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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 156

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 156

Alexander thought that it was rather coincidental. Frankly, he initially planned to head out to just find something to eat, but somehow ended up walking into this pan-European restaurant. At a glance, he saw Elise sitting in front of one of the tables. “Out on a late night food hunt huh?” When he asked that, his gaze was trained on her plate of food. Anyone would think that he himself had the desire to eat it too. Noticing that, she quickly protected her bowl. “This is mine. You can get your own if you want to.” With a chuckle, he called for the boss. “I want what she’s having.

The exact same one.” The boss then smiled before saying, “Alright, please wait a moment.” In no time, the boss came back with another serving of beef stew. “Enjoy your meal.” Looking at the beef stew before him, he thought to himself, I’ve never eaten this kind of cuisine before. Under Elise’s influence, I got to try it for the first time today. The taste is actually pretty good. Now, he started to like the taste of it. He then picked up his utensils and dug in.

His actions were slow and composed like a textbook example of the royals’ etiquette. Elise couldn’t help but comment in awe, “Watching you eat sure is enjoyable.” After finishing the meal, he took the initiative to pay the bill. He then asked after exiting the restaurant, “Are you going home?” Patting her bloated tummy, she glanced at Times Square before telling him, “I’ll go back after digesting the food a little. I ate a little too much earlier.”

He then mimicked her actions and looked around their surroundings. “Sure.” The two then took a stroll down Times Square. At this moment, a girl carrying a basket full of flowers approached them. “Sir, do you want to buy a flower for this beautiful girl?” Hearing that, Elise mentally facepalmed herself. She quickly interrupted, “No thank you! We don’t need it.” Who knew, the little girl then looked toward Alexander. “Sir, get her one. All girls like flowers.” Raising his brows in amusement, he smiled as he took out some cash and handed it over. “

I’ll take all of your flowers.” At once, the girl’s face lit up like it was Christmas. “Really? That’s fantastic! Thank you, kind sir! Stay sweet, you two.” After saying that, the little girl left the basket full of flowers behind in exchange for the money. At this point, Elise was flushed as she stood right there, watching Alexander carry those flowers. He then passed them to her. “Do you like them?” Seeing the basket full of scarlet red roses, Elise thought that it’d be pretentious to say that she didn’t like it. However, what did he mean by gifting her red roses? Did he not know that he shouldn’t be giving out red roses just to anyone?

“It’s getting late. We should head back.” Elise neither replied to him, nor did she take the flowers from him. She simply changed the topic. Noticing that, he quickly said, “Though it may be a little sudden, I just felt sympathetic for the little girl selling flowers so late at night. That’s why I bought them from her.” Hearing his explanation, she realized that she had misunderstood the situation. Hence, she took over the flowers and said, “The flowers are pretty.”

she said that, she hugged the flowers. Seeing her reaction, Alexander couldn’t help but smile. “You can have them since you like it.” Without replying, she continued walking. When out of Alexander’s sight, she secretly smiled to herself as joy crept up her eyes. When the two of them returned home, the maids saw Elise hugging a basket of roses as she returned home with Alexander. Seeing that, the maids felt happy for them. It seems that Young Master Alex and Miss Sinclair’s relationship is getting stable. Having waited for Elise for so long, said, “Boss, where did you go?”

Just as he finished his sentence, he noticed the roses she was holding and Alexander, who was following behind her. At once, he looked stumped. “Alexander, Boss, you two…” At this moment, Alexander shot him a look, making him stop his sentence right there. Danny then chuckled and said, “Boss, there’s a question that I got stuck at. I’ve been waiting for you to come back and teach me.” Humming in response, she said, “Bring it over. I’ll take a look.” Hence, Danny quickly made a beeline to his room. It was only then that Alexander said to Elise, “Don’t stay up too late. Rest soon.”

She then acknowledged him. In a few moments, Danny was back with his question. “Boss, this is the question.” Taking a look at the question, she said, “Haven’t I taught you the method to tackle questions like these? You should do this…” She explained it to him clearly, and he listened attentively as she elaborated. After she finished explaining the solution, she asked, “Do you understand?” Nodding, he replied, “I understand it now.” As he said that, he kept his book before asking, “Boss, it’s almost the semester’s final exam. You didn’t forget what you promised me, right?”

Of course she remembered. “Don’t worry. As long as you get top three in this exam, I’ll pull an all-nighter to play with you. However…” Suddenly, she thought of something and continued, “I have yet to find the password of my previous gaming account, so I’ll just play with you with my backup account.” Though he knew that she was good at gaming, he didn’t think that her main account was anything special. Thus, he didn’t think much about it.

“Alright, as long as you remember. I’ll do well in my exam.” After saying that, Danny headed back to his room while Elise smiled as she shook her head. She then turned her computer on. As she hadn’t been using her gaming account for a few years, she didn’t remember the password. Fortunately, she had set a security question that enabled her to retrieve her account back. As soon as she logged in, her profile picture in the game lit up along with the level badges. If one looked closely, they’d see that she was at the Grandmaster level, and her ranking was 1.

After logging into her account for a moment, she logged off in a few minutes. Little did she know, her small action had caused a stir in the gaming world. As usual, KK was taking a look around the global channel. However, he saw a profile picture that he hadn’t seen for a very long time light up. Initially, he even doubted his eyes, so he rubbed on them to make sure that his eyes were not playing a trick on him. At once, he got a little excited and quickly sent Danny a text message.

‘Come to the game quickly. Ellimane is online.” As Danny was working on his assignment, his mood to continue doing his work had flown out of the window the moment he saw the news. Immediately, he logged into the game. “It really is Ellimane. She hasn’t been on for two to three years now.”

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