her design. After some time, she came up with a rough sketch of a wedding dress. It was at that moment that Brendan walked into the room. “Elise?”

Upon hearing that, she raised her head and stretched her body. “It’s just a rough sketch. Would you like to have a look?” Brendan was surprised to see that. His initial expectation was just for Elise to make some amendments on his design, which was why he had never imagined that she would be able to come up with her own designs. “You… drew this?” He looked at the design incredulously. After taking the piece of paper and looking at the design, he was shocked to the core. Though it was just a rough sketch, he could tell how good her design was.

Every stroke was perfect, making the design look as though it was drawn by a mature and professional designer. “Have you designed anything before?” “In the past, I liked to draw and I would just draw some random stuff,” Elise explained. “Do you think it’s alright?” Brendan pursed his lips when he heard that. “Overall, I think it’s quite good, but I have no idea what the final product will look like. Why don’t I take a look at it again after you are completely done with the design?” And so, she nodded in response. “Sure.” “It’s not early, so let me bring you for a meal.”

Elise was also quite hungry at this point. “Alright. Let me put these away.” After she tidied up her table, she followed Brendan out of the door. However, not long after she left, a figure sneaked into the room soundlessly—Ashlyn had found the designs and took pictures with her phone without any hesitation. After taking those photographs, she was quite pleased with herself. “Elise, don’t even dream of becoming a designer!

It’s simply impossible with that face of yours! I want to destroy your reputation in this industry so you won’t be able to stay here any longer!” With that, Ashnlyn planned to turn around and leave. However, as soon as she reached the door, she ran into Molly, who was still working. “Miss Lawson, haven’t you already left?”

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