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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 185

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 185

With a heavy heart, Danny reluctantly agreed with Elise. “Alright, play with me again next time.” After Elise went offline, she immediately put the fun moment she just had with Danny behind her since it was nothing more than just a game to her. However, to everyone’s surprise, some of the players who were onlooking recorded clips of their gameplay. The hashtag #Ellimane’sReturn went viral, and because of the hashtag’s popularity, Danny and KK’s in-game ID received endless friend requests. The next day, Danny realized their gameplay had become the most trending video on the internet.

Thus, he excitedly showed it to Elise. “Boss, you’re now the most searched person on the internet.” “What?” Elise frowned in confusion. “Someone posted a video of our gameplay walkthrough on the internet, and it’s gone viral.” Danny forwarded the link with a reply. Upon taking a quick glimpse at it, Elise complained in response. “Man! I shouldn’t have played the game with you guys using my existing account.” Danny chuckled.

“Boss, how was I supposed to know your true identity if you hadn’t used your actual account to play with us? Furthermore, I wish everyone knows you’re my boss because everyone is going to be so envious of me.” While Elise shrugged her shoulders helplessly, Danny immediately acted like he was her little fan and asked, “When are you going to play with me again, Boss? Can I play with you again next time? Please let me know if there is anything you need, Boss. I’ll get it arranged right away!” …… Elise then interrupted his speech. “Alright, my grandpa and grandma will be here in a few days, so please keep them company for me.

Thus, our game will have to wait for the time being.” Knowing what Elise was implying, Danny gave her an ‘okay’ gesture as an agreement. “No problem, Boss. I’m free anyway, so I can definitely show them around.” In the meantime, Alexander was slowly approaching the unsuspecting duo just when Danny was finishing his words. Then, he knitted his eyebrows and looked at Danny and Elise, feeling as if the two of them had grown a lot closer recently.

For that, he couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous about it, but since Danny was his brother, he decided to say nothing about it. Instead, he suggested something else. “Would you like to take Grandpa and Grandma out? It’s the holiday season now, so why don’t you tag along?” As Elise was about to say something, Danny beat her to it and responded. “Sure, Alexander. Let’s go.” Alexander turned his attention to Elise. “What about you?”

Well, I could take this opportunity to show my grandparents around Athesea. The more, the merrier anyway. At the thought of that, Elise replied affirmatively, “Sure.” Alexander then said, “Alright then, I’ll get Cameron to arrange everything. We’ll be ready to set out in the afternoon.” Later that afternoon, Alexander took everyone, along with Laura and Robin, out. For the next two days, they visited almost every famous landmark in Athesea with Alexander, who showed them around like a tour guide. With Alexander’s clear explanation about all the places they visited, Laura and Robin were especially satisfied with him.

In fact, they reckoned he was a perfect match with Elise, and with that, they were looking forward to his marriage with Elise. On New Year’s Eve, the Griffith Family was busy decorating their home with beautiful lamps and flowers. Not long after that, the Griffith Residence was seen with a new and refreshing look. At dinnertime, everyone sat around the table as Laura took her gifts from her bag. “Everybody listen up! It’s the new year, and each of you is going to get a present. May every one of you have a wonderful year ahead.” Danny, who loved presents, accepted his gift with excitement.

“Thank you, Grandma.” Soon, Laura gave another present to Jack and said, “Come here, boy.” Meanwhile, Jack fixed his gaze on the gift, wondering how long it had been since the last time he ever received a present. After a brief hesitation, he took the gift and said, “Thank you, Grandma.” “You’re welcome. We’re all a family anyway, so I want you both to be happy.” Elise leaned closer and seized Laura’s arm in a coy manner. “Grandma, as your granddaughter, shouldn’t I be receiving a big gift?” Laura poked Elise’s head with her finger. “Silly girl! What makes you think I’ll forget you?”

Soon, she presented another gift to her granddaughter. “Here. I prepared this a long time ago.” “Thank you, Grandma!” Elise happily exclaimed. Laura helplessly shook her head. “Oh, my girl! When are you ever going to grow up?” Despite those words, the old lady’s eyes were filled with love and affection. Then, she reached for her gift and gave it to Alexander. “This is for you, Alexander! I hope you and Elise can live a happy life forever together.”

Upon hearing the old lady’s words, Elise felt her face blush as she became embarrassed. In the meantime, Alexander took the gift and sincerely expressed his gratitude. “Thanks, Grandma.” Laura nodded her head satisfactorily. “Good! Good! Let’s celebrate the night and get ready for New Year’s Day!” As everyone raised their glasses and filled the parlor with happy laughter, the lively vibe was accompanied by some uplifting New Year’s music on the television, making the atmosphere feel even more heartwarming.

After dinner, Mrs. Lester proceeded to clean the dishes while Elise watched some New Year festival shows on the TV. In the meantime, Jack appeared to be a little distracted, sitting on the couch as he stared blankly ahead of him. On the other hand, Danny was busy texting his friends to wish them a happy new year while Alexander stood in the corner and observed everyone quietly. When Grandpa was still around, we had quite a number of heartwarming moments like this one as well. He may be gone now, but I’m grateful that I managed to keep this family together.

At the thought of that, Alexander smiled from ear to ear charmingly, whereupon he made his way toward the parlor and sat down beside Elise. At that moment, they were watching an entertaining talk show as Elise was seen laughing out loud with her grandmother. “This actor looks familiar. What’s his name already…?” Laura fixed her gaze on the actor on the TV in bewilderment until Elise reminded her. “It’s Floyd Willis.” Laura’s smile grew even wider when she heard the name. “I think that’s the name I was trying to recall, but anyway, he seems pretty good.”

“He is still filming now, Grandma, and his movie is showing on New Year’s Day.” “Really? Let’s watch it then.” Elise nodded and said, “Sure, I’ll take you there tomorrow.” Soon, Laura took a look at the clock on the wall and shifted her gaze to Alexander and Elise. Well, I suppose this young couple could use a little time and privacy for themselves. At the thought of that, the old lady winked at Robin as she pretended to yawn. “I’m getting tired, Elise.

The years are catching up with me, and I can’t stay up late as I used to. So, your grandpa and I are going to bed now.” Elise then looked at the time, only to realize it was just 10 PM. However, she didn’t say anything much but instead stood up and said, “I’ll walk you back to your room.” Upon walking her grandparents back to the room, Elise returned to the parlor, where she saw no one else but Alexander. Surprised and confused, she asked, “Where are the rest?”

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