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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 191

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 191

“Send me the coordinates and I’ll come over immediately.” After hanging up the phone, Molly asked, “Miss Sinclair, is it your boyfriend?” “It’s my fiancé,” Elise explained with a smile. The answer had left Molly completely dumbfounded because Elise looked less than 20 years old, but she already had a fiancé. “Miss Sinclair, can I take the liberty to ask how old you are?” With a raised eyebrow, Elise answered, “I will be exactly 18 years old in a month’s time.” A surprised Molly clarified, “Then, you should still be in school, right?” Elise nodded. “I’m in my senior year of high school now.”

Molly thought that Elise was remarkable at such a young age. Not only did she have an insanely good talent in design, she also had a romantic relationship. Thus, it made the 25-year-old and still single Molly extremely envious of Elise. “Miss Sinclair, you are really a role model for the women of our generation. Come, let me toast this glass of wine to you.” Molly held the glass of wine and clinked it with Elise’s before they drained it in one go

Next, Elise complimented from the bottom of her heart, “You are also great! I can see that you have some talent in design, so you can try to create your own designs. Who knows, maybe you’ll reveal a new world.” Since it was Elise who said this, Molly was speechless with excitement. She hurriedly opened her bag and took out a stack of A4 paper from it. “Actually, I usually draw on my own when I have nothing to do, but I have never shown my designs to anyone. Miss Sinclair, why don’t you take a look for me and give me some pointers as well?” Once again, Elise nodded and replied, “I’m not sure if I can give any pointers, but I can help you to look at it, though.”

Then, she turned the stack of A4 paper, which was filled with Molly’s designs of clothes. It was exceptionally conservative and not bold enough, which made it look inexperienced although her works were interesting. After seriously reviewing the drawings, Elise commented, “Your designs are not bad, but not bold enough. If you use bolder elements, the effect will be very distinct.” She removed one of the designs and added, “Consider this one and look at the design of your dress. The hemline can be increased by a tad bit, so as to achieve a slimming effect, and it will also look more three-dimensional.

Moreover, you can add a little trim at the hemline to avoid it from being too boring.” Molly’s eyes brightened as she listened to Elise’s words. She no longer cared about the barbeque and quickly took out a pen from her pocket instead. Then, she began to modify the design and changed all the areas that Elise had pointed out. With that, her eyes lit up in pleasure. “Miss Sinclair, you’re really great.” Then, an excited Molly kissed her work several times. She had previously lacked confidence in her own work and couldn’t get to the root of the problem.

However, now that Elise had brought up the issues in her work, Molly was suddenly enlightened and inspiration gushed into her mind like a spring. “Miss Sinclair, I suddenly thought of a brilliant idea. No, I have to record it first.” So, she took the pen and began to seriously draw. Elise was aware that it was arduous for a designer to be inspired, so she didn’t bother Molly and merely sat aside to eat her barbeque silently. Soon, Alexander came over and approached Elise. “Are you done?” She put down the barbeque in her hand, then looked at Molly next to her.

“It’s no longer early. You should head home.” Molly raised her eyes and only then noticed him next to her. For a moment, her eyes widened in shock. “A-Aren’t you Alexander Griffith?” There was excitement in her tone as everyone in Athesea knew who Alexander was. He was the dream of thousands of girls, yet he turned out to be Elise’s boyfriend. “Miss Sinclair, I’m not dreaming, right? He’s your fiance?” Elise nodded. “Yes.” Molly wasn’t only admiring Elise; she was also envious of the woman. “Miss Sinclair, in that case, I’ll take my leave first.

Thank you,” she responded. Then, she waved at them both before fleeing the scene in a flash. After withdrawing her gaze, Elise suggested, “Let’s go back too.” However, Alexander didn’t move, but merely looked at her, after which he took a tissue to wipe the corner of her mouth. “It’s freezing and you’re still out; remember to return home earlier in the future,” he said. He removed his scarf and wrapped it around her neck before he held her hand. After that, they walked together toward the location of the car. As they walked side by side, they looked harmonious from behind.

“I have modified the outfit,” Elise said. “Come with me to try it tomorrow.” Alexander replied, “Sure.” The next day, Brendan arrived at the design studio earlier; however, once he entered the office, he unexpectedly found someone even earlier than him. “Molly, why are you here ahead of time?” Molly raised her head and saw him before quickly greeted, “Good morning, Boss! I didn’t have anything to do, so I decided to come over earlier.”

However, he noticed that she was in the middle of drawing something and asked, “Are you drawing?” She rubbed her head in embarrassment and replied, “I’m just drawing casually; it doesn’t matter.” Upon hearing this, he didn’t say anything else, but asked again, “How is Elise’s outfit alteration coming along?” “Miss Sinclair has already modified it,” she quickly answered. “It’s now hanging in the room.”

The moment Brendan heard Molly’s answer, he was amazed that Elise could modify the outfit in just one day. Aside from being surprised, he was also curious as to how she was able to alter it in the end. Then, he asked Molly, “What do you think of her revised outfit?” She truthfully opined, “Boss, I think Miss Sinclair is exceptionally talented in design and I kind of admire her work.” He thought that she was afraid to be honest because of Elise’s status, so he didn’t take her words seriously. “Okay then, let me know when they come over later.” “Yes, boss.” Elise and Alexander both arrived a short while later. Although Brendan was drawing at that moment, he was obviously a little distracted.

“Boss, Miss Sinclair and President Griffith are here.” Brendan casually dropped the pen in his hand before he rose to his full height and walked out. “Alex, Elise.” Alexander gave a slight nod. “I came to see the outfit.” However, Brendan looked at Elise. “Elise has already modified it; why don’t we let Elise head off to change into it?” Thus, she stood up and headed for the dressing room while Molly quickly took the initiative to help. “Miss Sinclair, let me help you.” Elise returned the smile and thanked her, after which the two entered the dressing room together.

“Alex, you’re pampering her.” Brendan couldn’t help but whisper; he was finding that Alexander was a little too indulgent with Elise. Alexander immediately responded, “I only have her as my wife, so who else should I spoil if not her? You?” When Brendan heard the reply, he was instantly silenced. “She is your sister-in-law, so try to help her more if she needs anything in the future,” Alexander added before he shot Brendan a glance. “Don’t bully her just because I’m not here.”

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