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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 154

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 154

“Charlene, bad news. Something has happened.” Charlene’s manager, Corrine, blurted out as she arrived in a haste. As she tried to catch her breath, she continued, “Something bad has happened to Jack Griffith.” Hearing that, Charlene seemed nonchalant. If anything, there was a trace of triumphant look on her face. “Why are you so surprised over that?” Thinking that Charlene might be unaware of the whole incident, Corrine elaborated to her as she tugged on her arm. “I wonder who’s so daring to expose Jack. Not to mention, the information disclosed was shocking.

If things continue to go south, his acting career may come to an end soon.” Charlene then raised a brow at her manager. “Isn’t it a good thing if his career ends? That way, it will give me a chance to shine.” Upon hearing that, Corrine could feel that something was off with Charlene. “Wait, Charlene, you’ve always been nice to Jack. Why the sudden change?” You sound like you’re happy that he’s in this difficult position. Corrine didn’t dare to say her thoughts out loud. Nonetheless, she was suspicious of her. “Really? Since we’re all adults, Jack should pay the price for his actions. Moreover, a person like him isn’t worth any pity.” “No.” At that moment, Corrine had a sudden realization.

Staring at Charlene, she put on a serious look before asking, “Charlene, tell me the truth. Do you have something to do with this incident?” Since Corrine was on her side, Charlene didn’t bother to lie to her. “I’m teaching him a lesson. It’s his fault for looking down on me.” Corrine was dumbfounded to hear that. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but in the end, she only sighed. “You’ve caused trouble. Do you know what consequences will entail?”

Nevertheless, Charlene seemed unbothered. “It’s true that he did all of this, so why should I be afraid? Not to mention, I’ve had enough of people sh*tting on me. I’ve endured it all. How dare he look down on me? Just for that, he deserves to rot in hell!” It was at that moment that Corrine realized the person before her wasn’t the Charlene that she knew previously. Charlene wasn’t like this in the past. However, Corrine had more things on her plate to worry about. What could she do to salvage the situation now? After all, Jack wasn’t simple to deal with because he had the support of Griffith Group.

If Griffith Group was to intervene in this issue, not only Charlene would be down, but her entire company as well. …… Some unethical media company went to the extent of exposing Mikayla’s school. It didn’t take long before the school was swarmed with reporters. Needless to say, everyone wanted first-hand information from her. As it was her first time dealing with something as such, the mere unfriendly comments online were sufficient to make her break down. Tugging on Elise, Mikayla started to weep. “What do I do now? Elise, why are the people online spreading rumors?

Nothing happened between my husband and I. Why would these unethical reporters spread lies?” A frown was evident on Elise’s forehead. Although most of the verbal attacks online were directed toward Jack, it still caused significant harm to Mikayla. “Elise, what should I do? How could these people hurt my husband?” Even until now, she was more worried for Jack than herself. Looking through the comments online, she could not help but worry for him. Elise could only console her now.

“It’ll be alright, Mikayla. Things will be sorted out. However, you should change your nickname for him. If someone hears it, they may make something out of it again.” At once, Mikayla covered her mouth with her palm. She then looked at Elise through a thin layer of fog as she asked, “Elise, what can I do now? I can’t possibly sit back and watch everyone frame my hus—Jack.” Pursing her lips, Elise answered, “Don’t worry about that. Now, there’s a way to solve this. You can tell the truth yourself. However, I think this incident isn’t as simple as it seems.

I think that someone’s behind it, and the person wants to ruin Jack.” “What?!” Mikayla was stupefied. “This… This…” Stuttering, she couldn’t even make up a complete sentence. “Don’t worry. The truth will prevail.” Hearing that, Mikayla felt a little reassured. No matter what, she was determined to face the public and tell them the truth. She wanted to help Jack. Meanwhile, Jack was frowning as he read the comments online. There wasn’t any other expression shown, and Ronald couldn’t help but feel concerned for him. “Jack, stop reading them.

We’ve already executed our emergency public relations, but this issue has a big influence. Hence, we have to explain the truth to the public. Otherwise, it will leave a huge impact on your image and your future acting career.” Obviously, Jack knew that too. He then said, “Send some people to protect Mikayla at the school. Don’t let anyone harass her.” “Even in this situation, you’re still concerned about other people. Why don’t you save that for yourself?” Ronald said, exasperated. Jack then pocketed his phone before he looked up at Ronald.

“I’m innocent and I will stay so. I’ve not done anything, and that’s the truth.” Ronald knew that too, but the fans and netizens were not buying it! “The direction of this issue is looking bad for us.” Standing up, Jack brushed his jacket before saying, “Let’s go.” Dumbfounded, Ronald asked, “Where to?” “Solve this problem.” As soon as Jack came out of the company building, he was surrounded by reporters at the entrance. “Mr. Griffith, did you really have an illegitimate relationship with a high school student, impregnated her and made her get an abortion?

“Is she underaged? Did you do that to escape from your responsibility?” “Mr. Griffith, please answer our questions. Will you leave the entertainment circle because of this?” Halting his footsteps, Jack didn’t avoid the cameras. He then looked up and stared into the cameras as he said firmly, “Regarding the untruthful reports online, I will publish a legal statement soon. As for the people who created the rumors, please look forward to summons from the court.” His voice was loud and clear, but the reporters didn’t plan on letting him off so easily.

“Mr. Griffith, based on what you have just said, do you mean that you were not in a romantic relationship with the student?” “What’s your relationship with her? Can you explain the intimate interactions you’ve shared with her in the hospital?” “Can you answer our questions straightforwardly?” Looking at the reporter who asked the question, Jack said, “You guys are good at making up a story with pictures. However, the truth is very unlike the rumors you’ve spread. You can be sued for defamation.

Which media corporation are you from? I’ll remember your name so I can sue you at any time.” That had rendered the reporter speechless. After all, everything had just been a rumor spread online. There hadn’t been any evidence thus far. “But Mr. Griffith, you need to explain to the public.

They need to know the truth…” As the reporter’s voice died down, Mikayla suddenly popped out and said something loud and clearly. “The truth is, all of you have misunderstood Jack.”

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