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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 151

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 151

He wrapped his arms around the horse’s neck, letting it continue to run freely. His eyes, however, were observing his surroundings. Right at that moment, he saw a grassy patch up ahead. Instantly, an idea wormed its way into his mind, and he promptly leaped off the horse’s back and rolled onto the grassy patch. He only stopped after several rolls. “Alexander, out of the way! Quick!” Elise’s frantic voice hit him. Alexander looked up, only to see Elise’s horse charging straight for him, and then the horse was right above him. At that moment, he forgot how to move. ……

Elise was also startled by this. She could no longer stand by. She gripped the reins tightly and gave a hard kick to the horse’s abdomen. Then, she dropped from the horse’s back, her own body pressing down onto Alexander’s. At the sight of this, the horse lifted its head and neighed at the sky. However, Elise continued to shield Alexander as she closed her eyes in defeat. The pain that she had anticipated never came though, as the horse had galloped off in a different direction.

Elise cracked her eyes open then. Her brain still hadn’t caught up with reality as she took in everything when Alexander quickly spoke up. “Are you okay? Did you get hurt?” When Elise saw Alexander in front of her, she reflexively reached out and buried herself in his chest for reasons unknown to her. That incident earlier had been far too much of a close call, and during that moment as she hugged Alexander, she seemingly felt secure. Some part of Alexander’s heart was touched when he felt the soft body in his embrace, for he completely forgot to push her away.

“It’s all right. Everything’s over now.” After a while, Alexander consoled her. It was only then that Elise returned to her senses, and she quickly let go of him. “I’m glad that you weren’t hurt. I have no idea what was going on with that horse. Why did it go berserk all of a sudden?” As Elise spoke, she attempted to stand up, but her right leg suddenly gave out on her, and she fell forward. Fortunately for her, Alexander grabbed her in time. “Are you okay?” Elise lowered her head to look at her leg. She could clearly feel the pain coming from her ankle. “I think it’s sprained.”

Hearing her say that, Alexander promptly crouched down to check her foot. “Where? Does it hurt? Can you walk?” Alexander pressed his hand against her ankle as he spoke. Elise gave a pained hiss. “Gentler, please.” He quickly withdrew his hand. “That sprained ankle seems bad. You need to get to the hospital now.” Tears sprang up in Elise’s eyes after she heard that. I’m out of luck today. What did I do to deserve this?

Alexander, on the other hand, didn’t say anything else as he crouched down in front of her. “Get on. I’ll carry you over.” Elise paused for a moment, but in the end, she got onto his back. Alexander carried her toward their starting point. Right then, Owen came cantering over on his horse. His forehead creased tightly when he saw that Elise was injured. “Miss Sinclair, what happened to you?” Elise pursed her lips. She was a little hurt.

“I don’t know what happened, but my horse suddenly got really agitated, and it threw me off its back.” Owen’s face took on an unsightly expression. He had clearly only ordered his men to sabotage Alexander’s horse. He had never once thought about doing anything to Elise’s horse, but now… Now that things had come to this, Owen immediately reined in his expression as he asked in concern, “Let’s not worry about the horse for now.

Why don’t you get on? I’ll send you over.” “You don’t have to. Alex can carry me,” Elise quickly declined. At that, Owen hurriedly took out his phone and made a phone call. Every time they went horse-riding, there would always be medical personnel on standby. Soon after that, two medics in white came rushing over. “Hurry and check Miss Sinclair’s foot,” Owen said. At the same time, Alexander put Elise down so that the doctors could check her. “Her foot isn’t terribly injured. She’s in no danger; she just twisted her ankle. Her bones were unaffected.”

The doctor’s words made Elise let out a breath. “Is that twisted ankle serious?” “It’s no big deal. You’ll be fine after I apply some ointment for you. It should heal by tomorrow.” As the doctor said that, he pulled out a bottle of ointment from the medical kit he had brought with him and applied the ointment on Elise’s foot. Then, he helped Elise with the rest of her symptoms. Soon, Elise’s ankle didn’t hurt as much as it did before. “Miss Sinclair, please watch out for yourself later and rest. As long as you don’t put too much strain on your foot, you should be fine.”

Elise thanked him. “Got it.” Alexander then once again carried Elise on his back to the lounge. Having caught wind of Elise’s injury, Quentin rode back to the lounge. The moment he got off his horse, he made a mad dash over. “Ellie, what happened to you?” Elise poked her tongue out, somewhat embarrassed. “I’m fine. I just fell off my horse.” Quentin’s expression twisted up at those words. “Why would a perfectly fine horse suddenly do that?” The stableboy was terrified by Quentin’s question, and he promptly wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Mr. Fassbender, we tend to the horses carefully with all our attention every day. We have never dared to let something slip us by.”

“T-That’s right, Mr. Fassbender. Even with all the courage in the world, we… we wouldn’t dare to do anything to the horses,” another stableboy stuttered. Quentin glanced at them and said, “It is difficult to assume that you have nothing to do with this when the horse suddenly displayed unusual behavior. I will get the others to investigate this matter thoroughly. You should leave.” “Yes, Mr. Fassbender.” After the stableboys left, Quentin asked Elise about her condition, concerned. He only relaxed and left once he had ascertained that Elise’s ankle was okay.

Not long after that, Quentin met with his most trusted subordinate and ordered, “This horse was definitely acting strange. I’ve been here so many times, but nothing like this has ever happened. Investigate the situation for me and see what the cause is.” “Understood, sir.” Quentin’s eyes darkened slightly. This incident… I hope it’s not what I’m thinking. Due to Elise’s ankle, their horse-riding session came to an end. Elise’s classes would start again soon, so after she explained things to Quentin, she returned to the Griffith Residence with Alexander. Owen also came up with an excuse of his own and left Quentin’s house after Elise had departed. “How did things turn out like this?! I told you to only do this to Alexander’s horse!

Why did Elise fall from hers?” Owen interrogated, his expression stormy. Neil hastily explained, “Sir, that wasn’t my intention. It’s true that we only drugged the horse that Alexander selected, but it was only later that I found out that those two horses had mated before. Who would have thought that this beast would have feelings as well…” “You moron.” Owen’s face went dark at those words. “What a bunch of incompetent fools. You ruined my plans.” “My apologies, sir. The fault lies with me, but I’ll be sure to do better next time.” Owen, however, had run out of patience.

“You think there’ll be a next time? Leave! Do not ever show yourself in front of me again.” “Sir, I…” “Did you not understand what I said? Get out of my sight! And I’m telling you, if this gets out, I will not show you any mercy.” “Sir, we were very discreet with our actions. No one will discover this.” Owen’s expression lightened up, but he still did not let Neil stay. He did not revoke his order for the other man to leave.

Although his plans didn’t work out after all that had happened today, Owen could see that Elise and Alexander were quite close. It seems I have my work cut out for me if I’m going to make this work. Too bad for them, though. I love challenges. The corners of Owen’s lips curved up as a calculating look streaked across his eyes.

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