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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 183

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 183

As they talked, Elise helped Laura into her room. Robin, on the other hand, said that he wanted to get some tea, so he went downstairs. The door had just closed when Laura said to Elise in a serious tone, “Ellie, we already know about you and Alex.” For a moment, Elise was stunned, but soon she curved her lips into a smile. “Then are you here to attend our engagement party?” Laura took Elise’s hand. “Ellie, be honest with me. Do you really want this?

Your grandpa and I do think that Alex is a fine guy, but your thoughts are also important to me. If you don’t like him that much, you don’t have to force yourself.” Elise knew that her grandparents were the nicest people in the world to her. “Don’t worry, Grandma. I agreed to the engagement exactly because I like him. As for the wedding, I’m still too young to be legally married, so we’ll wait another 2 years to make a decision.” Hearing Elise’s words, Laura could finally let go of the burdens in her heart. “As long as you’re happy with it, I’ll give you all my support.

Still, time goes by too fast, doesn’t it? Just in the blink of an eye, my dear Ellie is already getting married…” Laura caressed Elise’s hair, her voice taking on a melancholic tone. Elise leaned against her. “Grandma, I’ll be fine…” “Yes, I believe you will.” The two chatted for a bit, then Elise got Laura to her own room. Then, as soon as Elise turned around, she realized that Alexander was standing just behind her. “You… You’re back?” Alexander looked at her, then asked, “Have they settled down?” Elise nodded. “It’s been a tiring journey for them. They’re already asleep.” “Good. Just tell Stella if they have any needs. The new year is coming soon, so it’s nice to have more people around. The more, the merrier, yes?”

Elise looked up into his eyes. “Are you the one who took them here?” Elise had already guessed it somehow, but she still asked for confirmation. As expected, Alexander nodded. “You seem lonely here, so they’re glad to come and accompany you.” Warmth spread throughout Elise’s chest. “Thank you!” Those were just two simple words, but Alexander could feel something weird welling up in him. He walked to Elise and stopped mere inches away from her. “We don’t have to be so polite around each other. They are your grandparents and also mine as well.

We’re all family.” Elise blinked as her heart raced. She watched as Alexander leaned in, his face getting closer to hers. She reached out subconsciously to block his advancements. “I… I’m going back to my room.” With that, she escaped without waiting for Alexander’s reply. She closed the door behind her as soon as she entered her room. Her heart was still beating rapidly as she recalled the scene just seconds ago. Alexander was trying to kiss me! Elise put a hand to her chest in relief. She was glad that she ran away in time, but still, she could feel a slight sense of regret buried inside. Admit it, Elise. You’re looking forward to it too, but you just didn’t want to face it. That night, Elise tossed and turned in her bed, unable to sleep.

She kept thinking of that moment when Alexander was leaning in to kiss her. It wasn’t until past midnight when Elise finally nodded off to sleep, and she only woke up near midday. “Boss, quick, get up!” Danny was rapping on the door. Elise turned around, annoyed. “Go away. Give me five more minutes.” However, Danny could barely contain his emotions. The results for the finals were released that morning, and he was overjoyed as he saw his results on his phone. He actually got third place in the test, so he refused to leave as told. “Boss, get up! Results for the finals are out!”

Elise only wanted to cover her ears with her pillow. Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore, so she sat up on the bed, then walked over and opened the door. “Quit yapping this early in the morning!” Seeing Elise’s sleepy look, Danny immediately said, “Boss, it’s almost noon…” If Elise wasn’t awake before, she was now. Danny’s words had jolted her awake. “What? Almost noon?” Danny nodded in confirmation. Elise turned around and closed the door, keeping the boy outside. Danny could only swallow the words he was about to say. “Boss, get ready quick, okay? I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

Elise looked at the time and realized that it was already 11 am. After a quick washing up, she went down the stairs to see Laura and Robin reading newspapers in the living room. She immediately rushed up to them and grabbed Laura’s arm. “Good morning, Grandma!” Laura put the newspapers away. “It’s not morning anymore, darling. It’s almost noon.” Elise grinned, albeit a little embarrassed. “Sorry, I overslept.” “Go get something to eat. Breakfasts are important, right?” Elise quickly straightened up. “Got it, Grandma. I’m going now.” “Boss, quick, check the results! They’re out!”

Danny reminded her excitedly. Seeing his antics, Elise could already guess that he did well. “How did you fare?” Danny was beaming as he showed her three fingers. “I got third place in class!” Elise smiled in return. “Not bad. It’s a great improvement.” Without wasting a moment, Danny went up to her. “Then you’ll keep your promise tonight, right? You’ll play games with me?” Elise nodded. “Sure. Tonight it is, then.” Danny was elated to know that Elise was a woman of her word. “Nice! I’ll get KK and the others, and we’ll sweep the floor tonight!” “Sure!”

That night after dinner, Elise went back to her room. She was chilling on the couch with her phone in hand when KK sent a message to the group chat. KK: ‘When are we starting?’ Danny: ‘In a bit. Wait for me.’ Elise: ‘Tell me when you’re online.’ Danny: ‘Ok.’ After seeing the reply, Elise exited the group chat and scrolled Twitter for a while. Within half an hour, Danny was already online. ‘Boss, get online now. We’re starting.’ Elise replied with an ‘okay’. She pulled up the game screen. This time, she found her main account, and she logged in to see her inbox filled with private messages.

She frowned and skimmed through them. They were all messages from players asking when she would return. At the same time, the group chat was in a frenzy. KK sent a message first, saying, ‘OMG, guess what I just saw! I just logged in and saw that Ellimane is online! Right now!’

Danny: ‘I saw it too! And Ellimane rarely gets online! What a rare occasion!’ KK: ‘I wish we could play with Ellimane! I could die happy!’ Danny: ‘I hope so too, but Ellimane is way out of our league. We’re just normal players …’ Danny had just sent his message when he saw a notification on his game interface, stating, ‘Ellimane invited you for a game.’ Danny’s hands trembled. He thought his eyes must be playing tricks on him, and he subconsciously rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

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