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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 157

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 157

KK was extremely agitated. Without hesitating, he immediately sent a private message to Ellimane. However, shortly after he sent the message, Ellimane went offline again. With that, KK sighed in resignation. “Ellimane just went offline. I wonder when she’ll log in again.” Danny knew how important Ellimane was to KK, so he comforted him. “It’s okay. I’m sure she’ll be online again. We just have to be patient until then.” Feeling reassured by Danny’s words, KK took a deep breath. Since he had already been waiting for so many years, there was no harm in waiting just a little longer.

Just then, Fortuner sent KK a message. ‘Hey, guess what? I saw Ellimane online just now! I hope it wasn’t just my eyes playing tricks on me.’ KK replied, ‘You’re right. It’s her—she’s back.’ At this moment, Fortuner was extremely excited. ‘Really?! That’s amazing!’ Nonetheless, the two of them were not the only ones who followed Ellimane’s status as many other players did the same. After all, Ellimane was ranked first in the entire server. So, every player would see her once she came online.

As such, every post in the game’s forum was discussing about Ellimane, and it had become a trending topic. Meanwhile, Elise was completely clueless about this. Currently, she was scrolling through Twitter, which was trending about another topic––someone exposed Charlene, who always had a sweet and gentle image, had once worked as a club hostess. The person also leaked all sorts of sexy pictures of Charlene during that time which caused a sensation within the netizens.

Those pictures of Charlene spread like wildfire in the Twitter community to the point where it was impossible to remove all her pictures from the internet even after her celebrity agency had hired people to do so. The situation was already uncontrollable as netizens started swarming into Charlene’s Twitter page to leave nasty comments about her. Charlene knew Jack would get his revenge after she provoked him. However, she did not expect it to happen so fast. She had a feeling this incident was caused by Jack, and her expression instantly turned extremely gloomy when she saw those pictures.

“N-No way… This is impossible!” Panic-stricken, Charlene stuttered while denying it. Sadly, nothing else could be done as the attention of the passersby was all focused on her. Covering her head with her hands, Charlene refused to believe it was true. “How is this possible? Those pictures can’t possibly be exposed… No way…” Nevertheless, no matter how she denied it, the pictures were still being spread rapidly. Despite there being a minority of fans who defended her, Charlene’s reputation was severely damaged as most people were rebuking her.

Elise’s expression remained indifferent after she saw the news. This was merely a lesson for Charlene. If she still remained arrogant, Elise would definitely send her to hell personally. On the other hand, Jack had not even made his move, yet Charlene’s pictures had already been spread. “Young Master Jack, these pictures are rather close to the bone. I’m afraid Charlene might not be able to make a turnaround this time,” Ronald commented in an apathetic tone as he had no sympathy toward someone like Charlene at all. However, Jack frowned and asked, “Who do you think is the mastermind behind this?”

Of course, Ronald would not know, so he answered casually, “She has offended so many people over the years, so someone might have just seized this chance to expose her past. Anyhow, she is the cause of her own destruction.” Jack sneered, “You’re right. Since someone has already taken action, we shall join in the fun! Make her beg. Leave no opportunity for her to survive in showbiz again.” Ronald naturally understood Jack’s intention. “Don’t worry. Even if we don’t do anything, those scandals are enough to doom her. By the way, Young Master Jack, I’ve heard of a rumor before this that Charlene’s hit song during her debut was a result of plagiarizing H’s song.

Currently, H’s fans are searching for evidence. Given the capability of H’s fans, once the rumor is proved true, Charlene would certainly face dire consequences even if we don’t go after her.” Slyness flashed across Jack’s eyes. “Since that’s the case, we should add some fuel to the fire and escalate the storm.” “Yes, Young Master Jack. You can leave it to me.” The next day, the issue about Charlene plagiarizing H’s old songs was exposed.

H’s fans exploded in anger when they heard the news. How dare Charlene plagiarize H’s songs?! We’ll not let her off! Following that, H’s fans swarmed into Twitter and bombarded Charlene’s page. In no time, #BoycottCharlene had become a trending topic. Not only that, more and more scandals were being exposed thereafter. All of a sudden, Charlene became a scumbag who was detested by all. “Oh no… We’re doomed…” Charlene’s manager was devastated to see the scandals being spread across the internet. Meanwhile, all business partners called and asked to terminate the contracts with Charlene.

The investors too had completely pulled out while Charlene was faced with an astronomical amount of compensation. Her manager’s phone rang non-stop as all the calls were to ask for termination of collaboration with Charlene. When Charlene became aware of the news, she slumped onto the ground. She knew that she was totally doomed this time, and no one would be able to save her. During that night, some could barely sleep a wink while others had sweet dreams.

After waking up, Elise stretched and saw a warm bright sun out of her window. Looking at the roses which had fully bloomed on the balcony, she smiled brightly. Thereafter, she washed up, changed, and headed out. “Good morning!” Elise greeted Danny while the latter came up to her and said, “You seem to be in a good mood, Boss.” Grinning from ear to ear, Elise replied, “Of course! You better hurry up or we’ll be late.” Danny looked at the time and quickly stuffed some food into his mouth before laying down the cutleries. “I’m done. Let’s go.” With that, the two got into the car.

On the way, Danny couldn’t help but tell Elise about Ellimane. “Boss, do you know that Ellimane actually went online last night? All the posts in the forum are discussing her now. I wonder when will she be back so I can see her play in the competition again.” Flipping a book in her hand, Elise showed no change in her expression as she pretended to be nonchalant and asked, “Do you like her a lot?” Danny answered, “Not really, but I look up to her a lot.

After all, she’s the only person who achieved a grand slam so far, and no one has been able to break her record until now. Anyway, KK is a super loyal fan of hers.” Elise hummed in response and asked, “Do you wish to play with her?” Danny nodded non-stop. “Of course. It’s an honor to know a legend like her.”

Elise lifted her head and looked at Danny, but she didn’t say anything else thereafter. It was only when they almost reached school did she blurt, “Gear up for your final examinations then. Who knows? Your dream might come true.” Danny was dumbfounded hearing that and still wanted to ask something, but Elise had already gotten out of the car.

At this moment, he felt that there was some hidden meaning behind Elise’s words––he even had a weird hunch, but he just couldn’t figure out what it was.

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