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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 203

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 203

When it felt like she was responding to his kisses, it caused happiness to bloom in his heart. All he wanted at that moment was to hug her, kiss her and never let her go. After what felt like an eternity whereby Elise felt that she had almost suffocated, Alexander finally released her from his embrace.

Both of them were out of breath as they stared deep into each other’s eyes and saw their own reflections. “You—” “You—” They had said both words in unison before looking at each other with a smile. Alexander then reached out to caress her head and added, “Take good care of your injury.

Let me know if you need anything. Please remember that you are mine forever. Since we have chosen each other and are now engaged, I hope that we can share both the good and bad times together as well as becoming each other’s most trusted person.” Elise peered into his eyes before the lines between her brows slowly eased. Then, she firmly nodded. “You should rest early then. I shall make my move.” Then, he released her from his embrace and exited the room. After Alexander left, Elise subconsciously pinched herself. It hurt, which meant that everything that had happened earlier was genuine.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror again and found that she was blushing; it was a reaction whenever a girl was in love. Deep down in her heart, she knew that she had fallen for him. She had fallen head over heels in love with the man. The next day, Elise glanced at the rising sun outside the window and her mood was much better today. However, when she arrived at school, she noticed that there was a few hostile gazes from her peers. Feeling puzzled, she looked at herself and found that there was nothing unusual.

She initially thought that she was being overly sensitive, but unexpectedly, as she continued to head toward her classroom, she noticed that the gazes became more intense. There were even some people who whispered among themselves while they looked at her. “Danny, do you know what they are talking about?” Elise couldn’t help but ask as soon as she stepped into the classroom. Nevertheless, Danny, who had been engrossed in his studies nowadays, had no idea what the other students were discussing about. Hence, he answered, “I don’t know.

Wait a minute; Boss, didn’t Alexander request for a leave of absence on your behalf today? Why are you here at school?” She casually replied, “I’m actually alright. Rather than staying at home and doing nothing, I would rather come to school and learn something, so at least I won’t waste my time.” “Boss, you are such a sensible person. I have to learn from you.” “Have you heard about it? Elise is pregnant!” “Oh, God! Are you serious? Whose child is it?” “Haven’t you seen the diamond ring on her hand? I reckon that she’s being kept by someone!”

“She is so young, yet she has done something like that? She is not even 18, right? How could she have done such a thing? As far as I can remember, according to the school rules, a student like this will be expelled.” The few girls continued to gossip softly among themselves, but a second later, a loud thud rang in the air. It was Danny who suddenly kicked the door open. “What nonsense are you guys saying?” The crowd dispersed the moment they saw Danny, but he was already pissed off and attempted to chase after them. “Hey, explain yourselves!

Don’t you have anything else better to do other than spreading unproven rumors?” he shouted. Then, he suddenly noticed that Elise was standing behind him. It was only at that moment when he returned to his senses and advised, “Boss, don’t listen to their nonsense. They are saying all this because they are jealous.” Elise found it ridiculous as well. She had merely passed out, but people had spread rumors of her pregnancy. This is bizarre. However, her concern was not on the incident itself, but rather to look through the superficial aspects and focus on the reasoning.

This incident isn’t as simple as it seems, so I’m actually curious to know who the culprit behind this is. “I’m fine.” These two simple words didn’t reveal her true emotions. Yet, Danny was worried. “Boss, I’ll warn them not to spread nonsense. Rest assured, I won’t allow the rumors to continue spreading.” However, she interrupted, “There’s no need to do so. The truth will speak for itself and time will prove everything.” With that, Elise turned on her heels to enter the classroom. She surveyed everyone and in response, they quietly withdrew their gazes.

Then, she took a deep breath to calm herself before she returned to her seat. Since Elise was under the weather after the first period, she retched for a moment at one side, but it was enough to cause an uproar in the class. “Didn’t I tell you that she must be pregnant? Didn’t you see how she retched earlier? It’s said that a woman will suffer morning sickness during the early stages of her pregnancy.” “Tsk tsk, I’ve been deceived by her looks.

I used to think that she’s quite a lovely person, but it turns out that I was blind.” Jacinda pompously raised her chin to cryptically suggest, “There’s always people who pretend to be nice, but they are in fact rotten to their bones. Elise is not even 18, right? Now that she has done something like this, I reckon the school won’t continue to retain her.” “I don’t think that will be the case. Her results are excellent and all the subject teachers treasure her. Rather, I think she won’t be expelled even after she has done something like this since there’s a high chance for her to enroll in a top university.”

Upon hearing this, Jacinda became restless. Ashlyn said that the only reason for me being here is to destroy Elise’s life. If Elise is really pregnant, according to the school rules, she certainly will be expelled. Her gaze darkened as she arrived at a decision. Elise had no idea what the students had in mind. However, she had been retching for a few consecutive days. Her behavior was rather obvious and almost everyone in her class saw what she did, which resulted in everyone believing that she was really pregnant. Initially, Jacinda made a wild guess, but Elise’s reaction was enough to prove her speculation.

When she noticed that the right timing had arrived, she took the initiative to run to the homeroom teacher to report that Elise was pregnant. As a matter of fact, the homeroom teacher had already heard about the rumors circulating in school, but he chose to believe Elise and ignored the rumors. However, when one of the students personally came to him to report the incident, he couldn’t continue to turn a blind eye.

Therefore, Elise was called to the office, where Jacinda was at the same time. Upon seeing Jacinda, it dawned on Elise who the culprit behind the rumors was. Then, Elise cast a deep gaze at Jacinda and uttered, “So, it’s you!” Although Jacinda was baffled by what Elise said, she showed no signs of backing down as she believed that Elise would be doomed this time. “I don’t understand what you are saying, but I’m aware that you are pregnant. You should be expelled in compliance with the school rules.”

Elise gave such a slight smile that it didn’t reach her eyes before she retorted, “Are you sure about that?” Jacinda coldly snorted and remained silent, but the homeroom teacher beside them was in a dilemma. Firstly, Elise was the student with the highest chance in their school to enter a top university. Secondly, she also had a tricky background because the Griffith Family had enrolled her in this school. Given these two points, he was reluctant to get to the bottom of this incident.

However, as the homeroom teacher, he couldn’t just ignore the problem now that a student had reported the incident to him. “Miss Sinclair, the reason why I called you over today is that I have something I wish to ask. All you have to do is to honestly answer me.” A meek Elise approached him.

“Mr. Harris, what’s the matter?” The homeroom teacher cleared his throat. He had already heard about the rumors, but since it involved a girl’s reputation and privacy, it was tough for him to broach the subject. “The thing is that a student told me that you are pregnant. Is this true?”

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