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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 206

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 206

In the end, Ashlyn proudly walked away while Elise, who wasn’t far away, turned around without hesitation and left in the other direction. Alexander waited at the school entrance for a long time until most of the students were gone, but he still couldn’t see Elise, so he gave her a call. “Hello, the number you have dialed is unavailable—” He frowned and felt slightly surprised, but he still refused to leave and waited at the school entrance till night had fallen. It was only then that he called the phone back home and found out from Stella that Elise had already returned home.

Therefore, he rushed back home in confusion. Knock! Knock! Knock! Alexander knocked on the door several times but there was no response, so he quickly said, “I know you’re in there. Can you please open the door? I have something to tell you.” However, he was met with a moment of silence. He knocked on the door again and unexpectedly, the room door was suddenly opened, revealing an emotionless Elise. “What is it?”

He noticed that she wasn’t in a good mood, so he asked, “Are you feeling down?” “No.” She uttered that simple word with a monotonous tone, so he asked again, “Why didn’t you wait for me after school? I was waiting for you at the entrance.” “I just so happened to hitchhike a car and came back straight away.” After that, she lifted her eyes to look at him. “I’m tired and I need to go to bed. If there’s nothing else, I’m going to close the door. Without waiting for his reply, she immediately slammed the door shut, leaving a confused Alexander standing outside.

Seeing the situation, Stella quickly came to comfort him, “Young Master Alex, you need to coax her to make her feel better. Maybe Miss Elise is in a bad mood today, so you should take more care of her and coax her more.” Alexander, on the other hand, was clueless when he heard that. “What should I do?” She smiled and answered, “Young Master Alex, if you do something that she likes, maybe it’ll work.” Something that she likes? He immediately found himself feeling puzzled as he seemed to realize that he did not know Elise very well.

I don’t even know what she likes or doesn’t like. The next morning, when Alexander came downstairs, he asked Stella, “Has Elise woken up yet? Go and wake her up!” “Miss Elise said that she is going to do her homework in school, so she left early in the morning. She didn’t even finish her breakfast before leaving,” she quickly explained. She left? Is she still in a bad mood? However, as soon as Elise arrived at school, she couldn’t read a single word on her homework because from last night until now, all she had on her mind was the scene she saw yesterday.

Then, Jacinda came in. It was still early at the moment, so there weren’t any other students in the huge classroom except for the two of them. Thinking about what Ashlyn said to her, Jacinda had completely shook off her defeated look from yesterday as she walked straight toward Elise and said, “Geniuses really are different from normal people. I didn’t expect to see you this early in class.” Elise was already in a bad mood and she didn’t want to talk to the other girl at all so naturally, she didn’t reply to her words. However, Jacinda wasn’t planning to let her go this easily and continued, “I’ve already thought about what happened yesterday.

Even though I was the one who spread the rumors, I don’t think that it has affected you much. Besides, Alexander already told me that I don’t need to apologize to you, so that’ll be the end of the problems between us. From now on, the two of us can just mind our own business and not interfere with each other.” The moment Alexander’s name was mentioned, Elise felt her expression change. Is he really going to let this slide?

“Do you really think you can get away with this so easily?” she uttered coldly. With a smile, Jacinda said, “Yes. Do you actually think I’ll apologize to you in front of all the students? That’s so embarrassing. Besides, believe it or not, Alexander already said that I don’t need to apologize. By the way, Miss Sinclair, there’s something I forgot to tell you. Ashlyn is my cousin and she’s Alexander’s childhood sweetheart.

I believe that if you didn’t interfere with their relationship, they would have been married by now. Even so, Alexander still takes very good care of my cousin. As soon as he heard that I’m her cousin, he told her that this matter is over.” After the whole tirade, the only thing that registered in Elise’s mind was Jacinda’s last sentence. So, Alexander forgave everything that Jacinda did and even told her that she doesn’t need to apologize to me all because she is Ashlyn’s cousin?

This is obviously not what he said before! Why is there a huge change in his attitude?! Elise silently clenched her fists without saying a word. As for Jacinda, she didn’t expect the other girl to be so calm after listening to her words, so she thought about what Ashlyn told her and continued, “I know that you won’t believe me, but I can tell you that Ashlyn and Alexander still have feelings for each other. If you really don’t believe me, you can go to the Sunrise Hotel at 3PM today.

Alexander is meeting my cousin there in room 502.” After that, she stopped talking and left the rest to Elise’s imagination. The moment Elise heard that they were meeting up at the hotel, she completely lost her composure. If it weren’t for the last bit of reasoning in her head telling her not to listen to Jacinda’s nonsense, she would have gone wild. In the end, she managed to keep her cool and said, “You only know how to spread lies with your mouth, so do you really think I’ll believe you?”

Jacinda waved her hands and replied, “It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. I’m just speaking the truth.” Taking a deep breath, Elise kept on telling herself that Alexander wasn’t that kind of a person but deep down, she couldn’t help but wonder if what Jacinda said was true. Time trickled away and it felt like torture to Elise from morning all the way to noon. She had never felt time moving so slow before. After school at noon, she could no longer sit still and wait. I don’t care whether what Jacinda said is true or false, but I need to have a look for myself.

After all, I have to see it to believe it! And so, Elise exited the school and took a cab to Sunrise Hotel. Then, she took a look at the time and saw that it was 1PM at the moment, which meant that there were two more hours till the time Jacinda mentioned. When Elise saw a coffee shop opposite the hotel, she simply went inside and ordered a cup of coffee while waiting.

At noon, Alexander ended an international meeting and looked at the time. When he saw that it was time for lunch, he called his assistant. “Cameron, come in.” Not long after, there was a knock on his office door.

“Young Master Alex, are you looking for me?” “I want you to go to the restaurant opposite the building and order two special dishes. Then, help me send it to Elise’s school.” Upon hearing that, Cameron quickly replied, “Yes, Young Master Alex. I’ll do it now.” However, just as he was about to leave, Alexander halted him. “Forget it. I’ll order it myself and send it to her school afterward.”

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