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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 207

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 207

Cameron was left speechless. Why am I starting to feel that there’s more to the boss’ relationship with Miss Sinclair? “Young Master Alex, you really are nice to Miss Sinclair.” Upon hearing that, Alexander raised his brows slightly and asked, “Am I?” If this counts as being nice to her, I hope that I can do something more to make her even happier. Cameron said to him honestly, “To a normal couple, this may seem insignificant, but for you… At the very least, I’ve never seen you this concerned about a girl even after working for you for so many years.” “It’s because she is my fiancée.”

Listening to his affectionate words, Cameron felt the pain of being a single man. “President Griffith, are you planning to go now?” Alexander hummed in agreement, thereafter grabbing his car keys and leaving the office. He first went to the restaurant opposite the building to order two lunch sets before placing them on the passenger’s seat and driving to Elise’s school. However, when he arrived at the school’s entrance, he called Elise several times but no one answered the phone. In the end, he had no choice but to call Danny. “Boss has already left long ago.

I don’t know where she went,” Danny answered. Listening to him, Alexander furrowed his brows. “You don’t know where she is?” Danny shook his head. “Why are you looking for her in such a hurry?” While glancing at the dishes on the passenger’s seat, Alexander replied flatly, “It’s nothing. Goodbye.” After hanging up the phone, he let out a faint sigh and prepared to drive back to his company but at that moment, he received a message on his phone. The message was from an unfamiliar number and it was only a line long. ‘I’ll wait for you at the Sunrise Hotel at 3PM.’

With a quick glance, Alexander deleted the message straight away. However, Ashlyn sent him another message without waiting for him to reply. ‘If you come here, I will tell you everything you want to know about Elise’s secrets.’ Initially, Alexander wanted to delete the message but after staring at the words ‘Elise’s secrets’, he decided to put down his phone. Meanwhile, Elise had been waiting outside the hotel for more than two hours. As she stared at the hotel’s entrance opposite the coffee shop, she kept on questioning herself whether to back off. What the hell am I doing?

Why am I so anxious to know the truth? Why are my emotions so agitated because of a few words? Elise Sinclair, what kind of an answer are you searching for? Can’t you choose to believe in him? After a series of internal struggles, she felt that there was no point for her to stay here, so she stood up. “Excuse me, can I have my bill please?” She paid for her coffee and prepared to leave but just as she reached the door, she suddenly stopped.

Looking at the familiar car and figure in front of her, Elise finally realized at this moment that her heart was torn into pieces. He actually came here. “Miss, is there a problem?” the waiter asked with concern. Quickly, Elise turned around and pretended to be fine. “I’m alright. I was just thinking about sitting down again for a while. Can you please get me another cup of coffee?” After that, she went straight back to her seat, but her eyes never left the hotel for a second. In all honesty, she didn’t know exactly why she was so anxious to know the truth.

Not long after, Ashlyn came out of the hotel and grabbed Alexander’s arm affectionately. She then whispered something into his ear and unexpectedly, he didn’t push her away. Instead, he allowed her to grab his arm as the two of them entered the hotel together. Meanwhile, Elise clenched her fists silently as she had finally gotten her answer. In the end, she quietly paid the bill and left.

She didn’t know how she got back to school but in short, her mind was completely blank the entire day. It was as if she was a walking corpse. Finally, school was over and Danny came up to her and said, “Boss, let’s do our homework together tonight. I have a question to ask you.” Without lifting her eyes, she answered, “Alright.”

Seeing her gloomy expression, he couldn’t help but ask, “Boss, what’s going on? Did you have a fight with Alexander?” The moment she heard the name, she immediately furrowed her brows but she didn’t utter a word. Immediately, Danny slapped his leg as he realized that his guess was right. “Boss, you should know that Alexander has a very steady temperament so he doesn’t know how to coax a girl, but he really is a nice guy.” Upon hearing that, Elise quickly halted him. “Please stop talking about him.” Danny could see that she was really angry at the moment, so he couldn’t help but mutter, “No wonder he was in such a hurry to find you this afternoon.

It’s safe to say that he has angered you. Don’t worry, Boss. If you are having an argument with him, I’ll definitely stand by your side because you will always be my boss. You’re the best!” Upon hearing that, she pursed her lips and murmured, “Let’s go back home first.” Meanwhile, Danny wisely chose to change the subject of the conversation. “Alright. Boss, can I ask you something? The question that we did today was ridiculously difficult. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I still can’t come up with an answer.” “I’ll take a look at it when we get back home,” Elise muttered. In the end, she went back in Danny’s car.

Meanwhile, Alexander arrived late and waited for her, but to no avail yet again. For two or three days in a row, he wanted to send Elise to school, but he never got the chance to see her because he would either get up late or she had already left early. In all honesty, it gave him a strange feeling. One night, just as Elise was about to go back upstairs to sleep after coming down for a glass of milk, a slender figure suddenly jumped out of a corner and pulled her into his arms.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” she said coldly. However, Alexander reached out to hug her. “Why are you hiding from me?” At that, Elise looked away and stopped struggling. “I’m not.” Upon hearing that, he didn’t believe her at all. “You’re lying.” “It’s getting late and I need to go to bed. We can talk about it some other day.”

She pushed him away. However, Alexander then backed her into a corner. “If you want to say anything, you can tell me now. I figure that if there’s any misunderstanding between the two of us, the only way to explain it clearly is for both of us to talk about it.”

“There’s no misunderstanding between us. Mr. Griffith, I only want to ask one thing—what are you trying to achieve?” Meanwhile, Alexander was left speechless by her question. “Elise, just say what you want. Don’t play games with me.” On the other hand, Elise lifted her eyes and looked at him. “Why are you doing this? Why can’t you just admit to what you’ve done? I told you that if you have feelings for someone else, I will not hold onto the status of your fiancée, so can you please show me some respect and not treat me like a fool?”

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