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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 194

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 194

Well, my quinceañera is just about a month away, so maybe I could tell Alexander the truth then, Elise thought. Later that night, the Griffith Residence was filled with lively vibes and conversation, making it feel like everyone had not mingled with each other for ages. In the meantime, Danny glanced at his watch and turned his attention to the door shortly before he heard someone approaching from afar. Soon, he exclaimed in surprise, “You’re back, Boss!” A confused Elise asked, “What’s the matter?” He felt slightly helpless with her forgetfulness and reminded her with a soft voice, “Boss, you said you’ll play with us tonight.”

As soon as he finished his words, their conversation was interrupted by Alexander’s comment. “I didn’t take you for a gamer, Elise.” Before Elise could respond, Danny beat her to it and replied, “You know what? My boss is the best gamer out there. In fact, she’s been occupying the top spot on the rank all the while. Do you have any idea how hard that is? Well, my boss has accomplished that!” Upon hearing that, a stunned Alexander looked at her while she faked a cough to mask her awkwardness. “Well, that was a long time ago. Moreover, since I haven’t played a game in a while, my skills are rusty.”

However, no one expected him to ask the million dollar question. “So, you’re Ellimane?” When Elise nodded in response, surprise and disbelief danced in his eyes. Meanwhile, as Danny was impatient and couldn’t wait any longer, he had invited KK and Jack together with the rest. Then, he seized her hand and scurried off. “Let’s go, Boss. I can’t wait to start the game with the others.” Once Danny had taken her upstairs, they spotted Jack, who had already played a few rounds while being glued to his phone. Upon noticing their presence, Jack didn’t seem to be startled as he noted, “Hurry up and get started!

We’ve been waiting for you two like forever.” Then, Danny passed a mobile phone to her, whereupon she sat down and logged into their game. Unknown to them, Alexander soon arrived and made his presence felt. “Are you here to witness our battle, Alexander?” Danny asked in a humorous manner, but Alexander only had his eyes on Elise while radiating an enigmatic and unfathomable aura. Although she had no idea what it meant, she didn’t bother to dwell too much on it. “I’m here to check out what’s going on,” he answered as he sat down beside her.

On the other hand, Jack couldn’t help but feel annoyed with the newly-engaged couple. Thus, he commented, “Alexander, are you trying to make me feel jealous? You do know that I’m single, don’t you?” Alexander replied with a cold grunt and retorted, “Well, what about you? Do you have trouble looking for a girlfriend?” Jack was rendered tongue-tied as he thought that he should take back what he had said since he was a bachelor in hot demand. “Hurry up and join in, Boss,” Danny urged while Elise logged into her own account. However, as she made it to the login page, the mobile app suddenly became unresponsive.

“What’s going on?” She tapped the screen a few times to make it respond, but to no avail. In the meantime, Alexander, who was watching aside, saw her username and confirmed that she was indeed Ellimane. Soon, he quickly realized that her phone had too many unread messages that slowed down her phone’s processor, so he answered, “Well, you have too many messages, so all you have to do is just delete some of it.” A confused Elise left the app and started to clean her internal storage. Then, when she logged into the account once again, the app seemed to be much smoother even though there were more than 999 messages in her inbox.

Upon noticing it, she found out that those messages were from other players asking about her return to the game. As she was surprised by how well known she was in the world of the mobile game, Elise eventually decided to invite the other players to join the match. Thus, she posted a status on her news feed that read, ‘Join me to have fun playing games tonight, would you?’ The moment that her post was published and seen by the whole world, it quickly amassed a huge number of likes and comments, many of which were invitations for her to join a game.

Nevertheless, Danny, who knew how influential Ellimane could be, was stunned by what he saw and said, “Boss, you said you’re only going to play with us tonight.” Elise explained in embarrassment, “I know, but we can always play together whenever we’re free, so why don’t we get more people to join in and have fun tonight?” Meanwhile, Jack was still unaware of the situation until he logged into his own account that he never used for the longest time. When he saw Ellimane’s name at the top of the rank, he sighed. “Alas! Ellimane still occupies the top spot even though she hasn’t been playing for ages.”

Upon hearing that, Danny sniggered and secretly laughed at Jack, who was unaware of Ellimane’s actual identity. Poor Jack! I wish you will know that Ellimane and Elise are the same person sooner. Anyway, let’s have some fun and see how it plays out. “Hey Jack, since you have such a high regard for Ellimane, what do you think if we could play a few rounds with her?” As he knew his own limits, Jack answered, “Is that even a question? We’re going to be crushed like ants.” “Let’s find out then.”

Danny chuckled. He found Danny’s words strangely unbelievable; he never thought that an elite gamer like Ellimane would be interested to play a match with them. Thus, he secretly mocked Danny. This guy must still be dreaming. “Are you saying you’ve been playing with Ellimane?” As soon as Jack posed his question, the entire atmosphere was shrouded in silence. Soon, Elise looked up and shot him a gaze, but was interrupted by Danny, who probed, “What’s wrong? You don’t believe me?” “It’s not that I don’t believe you, but someone like Ellimane isn’t going to waste time playing with nobodies like us,” Jack replied, unable to shake off the weird feeling.

While she was rendered speechless, a stoic Danny asked, “What if I could make that happen?” Jack shrugged his shoulders. “Are you sure? Do you know Ellimane? If that’s the case, I’ll give you my character’s skin.” “It’s a deal then,” Danny replied. “Just make sure you don’t go back on your word.” Upon hearing that, Jack had a bad feeling as if he was walking right into Danny’s trap. In the meantime, Elise sighed and asked, “Jack, can you also give me your character’s skin?” As his confusion was written all over his face, he suddenly noticed a notification at the bottom left on the screen of his mobile phone.

‘Ellimane has invited you to join the game.’ After pausing for a few seconds, he announced, “Ellimane is inviting me to join the game.” Three pairs of eyes turned to him the moment he finished his sentence. At the same time, she brandished the mobile phone in her hand and asked, “What’re you waiting for? Join in. Since you promised Danny that you’ll give him your skin, I figure it’s time for me to share with you a tip or two as your boss.”

Wait what? Ellimane is Elise?! Are they actually the same person?! Jack could only hear his head buzzing. “You’re Ellimane?” He felt as if everything around him had changed because he found it hard to believe that a country bumpkin like Elise was actually Ellimane—the person who dominated the world of mobile games. No way. There must be something wrong with my login.

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