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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 171

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 171

Ever since Jonah passed on, Alexander became exceptionally busy. In the past, he had time to send Elise to school but nowadays, he couldn’t even spare that ten minutes of his time. Just then, it was Danny’s turn to send Elise to school again. “Boss, it’s nearly time for our final exam. Let’s go and study together at the library in the afternoon.” Elise, however, stared at the bare trees outside the window and pondered, I can’t believe that winter is almost over.

“Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, right?” Elise mentioned in passing. Just then, Danny quickly looked at the calendar and replied, “Yes, it’s the twenty-fourth tomorrow and it’ll be Christmas the day after tomorrow. It’s been forecasted that it’ll snow on Christmas. I wonder whether we’ll be able to experience a white Christmas this year?” Meanwhile, Elise retracted her gaze. “I checked the weather forecast and it seems that there will be snow this year. Let’s wait and see.”

They exited the car and walked side-by-side toward the school. As soon as they arrived at the classroom, they noticed everyone crowded around talking amongst themselves. “Apparently the TV program that Samantha starred in is going to be aired on Mango TV tonight. We must show our support tonight.” “Samantha has good acting skills. I’ve seen the trailer and it piqued my interest, so I’m definitely going to watch the program tonight.” Meanwhile, Elise pulled out her chair and took a seat. Just then, Mikayla rushed forward and said, “Samantha’s TV program will be aired tonight.

Let’s celebrate the occasion with her.” Elise hummed in response. “This is the first show she’s starred in and she has done a great job. I’ll arrange for some flowers to be sent to her later.” “Okay! I’m going to get her a present too,” Mikayla chimed in. At that moment, she scrutinized Elise carefully before murmuring, “Elise, does Jack have any new events lately?” Just then, Elise lifted her head and stared at Mikayla.

“Don’t tell me that you’re unaware of your husband’s schedule?” Upon hearing that, Mikayla was slightly embarrassed. “H-How would I know his schedule?! Well, I heard that he seems to be quite busy lately.” Meanwhile, Elise could kind of sense that there was something wrong behind these words. “Mikayla, what’s up with you lately? You seem to care a lot about Jack lately, don’t you?” She’s never behaved this way before. Just then, Mikayla—whose inner thoughts were revealed—hastily tried to cover it up.

“What are you rambling on about? I just wanted to find out his schedule, that’s all. It’s not as complicated as you think it is.” Elise could somehow sense that something was off, but she noticed that Mikayla was reluctant to talk about it so she didn’t persist. After all, it was winter right now and spring wasn’t too far away, so the season of love was beckoning too. “Let’s spend Christmas Eve together tomorrow,” Elise suggested.

However, Mikayla immediately rejected her suggestion. “I’m busy tomorrow. I-I have something else on.” Elise had intended to ask Mikayla out for some shopping and to catch a movie. Since the latter had something else on, she could only let it slide. “Alright, then. You should go along with what you have planned. I’ll be fine celebrating by myself.” Upon hearing that, Mikayla stuck her tongue out and had a slightly guilty expression on her face.

Well, I can’t possibly tell Elise that I have a date with Jack, can I? … Christmas Eve this year was exceptionally cold. One could see the snowy white scene outside upon pushing open the window. Elise put on a thick down jacket before going down the stairs. After Jonah’s passing, she had hardly seen Alexander. Unexpectedly though, today, he was eating breakfast at the dining table. Stunned, Elise went forward and made the move to greet him.

“Good morning!” He merely grunted in response before adding, “I’ll send you to school later.” She didn’t say anything further, only pulled out a chair to take a seat. Just then, she scrutinized his face as she ate breakfast. “Is there something on my face? Why are you staring at me like that?” Alexander said while lifting his head, his eyes meeting hers. Meanwhile, Elise was slightly embarrassed and she quickly shifted her gaze. “It’s nothing.

I just haven’t seen you in so long and I noticed that you seemed to have lost some weight.” Alexander was indeed too busy over this period of time. Since Jonah passed away, there had been some issues at the company and some of their old employees started to become quite restless and raring to make a move. It had taken him quite some effort to handle the company matters and finally, after sorting out everything, he could now gradually relax after being in a tense situation for such a long time. “How is school lately?” Elise nodded and replied, “It’s alright.

I’m about to sit for my final exam so I’m busy with revision.” “You’re in your final year so it’s quite normal to be more stressed out, but I have faith in your abilities. I’m sure that you’ll be fine.” In response, Elise pursed her lips and smiled. After finishing her breakfast, she placed down her cutlery and announced, “I’m full. I’ll wait for you outside.” As she said that, she got up and immediately headed toward the door to walk outside.

Shortly after that, Alexander came out too. Both of them got into the car but neither of them said a word. As soon as the car came to a stop in front of the school entrance, Elise unbuckled her seat belt and murmured, “I’ll head to school now.” Suddenly, Alexander called out her name and mentioned, “Do you have time tonight? Let’s have dinner together.” Elise blinked her eyes repeatedly and hesitated for a few seconds before finally replying, “Sure.”

“I’ll pick you up in the afternoon.” She then nodded and got out of the car. Meanwhile, the atmosphere in school was full of cheer and festivity. As soon as she entered the classroom, many of her classmates rushed forward and handed her apples that were wrapped prettily. “Here you go, Elise. Happy Christmas Eve!” Elise received the apples with an abashed look on her face. “Thank you!” she replied. Unexpectedly, each of her classmates started to give her apples one after the other soon after that. In no time, her drawer was filled to the brim.

“Wow! Boss, you really are popular! That’s a lot of apples that you’ve received.” Danny said with an envious tone. He then looked down at his drawer and there were merely around five apples inside. Just then, Elise was slightly surprised too. “The act of eating an apple on Christmas Eve symbolizes peace and serenity, so you should eat as much as you can.” He grunted in response and shortly after that, he took out a nicely wrapped box from somewhere and handed it to her.

“Happy Christmas Eve, Boss.” Meanwhile, Elise was quite surprised that he had prepared an apple for her too and she swiftly took it from him. “Thanks!” Danny smiled and replied, “It’s part of my job as your underling but then again, I hope you haven’t forgotten about your promise from before, Boss.” Just then, Elise was clearly quite confused but Danny continued, “It’s nearly time for our final exam and we really need to find some time for the game.”

Oh—that’s what he meant! Without his reminder, Elise had nearly forgotten about that. There had been so many things that happened recently and she was quite flummoxed by everything. “Sure. You need to work harder, then.” “Don’t worry, Boss. I’m quite confident that I’ll be able to achieve one of the top three positions in class,” Danny vowed. Elise was also quite encouraged by his motivated spirit and she became much more focused in class.

Before class ended, she received a text message from Alexander and once she clicked into it, she saw that he merely stated, ‘I’ll wait for you at the school entrance.’ As soon as Elise saw that sentence, she shuddered and in the end, she decided to skip her last period of self-study and sneaked out of the room.

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