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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 152

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 152

Elise’s ankle injury wasn’t all that serious. By the next day, she recovered. Coincidentally, it was Alexander’s turn to send her to school today. “Thanks for yesterday. I owe you one. I’ll be sure to pay you back in the future when I get the chance to.” Alexander gave an evil smile as he looked at her. Those bottomless eyes of his were seemingly filled with boundless admiration. “Elise, I didn’t help you because I wanted something out of it. Why don’t you consider making this act real?” Elise was stupefied by that. It felt like something was stuck in her throat, and she began to cough violently.

Her face was soon a brilliant red. “W-What kind of joke was that?” Alexander’s initially tense heart relaxed at her words. He just wanted to test the waters, but it seemed that she didn’t feel that way toward him, so he followed the flow of the conversation. “Just teasing. If you really feel like you owe me, just leave that debt be for now.” Alexander strode out as he spoke. Elise’s forehead was beaded with sweat from confusion.

She just had the feeling that Alexander was being weird today. Right at that moment though, her heart also calmed down from its frantic hammering after she heard his words. No one knew just how bewildered she had been just now; she even thought that her ears were playing tricks on her. Fortunately, she had good self-control, or she would have ended up making a scene. She muttered to herself, “This guy… He’s actually learned how to crack a joke.” When they arrived at school, Elise got out of the car and waved at Alexander. “I’m going in. See you later.”

Alexander made an affirming sound, only leaving once he had seen her head inside. Not long after that, however, Jack parked his car in the same exact parking spot. Mikayla hurriedly undid her safety belt. “Dar—” She nearly called him ‘darling,’ but she ended up holding her tongue right before she said it. “Thanks for sending me to class, Jack, but I’m fine now. You don’t have to worry about this matter either.” Jack hummed. “So long as you’re okay. If you don’t feel well, text me. Don’t force yourself to weather through it. If you feel sick, you must go to the hospital immediately.”

Mikayla’s heart was overfilled with joy as she listened to his instructions. “Got it. I’m going to class then.” Although she was a little reluctant, Mikayla still opened the door and alighted from the car. She ended up looking back several times with each step she took before she finally set foot on campus, still reluctant to part with Jack. The moment she stepped inside the classroom, she caught sight of Elise, and she made her way over to her. “Elise, I’m sorry, but my phone was broken earlier. That’s why I didn’t text you back.” Elise looked up and smiled.

“It’s fine!” But right after that, she noticed something different about Mikayla. “What happened to your face?” Mikayla touched the tiny wound that still remained as she explained, “It’s nothing much. I just had a small accident. Everything’s okay now.” Elise sighed at that. “What are the odds? We even got into accidents at the same time.” “What’s wrong? Did something happen?” Mikayla quickly asked. Elise let out another sigh. “I went horse-riding yesterday and got thrown off my horse. Luckily for me, it wasn’t anything serious. I’ve recovered from the fall already.”

Having heard Elise say that, Mikayla promptly sat down. “Actually, I got hit by a car,” she whispered. Elise was startled. “Wait, what? You got hit by a car? When did that happen?” “It’s okay. It’s all in the past now. But, do you know who hit me?” Mikayla had excitement written all over her face. It boggled Elise’s mind. This was the first time Elise had seen someone not feel angry at all toward the person who hit them with their car. In fact, Mikayla actually seemed rather happy. “Who was it?” Mikayla giggled. “My husband, Jack.” Elise stared at her in bewilderment.

“He was the one who hit you?” Elise suddenly recalled that day when she called Jack. He had said that he was at the hospital dealing with something. Was he there because he went to see Mikayla after he hit her? “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re not pulling my leg?” Elise asked in concern, but Mikayla shook her head. “I’m perfectly fine. I’m doing great! In fact, I’m pretty happy. My body aches a bit, but I’m still happy. After all, I got closer to my husband because of this.” Groupies… They’re beyond saving, Elise thought. “As long as you’re okay, I guess.

Nothing else matters then.” Mikayla didn’t share her opinion though. After spending the last few days with Jack, she felt that Jack was a nice person. Not only was he handsome, but he was also an absolutely patient man. Most importantly, he had a sense of responsibility. He could have handed the situation off to his assistant or his manager, but he didn’t. He even kept a close eye on her injuries, and he would take time off to visit her in the hospital. In any case, Mikayla felt that Jack was an amazing man. I wonder who’ll be lucky enough to marry him in the future.

At that thought, her heart soured. She was already beginning to be jealous of the girl who would marry him. …… Meanwhile at Orbis Entertainment, a fleet-footed man entered the room where Charlene was resting. “These are the photos that were obtained while trailing Jack.” The man tossed an envelope to Charlene. Her lips curved up into a smile, her interest piqued. “Did you manage to snap anything useful?”

The man shrugged. “I made a huge discovery. Jack seems to be dating.” Charlene couldn’t stop her hands from stiffening the moment those words were said. She then asked, “You’re serious?” The man gestured for her to open the envelope. “The proof is in your hands. The girl’s still a high school student too. She most likely isn’t of age yet. Jack’s tastes are rather special.” Charlene opened the envelope. It was filled with photos of Jack during his time with Mikayla at the hospital, and there were also photos of him dropping Mikayla off at school. “Were these photos taken at… a hospital?”

The man smiled maliciously. “Exactly. A hospital. Tell me, what would an unmarried man and girl be doing at a hospital?” Charlene’s gaze met his. “Don’t tell me—an abortion?” The man waved a hand after those words left her. “I don’t know the reason, but the media might be interested in probing deeper. No one can control exactly how rumors spread, but public opinion? That can be completely controlled, no? Who knows. Maybe this bit of info would be enough to destroy Jack.”

Charlene smirked. “That’s how the entertainment industry works. We can certainly make good use of this, but that’s not the main thing I wanted. Did you not manage to snap anything else?” The man leaned forward and smiled. “Charlene, I’ve only been trailing him for a short while before I managed to drop off such juicy info. You’re not even giving me any credit for my legwork. You gotta compensate me for this, no?

Some ‘motivating’ compensation so that I stay motivated to keep digging.” All at once, Charlene understood. She got up and reached a hand out, pulling the man closer by his neck and kissing him. The man had a look of enjoyment on his face. Instantly, he stopped being a passive enjoyer and took control of the situation. Soon, the room got steamier…

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