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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 187

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 187

Meanwhile, Jack had rushed over to Mikayla’s house and caught her words in time. He stopped in his tracks when he came up to her, and there was an unreadable look in his eyes. When their gazes met, it was clear to see that she was utterly confused, and he could not see a trace of recognition registering on her face. “Oh, you’re here,” Elise said, drawing him from his thoughts. He turned to regard her with a look of askance. However, Elise was at a loss for an explanation, too. After hearing Elise sigh in frustration, Jack walked up to Mikayla and asked plaintively, “Don’t you remember me?”

Mikayla’s eyes searched his face, and with a shake of her head, she inquired, “Who are you?” Jack felt as if all the air had been sucked out of his lungs. He found himself answering without much thought. “A friend.” Comprehension dawned on Mikayla. Then, her gaze flickered over to Elise as she pointed out, “I don’t know why, but you’re so familiar to me.” “That’s because we’re best friends. We always will be,” Elise said firmly, clasping Mikayla’s hand in hers. Mikayla broke into a wide smile. “Really? That’s so good to hear. I thought I had no friends at all, but as it turns out, I have both of you!”

“Mikayla…” Jack pressed his lips into a grim line, and when he tried to say something again, he paused. After a while, he added, “Get some rest. We’ll drop by to see you another day.” A little displeased by this, Mikayla asked in a somewhat withdrawn voice, “Are you really going to visit me again?” Elise hummed in affirmation. “We will, and we’ll definitely help you recover your memory.” Mikayla beamed and agreed to let them leave for now.

“Okay. I’ll see you guys soon, then.” Elise and Jack looked grim after they had left Mikayla’s family home. Alexander, on the other hand, fell in step next to Elise, and he reached out to squeeze her hand as though giving her strength. “Any of you got an idea on how we’re supposed to help her regain her memory?” Jack asked, looking uncertain. Elise pursed her lips and said, “I’ve read about amnesia on the internet once. Apparently, the condition affects each patient differently; where some regain their memory in a couple of days, others could take months or years.

Some never recover their memory at all.” Jack lowered his gaze in despair. “I should have been with her in Switzerland. If I had, then maybe none of this would have happened.” “All the what if’s aside, we can’t change what has already happened,” Elise consoled. “Right now, all we can do is figure out a way to help Mikayla regain her memory.” “I know what we can do,” Jack said seriously. An idea popped into Elise’s mind as well. After she and Jack had gone their separate ways, she gave Jamie a call while heading home. “Jamie, you know that expert you mentioned who deals with amnesiac cases?

Do you think you could get him to come to Athesea?” On the other line, Jamie was still groggy with sleep as he tossed in the warmth of his covers. “Hey, Boss, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s New Year’s Day today, isn’t it? Why are you looking for a doctor all of a sudden?” “A friend of mine has amnesia, and I’m trying to help her recover her memory,” Elise explained. Jamie bolted upright in bed, suddenly wide awake.

“Your wish is my command, Boss. Don’t you worry. I’ll call up the doctor and arrange for him to come to Cittadel as soon as possible.” “Thank you, Jamie.” Elise hung up the call and stared out the window, still unsettled by how shocking her reunion with Mikayla had turned out to be. You have to recover your memory soon, Mikayla, she found herself praying. Back at the Griffith Residence, Elise and Alexander had only just stepped past the threshold and given their coats to the servants when Laura’s voice rang out. “Ellie, have you and Alex returned at last?”

Hastily recomposing herself, Elise forced out a sweet smile and greeted, “Happy New Year, Grandma!” Laura came around the corner and grinned at the younger girl. “You little brat,” she said affectionately. “Where did the both of you run off to early in the morning? Did something happen?” Elise closed the distance between them and looped her arm through Laura’s. “Whatever it was, it’s already been settled. What did you and Grandpa get up to?”

“What else? A bunch of friends came over to visit us for the new year, but that was all. By the way, your aunt called earlier and said that she’d be arriving in Athesea later. She wants you to pick her up from the airport.” Surprised, Elise exclaimed, “I didn’t know Aunt Cynthia was coming back!” “Well, she heard about your engagement to Alex and decided to rush back home.” Without hesitation, Elise said, “When will her flight get here?

I’ll pick her up from the airport.” Laura had asked one of the maids to take note of the flight arrival time earlier, and now she handed the note to Elise. Glancing at the time scribbled on the paper, Elise noted how there were three hours before Cynthia’s flight landed. That being said, she was beside herself with excitement and hurtled up the stairs to change out of her clothes, determined to leave for the airport right away. She would have barreled out the door if Alexander had not pulled her to a stop. “Hey, calm down. I’m going with you.” She turned to grin at him, and when their eyes met, she quipped, “Thanks!”

He merely reached out to rub her head. “You don’t have to thank me.” They left the house, and Alexander drove to the airport. Cynthia’s flight arrived just on time, and having waited with barely-concealed anticipation by the arrival terminal, Elise and Alexander soon caught a glimpse of the familiar figure sauntering toward them. Elise’s arm shot upward, and she waved frenetically, shouting, “Aunt Cynthia!” Cynthia spotted her immediately and brisk-walked over, musing pensively, “Here I was thinking my disguise was foolproof until you saw right through it, munchkin.”

Elise coquettishly linked arms with Cynthia. “That just means I know you too well, Aunt Cynthia.” “You should have told me you were engaged, you infernal girl. You didn’t even tell me you were in Switzerland the last time. I had to hear it from your grandmother, and she wasn’t planning on letting it slip, either. What, are you conspiring to marry yourself off in secret or something?” Cynthia accused, glowering at her niece with mock exasperation. “Alexander and I were hoping to keep things simple, and we were going to tell you after the new year celebration,” Elise explained.

Just then, Cynthia registered Alexander’s presence, and upon a faint recollection of him, she said jokingly, “Ellie’s been this way since she was a child. I certainly hope you’re ready to put up with her for the rest of your life.” Alexander was solemn as he answered, “I am, Aunt Cynthia.” The three of them exited the airport and piled into the car, where Cynthia proceeded to strip off her disguise and reveal her pretty face. “Have you decided on a dress for the engagement party, Ellie?

And what about the diamond ring?” Stumped, Elise shot a brief, awkward look at Alexander, then said quietly, “Aunt Cynthia, we haven’t exactly gotten around to those just yet.” Cynthia was taken aback by this. “But the big day is arriving soon! Why didn’t you get around to these errands? Carelessness has no place in wedding planning, you know!” Alexander made a timely interjection.

“Aunt Cynthia, my brother Brendan is designing the dress personally, and as for the ring, our company has launched a collection this year which spotlights a one-of-a-kind pink diamond. I think it’d be perfect for Elise.” “Oh,” Cynthia mumbled. Then, after a moment of thought, she added, “Why didn’t you let Elise design the dress? She was always rambling on about how she’d want to design her own wedding dress.” Upon hearing this, Alexander frowned and asked Elise in bewilderment, “Do you actually know how to design wedding dresses?”

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