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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 176

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 176

“What are you worrying about? It doesn’t seem like he minds.” “Ha! I’m just feeling bad for the guy. After all, it’s a pity for a handsome guy like him to be paired with a girl like her. He is exactly my type. I’ll be happy if I can date him myself.” With a wine glass in hand, the girl with the blonde hair couldn’t help but walk over to Alexander and Elise.

“Sir, can I buy you a drink?” It was true that Western women were more enthusiastic and bold. Experiencing it upfront, Elise was displeased but just as she was about to speak, Alexander opened his mouth and said, “I’m sorry, but my fiancée won’t allow that.”

“What? She’s your fiancée?” the woman repeated in disbelief. It was only then that she walked away reluctantly after glancing at Elise. “Alexander, don’t you mind how I look?” Elise asked carefully. She knew that the first thing a man saw was always a woman’s appearance. Even so, she was still hoping that she would get a different answer from him. “Does it matter? To me, looks and status are all unimportant to being my wife. I don’t focus on these.”

“But if you and I get together, there will be many people talking behind us.” An example would be the two foreigners just now. He could tell that she was not confident with herself, so he patted her head and said, “Why do you have to care about the opinions of others? We should live for ourselves and not for others.” Immediately, his answer made her heart flutter. She never thought that one day she would get such comments from a man despite her ugly looks.

And so, she thanked him from the bottom of her heart. “Thank you, Alexander.” Although she had always been carefree about her image, a girl would still be vulnerable to criticisms that were directed to her looks. “Quickly eat your food before it gets cold.” And so, she lowered her eyes and began to hesitate deep down. Should I tell him the truth that this face of mine is just a disguise? Will he be able to accept it? “Alexander, can I ask you something?”

She paused for a second and continued, “If one day you found out that someone you trusted deceived you, what would you do?” Just as the sentence came out of her mouth, she could feel the atmosphere turn icy. As she lifted her gaze to meet Alexander’s eyes, she felt the coldness exuding from him. “There are two things I will never accept—one is betrayal and the other is deception,” Alexander replied with a light tone as if it was something trivial but deep down, Elise knew that these were his boundaries. “I was just asking. Don’t take it too seriously.”

She tried to change the topic, but Alexander was still staring at her as he commented, “As long as you don’t do something unacceptable, our marriage will last long.” She was so startled that it felt as though there was something stuck in her throat. Therefore, she turned away and started coughing vigorously, but Alexander was quick to respond by giving her a cup of water. “Are you okay?” “I-I’m fine.” She shook her head as she had lost all her courage to tell him the truth. Now, all she could do was to take it one step at a time. After the meal, they walked out of the restaurant.

At the same time, Mikayla and Jack also came back. “Elise, you such a deep sleeper! It was already noon but I still couldn’t wake you up, so I went and got you some local delicacies. Would you like to have a taste once we’re back?” Mikayla asked as she quickly locked arms with Elise. Looking at the takeaway containers, Elise felt a bit embarrassed as she mumbled, “We already ate.” Mikayla was clearly surprised but she still replied, “It’s okay. You can eat them later when you are hungry.” Then, the four of them took the elevator upstairs.

When Elise and Mikayla returned to their room, the former sat alone in front of the windows in a daze thinking about something, so Mikayla came over and waved her hand in front of her. “What are you thinking about?” Elise lifted her eyes and looked at her. “Mikayla, are you able to accept being deceived?” “It depends on where the lie is coming from. I can accept it if it’s a white lie but if it’s a blatant lie, I don’t think I can.

I might even cut ties with the one who lied to me,” Mikayla answered after giving it a serious thought. Elise found it hard to accept that almost everyone couldn’t accept being lied to. However, she didn’t have a choice back then because she didn’t want to be engaged to one of the young masters of the Griffith Family, so she disguised herself. She never expected herself to fall in love with one in the end. “Elise, are you okay?” Upon hearing that, Elise snapped out of it and said hurriedly, “I’m fine. I was just thinking about tomorrow’s skiing plan.”

As soon as she mentioned it, Mikayla became worried. “Elise, I don’t know how to ski. What should I do? It seems like I can only look at all of you skiing tomorrow.” “Don’t worry. We’ll hire a trainer to teach you tomorrow. It’s quite easy. You’ll be able to learn it.” “Really?” Mikayla questioned, feeling still unsure. “But I’m a slow learner. I always fail to learn anything.”

“Don’t worry. It’ll be alright.” Seeing Elise’s confidence in her, Mikayla felt as though she was actually capable of learning it. Yet, she really overestimated herself in the end. Even after being guided by the trainer several times, she still couldn’t figure it out.

Several times falling down later, she finally gave up. “You guys can continue skiing. I can’t do this anymore.” Dressed in a ski suit, Elise looked at her and said, “Let’s try a few more times. I will hold you.” However, Mikayla declined her offer without hesitation. “No, I really can’t figure it out. I’ll wait for you guys at the lounge.” Seeing her situation, Jack also joined her. “I won’t go skiing either. The two of you can go without us.”

With Jack by Mikayla’s side, Elise continued skiing with Alexander. The Swiss Alps were enormous and many people from all over the world gathered here for holiday. Elise only knew the basics of skiing, so her skill was not refined. Thankfully, she had Alexander following her by her side as the two of them skied at the same pace with their poles. “Honestly, I think the two of them are quite a match,” Mikayla said while looking at the two of them skiing.

Listening to her, Jack couldn’t help but add, “Hopefully they both feel the same thing and it’s not just a fling.” Mikayla felt as if his words meant something more, but she didn’t ask him much. Knowing that she didn’t have any talent in skiing, she had a sudden idea when she saw people gathering at the ski site to have a snowball fight. “Why don’t we have a snowball fight?”

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