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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 208

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 208

“What are you talking about? Who’s an idiot? I’ve never expected you to do anything in the first place. Apart from that, our engagement is simply because I like you and I want to be with you. There are no other reasons apart from this.” Elise smiled, obviously not believing what he was saying. “Stop lying to yourself, Mr. Griffith. It’s meaningless if we speak about things too explicitly. Both of us should calm down for a moment and think about it. If you want to call off the engagement, just let me know in advance. As for other issues, there’s nothing for us to talk about.”

With that, Elise shoved him and walked away from him, leaving a clueless Alexander who could do nothing about the situation. With a loud thud, she closed the door and wrapped her hands around her legs, only to find tears streaming down her face immediately after that. Over the past two days, she kept telling herself that what she saw might not be true. However, she simply could not forget the image of Ashlyn holding onto Alexander’s arm. Elise knew that she had fallen deeper in this relationship, and she was also aware that her words just now were just out of anger.

However, she could not face it peacefully. Let’s both calm down. Perhaps we can find a solution after that. On the other hand, Alexander felt morose. After pondering about it for a long time, he could not understand what had happened between both of them, as their relationship was going rather well before this. “Ahem!” A soft cough rang from around the corner. Then, Danny appeared and quickly explained, “Alexander, I overheard the conversation unintentionally. It really was just a coincidence.” Alexander’s eyes darkened when he heard that. “I have something to ask you,” he said, to which Danny quickly replied, “What is it, Alexander?

Just ask away.” Looking at the closed door, Alexander asked, “Do you know what’s wrong with her for the past few days?” At that, Danny gave it a serious thought. “It’s true that Boss looks quite troubled over the past few days, as if there’s some problems on her mind that haven’t been resolved. Nothing like this has ever occurred in the past. I think it was from that day onwards… Yes, the afternoon that you went to school to look for her but she wasn’t there. Since that day, she seemed to have turned into a completely different person. Did you guys have a fight, Alexander?

Could it be that you don’t like her and want to call off the engagement?” After all, Elise had made herself very clear just now. However, Alexander announced without any hesitation, “It’s impossible. I would never do that in my entire life.” But that day… Alexander seemed to have remembered something and his expression instantly darkened. “I believe I know what happened.” Danny still wanted to ask him further questions, but Alexander did not give him a chance to do so.

As he walked away alone, Danny did not forget to shout, “Alexander, treat my Boss well! I’m her family who gives her the strongest support!” …… … The next day, in order to avoid Alexander, Elise went to school early in the morning. As soon as she reached the classroom, she started doing some practice questions attentively. In no time, the other students arrived one after another. Jacinda walked into the room gleefully.

After looking around the entire room, she instantly spotted Elise, who was doing the practice questions, and her lips twitched into a beautiful smile. Over the past few days, Elise had not sought her out to apologize to her, which was why Jacinda assumed that what her cousin said had taken effect—Elise was too busy trying to solve her own problems. Thud! The cup in Jacinda’s hands slid from her fingers, resulting in warm water spilling all over Elise’s desk. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that!” Even though Jacinda was apologizing, she showed no remorse at all.

Elise merely frowned and looked at the watermarks on her exercise books. Just as she was about to wipe the water off, Jacinda already took the initiative and quickly wiped the books with tissue papers. “I’ve already dried it up for you. I hope you won’t hold it against me.” Looking at the mess Jacinda made on her books, Elise finally raised her head and looked at her. Though it was just a glance, it was a rather menacing one. However, Jacinda merely shrugged nonchalantly. “I already apologized. What else do you want me to do?” With that, Elise took the cup from the table and immediately splashed the water on the other girl’s face.

“I’m sorry. It was also unintentional. Since you are so magnanimous, you won’t hold it against me, will you?” Jacinda was stunned upon receiving such treatment. In an instant, she became dripping wet as water slid down from her head. “Elise Sinclair!” she yelled irately. “You did this intentionally!” Meanwhile, Elise merely laughed coldly and retorted, “Same goes for you, isn’t it?” Because of that remark, Jacinda was rendered speechless.

However, she was not willing to let Elise get the upper hand. Just as the former wanted to make a fuss, she thought of something and quickly suppressed her anger. “I think you are just in a bad mood. Is it because you were dumped by Alexander and can’t find anywhere else to vent your anger? If that’s why you took it out on me, I can understand your reasons for doing so.” On the other hand, Elise immediately replied bluntly, “Who do you think you are to be my stress reliever? Look at you—are you worth it?” Elise’s words were filled with blatant disdain. Upon hearing that, Jacinda was pale one second and flushed the next.

At this very instant, she could feel her rationality completely disappearing. She could not care anymore and immediately said, “Elise Sinclair, you b*tch! Don’t think that you can do anything you want in school just because you have the Griffiths to back you up! Do you think you can even dream of marrying into their family based on your background? Stop daydreaming! Alexander treats you like this because you are still new and interesting to him. After that phase is over, you will be chased out of their family. Just wait and see!”

However, Elise remained impassive after hearing her words. “Are you done?” Jacinda still seemed quite unsatisfied and continued, “Even though you are Alexander’s fiancée now, this position of yours will be unstable soon. I advise you not to be too arrogant, lest you be more miserable in the future.” After Jacinda poured out everything that was on her mind, she felt instantly better and waited to see a look of despair and pain on Elise’s face.

However, the latter did not have any reaction, as though that matter had nothing to do with her. After a while, she said airily, “Even if my engagement with Alexander is called off one day, neither you nor your cousin, Ashlyn, will be his fiancée. He’s not blind after all, so he won’t simply date just any woman.”

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