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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 178

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 178

That was how Elise brought the elite self-defense force up into the snowy mountains. As much as the rescue team wanted to stop them, they could not do anything because Elise and her men insisted on going. Based solely on her memories, she found her way up the mountains until she reached the spot where she first woke up. “It’s here, Aunt Cynthia! He shouldn’t be too far away from me.” Cynthia quickly surveyed the area around them.

“Quick, take a look to see if there’s anyone around here.” The self-defense force went to work right after she gave out the orders. After a round of search, they did not find anything. Elise looked extremely dejected when she learned about it. “How is that possible?” Burying her head in her arms, she slumped into the snow. Alexander, where on earth are you? Hugging her knees, she sat there as tears glided down her cheeks in silence. Out of desperation, she punched her fists on the ground, but after hitting the ground two times, she felt the snow shifting and giving way underneath her.

Cynthia exclaimed in fear, “Is it a second avalanche?” Everyone exchanged looks, but they did not sense any movements on the ground. “What is going on?” Cynthia was curious as Elise grew hopeful. Suddenly, Elise started digging in the snow with her hands. When Cynthia saw that, she called the others to help. The group started digging through the thick layers of snow. Not long after, they created a gigantic hole and surprisingly discovered a huge tree underneath it that provided shelter space.

There, they found a few motionless people, one of them being Alexander. Feeling overjoyed, she ran up to him. “Alexander! Alexander, wake up!” No matter how many times she yelled, he did not give any response, which sent her into a panic spiral. She placed her finger under his nose, and once she detected his feeble breathing, she let out a sigh of relief. “Aunt Cynthia, save him first! Save him!” The self-defense force came up and lifted Alexander out of the tree cave. Luckily, the other victims in the cave were all alive, so Cynthia had them brought out along with Alexander.

All the while, Elise followed Alexander closely until he was admitted to the ER of a private hospital in Switzerland. In the corridor, she sat tensely on the bench, staring intently at the doors of the ER. “Ellie, it’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” Cynthia hurried over to comfort her. Like grasping onto the last straw, Elise grabbed Cynthia’s wrist tightly. “Aunt Cynthia, he’ll be alright, right? He’ll be alright.” After a slight sigh, Cynthia uttered, “Sweetie, don’t worry.

He’s a good man, so he will be safe. You should get something to eat to take care of your health. If not, you might collapse by the time he wakes up.” “No! I want to wait until he’s awake and fine.” Knowing that Elise was as stubborn as a mule, Cynthia didn’t bother to change her mind, only silently praying for Alexander’s safety. As time passed by, and soon it had been a day. After eight hours of operation, the light of the ER room was finally switched off, causing Elise to flinch and shoot up.

At the same time, the doors flung open, and the surgeon emerged. She went up to him and asked in French, “Doctor, how’s my friend doing? Is he out of danger?” The doctor took a look at her and pursed his lips. “The patient has not suffered any external injuries. He’s only in a coma from asphyxia. After the emergency operation, he is now breathing normally. As for when he is going to wake up… We cannot say for sure.

It could be as fast as a few days; it could take months or years.” Gasp! Her heart sank to the bottom as though her soul had left her body. The doctor could only try his best to console her. “He’s in good shape, so I guess he’d wake up soon. Don’t worry too much.” Cynthia was supporting Elise and frowned at the doctor’s words. “Ellie, don’t worry. I will get the best doctor to save him.” “Aunt Cynthia, you must save him.” Cynthia nodded solemnly at her niece.

“Now, quit worrying and get some food.” Elise wanted to refuse, but she was attacked by a wave of nausea due to low blood sugar. Cynthia ignored Elise’s opinion and asked for some soup. After drinking the soup, Elise finally recovered, but she was consumed by another sudden thought. “Aunt Cynthia, Jack and Mikayla are in the mountains too.” “Calm down. I have sent my men to search for them. We’ll hear about your friends soon. Just stop overthinking.” Elise was immersed in guilt. “If I had not insisted that Mikayla join us, she wouldn’t have gotten into this accident!

It’s all my fault!” It pained Cynthia to see Elise blaming herself—it was a scene that gave her deja vu. “Ellie, this is not your fault. You didn’t want this to happen. Since the accident has happened, the only thing we could do is to try our best to find them and to pray for their safety.” “Aunt Cynthia…” Elise hugged her aunt tightly. Cynthia patted her on the back. “Sweetie, do you want to visit Alexander? He’s transferred to a normal ward.” Lying in the hospital bed in the ward, Alexander—unlike his usual self—was pale and motionless.

Elise visited him alone, and the closer she went to him, the harder it was to contain the pain in her chest. Unable to hold her tears back any longer, she started sobbing uncontrollably. “Alexander, please wake up soon. Okay?” Scenes from them tumbling in the avalanche replayed in her mind. She recalled that he had been shielding her during the fall. “Alexander, you’re a fool, you know? Why would you bother protecting me?

Stop lying there and wake up! You promised me an engagement. We haven’t held our engagement party. You can’t take back your words!” She leaned against the bed and whispered lots of words to him, but he still gave no response. Finally, she took a deep breath and decided that she would wait until the day he woke up. Then, she drifted to sleep beside him. When she woke up the next day, the room was filled with the warmth of sunshine from the windows.

Cynthia happened to enter the room as she announced, “Ellie, we have news of Jack! He’s rescued by the rescue team and is now resting at the temporary shelter. He’s been looking for you all the time. That’s why I could get in touch with him very soon.” Elise hurriedly asked, “What about Mikayla? Where is she now?”

To that, Cynthia shook her head apologetically. “Jack told me that he wasn’t with Mikayla when the avalanche happened. But don’t you worry. I have sent some men to search for her. As long as she’s alive, we will definitely find her.” The news depressed Elise. They showed up to ski in a group of four, but only three of them were accounted for. Mikayla, where are you?

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