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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 198

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 198

The moment Elise emerged from campus after class, she immediately spotted Alexander’s car from afar. Alexander opened his car door and immediately walked toward her before asking, “Are you done with classes?” Upon hearing his question, she nodded in response. Then, he held her by her hand and opened the car door for her. Many of her classmates started to comment about their interaction as they watched the scene unfold.

However, Elise couldn’t care less about what was happening behind her. As soon as Alexander entered the car, he started the car engine and drove off. “Are we heading home?” she asked. He gave a dry cough as he stole a glance at the notes he prepared before he replied, “Let’s dine out for dinner. After that, we’ll watch a movie in the cinema. I’ve already bought tickets for the rom com that just premiered.” Why does it feel like a date to me? A surprised Elise questioned, “Are you bringing me out on a date?” A soft hum was heard from Alexander as a response, which left her smiling from ear to ear and feeling inexplicably excited.

Soon, they arrived at an exclusive restaurant which served western cuisine. A man approached them moments after they sat down and were about to place their order. “Hello, Alexander! It’s been a while since I last saw you! I even thought I’ve mistaken someone else for you…” While raising his eyebrows, Alexander noticed that the man in front of him was his classmate from high school, Peter Simms. Although they hadn’t spoken to each other for many years, Alexander still politely greeted his ex-classmate, “It’s been a while, Peter.”

Peter was clearly aware of Alexander’s status as he had been trying to compare and compete with Alexander secretly throughout the years. Nonetheless, how could a small startup company like Peter’s ever defeat the Griffith Group, which had been in the market for more than a century? Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but be slightly jealous of Alexander. “Are you also here for dinner too? Oh, hello…” The nonchalant expression on Peter’s face suddenly darkened when he spotted Elise. Why is Alexander, the well known heir of Griffith Group, having dinner with such an ugly woman?

“Young Master Alex, is this your servant?” The question slipped right out of his mouth before he even realized it. Both Elise and Alexander’s expressions sank almost immediately as a result. Just as she was about to respond, Alexander reached out to give her hand a squeeze before introducing her to Peter, “This is my fiancée, Elise.” Such a short and simple answer was enough to startle Elise slightly. Even Peter was stunned. Wait, what? The ugly-looking lady is actually his fiancée? “Hehe… It seems like you have a different taste when it comes to women, Alexander!”

His words had dripped with sarcasm, to which Alexander responded coldly, “Well, I don’t see how it has anything to do with you.” However, Peter seemed to be oblivious of the anger on Alexander’s face and continued to pull Alexander’s leg. “That’s not what I meant. Clearly, your choice in women has nothing to do with me. However, aren’t you embarrassed to be seen with an ugly lady like her?” At that moment, Elise silently clenched her hands into fists as she felt a sense of humiliation. Never did she expect that her appearance would bring Alexander such disgrace.

“You…” Right when she was about to fight back, he interrupted her with a soft smile and poured her a glass of water before he consoled, “Just Ignore him. He’s merely a crazy dog barking at us.” Upon hearing Alexander’s insult, Peter was instantly pissed off. “Who are you to call me a dog?! How dare you! I’m still your ex-classmate after all! I can still recall those days when you were head over heels for the most beautiful girl in our school, but now you’re treating this ugly monster as if she is your treasure!” Alexander gave Peter a cold look. “Peter Simms, right?

It seems like your parents did not raise you well. If that’s the case, I guess I should help them out by teaching you a lesson today.” Immediately, he stood up and walked toward Peter. Peter started to retreat backward as he was terrified by Alexander’s imposing manner. “W-What are you trying to do?” When Alexander saw how frightened Peter was, he didn’t feel like punching Peter at all. However, the fact that the man messed up his date with Elise was undeniable.

At that moment, he coldly ordered, “I want you to remove everything except for your boxers and leave. Otherwise, I will make sure that each and every property owned by your company will be gone by tomorrow morning.” A stupefied Peter’s legs caved in, which caused him to slump onto the ground. While staring at the man from above, Alexander stated coldly, “I’m sure you know that this isn’t just a threat and you are more than welcome to fight back if you want to test my limits. I’ll give you a minute to think about it.” Then, he turned to return to his table.

As he watched Alexander’s retreating figure, Peter trembled inexplicably. Although he never doubted the power of Alexander’s words, it was exceptionally embarrassing for a grown man like him to run around naked. However, Alexander threatened that whatever Peter had built in the company would be gone by tomorrow morning. After contemplating for a moment, Peter decided to protect his company’s interests and forwent his own dignity as he started to remove his clothes. Even though the restaurant was bustling with customers, everyone couldn’t help but stop to stare at him. He had never felt so humiliated before, but it was all caused by his own wrongdoings.

With a dark expression, he removed the last piece of his clothes and got up from the floor before running out of the restaurant… Elise was unable to resist laughing at what happened before she turned to Alexander and asked, “What did you say to make him strip obediently?” He answered nonchalantly, “A man like him will do anything for the sake of his own benefits. It’s only at times like this when he’ll learn to watch his words.” Although she was slightly affected by Peter’s nasty comments about her, when she saw how Alexander spoke up for her made her believe that she had made the right choice by entrusting her life to him.

“Do you really not care about what he said?” After all, Elise knew that she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous. Just like what Peter had said, she was merely an embarrassment and any other men would’ve been affected by her looks. Still, Alexander shot a glance at her before he merely replied, “His words mean nothing to me since you are all I care about.”

A gush of warmth filled her heart. “Actually, I—” She was about to say something when her phone rang. “Hold on, let me answer this call.” When Elise glanced at the unknown caller ID on her phone, she frowned and answered, “Hello, may I know who this is?” “I have Jamie Keller with me right now.

Prepare three million and drop it off at Westhill Garden an hour later. Do not bring anyone along, or this guy won’t survive to see the next sunrise.” She responded while clenching her fists, “Why should I trust you?” Suddenly, Jamie’s voice was heard from the other end of the call, “Don’t fall into his trap, Boss! Do not come over—”

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