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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 200

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 200

Elise looked up, only to see that there was a buff man with a scar on the left side of his face. “I’m already here, so it’s time for you to fulfill your part of the deal, isn’t it?” The scar-faced man walked toward her. “I used to be curious about the leader of Dragonweiss since the organization is able to expand their territory within the underground scene in just three years. Still, I have to say that I’m surprised to know that the leader is actually a girl. I wonder what kind of pretty face is hidden underneath the mask.” Her gaze immediately darkened because it looked like the matter wasn’t just about money.

Still, she didn’t dare to do anything rash as she still hadn’t seen Jamie. “Don’t you know how important reputation is for folks like us? If you guys don’t keep to your promises today, aren’t you afraid of my men destroying this place?” Elise coldly threatened as she gave off a domineering aura. The man immediately couldn’t help but shiver. It was his first time being intimidated by a woman and he could sense that she wasn’t an ordinary person. “Don’t worry, I’ll surely release him.”

Then, he looked at his man before the latter immediately brought Jamie over. The moment Jamie saw Elise, his face filled with apology. “Boss!” Upon noticing that he was in one piece, she was relieved. “It’s alright as long as you’re fine.” After that, she addressed the scar-faced man, “I’ve already brought the money and it’s in the car. Since I’ve already seen him, I’m bringing him with me now.” He started laughing all of a sudden. “This is as expected from the leader of Dragonweiss. It’s alright if you want to leave, but only one of you can make it out alive today.”

“A*shole,” Jamie cursed under his breath. “Boss, do not believe him and instead request for backup to destroy this place. Nevertheless, she gave the scar-faced man a serious stare instead of replying before she finally arrived at a decision. “Jamie, leave this place,” she instructed. However, Jamie refused. “I’m not leaving, Boss. I want to stay. You should be the one leaving.” Elise then shot him a cold look. “I’m asking you to leave right now.” Although he was insistent on going against her instructions, he couldn’t say anything when he met her gaze and could only grit his teeth as he did as told.

“Fine. I’ll leave!” The moment Jamie said that, he left the place without any obstruction. It was moments after he departed that the scar-faced man started to regard Elise. “How courageous of you. You’re indeed a charismatic woman.” However, she couldn’t afford to muck around any longer and instead asked, “Who are you guys? Who gave you guys the courage to try to cross us?” Instead of answering her question, he gazed at her with a dark look before slowly saying, “It’s not important for you to know who we are. What’s important is that I’m going to kill you today.”

Then, he took a pistol from his pocket and aimed it at Elise’s temple. “Say your last words and I’ll help you to inform your men.” Despite her predicament, Elise stared at the gun pointed at her without any hint of fear. After experiencing many life and death situations with her men from Dragonweiss, she was no longer afraid of anything. There was no way that she’d be frightened at this point in time. “There are many who want my life, but none of them have succeeded. I won’t let you be the exception today.” Upon hearing that, the man laughed maniacally before he responded in a crazed manner, “I’ll see you in hell, nevertheless.”

Then, he pulled the trigger before the loud shot of gunfire rang out seconds later. Elise concurrently yanked her pistol out and aimed it at the scar-faced man to fire two shots in quick succession, which stopped the bullet that was coming for her and injured the man on his right hand. His gun immediately fell to the ground before blood started to spill. He stared at her in disbelief. “H-How did you pull that off? How is this even possible?” Firing two shots in succession almost at the same time and accurately stopping my bullet as well as injuring me?!

“Didn’t I already mention that there are many that want my life, but none of them have succeeded and I won’t let you be the exception today?” The scar-faced man held his wounded subordinate, knowing that he had failed miserably this time. It was just that he never expected this woman to be so skillful. That was still alright because he was merely testing her out, but the scar-faced man refused to believe that she would be lucky each time. “Not bad indeed. Well, although I couldn’t kill you today, I’ll make sure that you’ll die in my hands in the future.”

However, right after the man finished talking, Elise raised her gun again and slowly informed, “There’s something else that you should know about me. I’ll never leave any opportunities for trouble to catch up with me in the future.” Then, she fired three shots toward the scar-faced man’s chest in rapid succession, causing his eyes to widen as he stared at her before he collapsed onto the ground. After witnessing the scene unfold before their eyes, all of his subordinates aimed their weapons at Elise. She was still unafraid as she slowly reloaded her gun.

“You guys can try to see whether you’re faster or I am quicker. Just don’t forget that you only have one choice and one time to live.” Right after that, the men stared at each other before lowering their guns and raised their hands as a sign of surrender. The sounds of footsteps were heard outside a while later before a group of men barged in with Jamie at the lead. Then, he asked, “Boss, are you alright?” Elise shrugged. “Do I look like I’m not?” Upon hearing that, he finally noticed that the scar-faced man was already lifeless on the ground before breaking into a sigh.

Then, he tried to explain, “Boss, it’s my fault for underestimating them. I didn’t expect myself to be lured here.” “Their target isn’t you; it’s me! It’s obvious that they came prepared and were hostile, so it’s better for us to stay cautious from today onward.” “Okay, Boss. However, we’ve already lost the money in the car and couldn’t catch up to them as they were exceptionally swift for us.” When she heard that the money was gone, she was immediately enraged as that amount of three million was enough to cover Dragonweiss’ expenditure for at least three months.

She couldn’t reconcile to the fact that the money was gone just like that either. “Start investigating. All of the money has serial numbers, so I want you guys to locate the money.” “Yes, Boss. I’ll attend to it now.” Just as they were about to leave, the scar-faced man, who was on the floor, started to slowly move his arm before he reached for the pistol and aimed it at Elise. “Be careful, Boss!” Although Jamie had pushed her aside in time, the bullet still managed to lodged itself in her arm. When he saw that she was injured, he was so agitated that he took his own pistol out and fired ten continuous shots at the man.

He only stopped when he saw the scar-faced man releasing his last breath before dropping onto the ground. Then, Jamie turned to Elise and asked anxiously, “How are you, Boss?” While holding onto her injured arm, she answered, “I’m alright. Let’s leave this place first.” “This is terrible. We’ve been surrounded outside and I’m not sure whether these are our folks, but it seems like everything has been planned up to this point.” “Sh*t!” he cursed under his breath. “Boss, you should leave first while I’ll stay behind to keep these nobodies in check.” Elise’s gaze darkened. If she wasn’t injured, she would’ve been able to leave the place unscathed, but things were harder now that her arm had been shot.

“Jamie, let’s split up. Take the main entrance and I’ll leave from the backdoor. Find a way to separate them without engaging in a fight.” “Will do, Boss,” Jamie said after he grunted. “You should take more men with you since you’re injured.” “I know what to do. Let’s go then.” Upon leaving from the backdoor, she was immediately surrounded although she had left with a few men. Nevertheless, it seemed like the opponent wasn’t after her life and that of her men, judging from the way the opponent had ensured not to injure their vitals during the fight.

Still, she wasn’t in a mood to play around with them and used her left hand to directly aim her pistol at the opponent’s core vitals before she started firing. It was obvious that they had underestimated Elise as they never expected her to be so ruthless. As she broke out from the encirclement, she started to jog forward while the men that she led ran behind her.

After running for a distance, she suddenly heard a motorbike speeding past before it finally stopped in front of her. “Get on!” Elise was taken aback as she stared at the driver because it was a familiar face. W-W-Why is he here?

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