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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 148

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 148

Alexander thought he had misheard her, but he clearly felt his heart beating wildly in his left chest. “Okay, I promise you. When is it?” He agreed so readily that Elise didn’t get to say anything else. “Tonight,” she blurted. Alexander didn’t ask her any further about it. “Alright. Just wait for me here. I’ll be right back,” he said before walking out of the room. After the door closed, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath. Cameron stepped forward, asking, “What can I do for you, President Griffith?” Alexander said, “Pinch me.” Cameron was perplexed by Alexander’s words.

However, seeing how serious Alexander looked, he slowly pinched Alexander on the arm. Alexander’s lips curled into a faint grin as he sensed the pain. At the sight of the scene, Cameron was horrified. “Did I pinch you too hard, President Griffith? Sorry… I’m—” “It’s fine.” Alexander sounded relaxed. “Cancel my schedule for tonight. I have something private to deal with,” he ordered. With that, he walked away, leaving a stupefied Cameron standing there in bewilderment. Cameron pushed his glasses up his nose. Something told him that Alexander was rather strange today, but he had a vague feeling that Elise had something to do with the reason behind it. Call it a man’s hunch.

Alexander had changed into a brand-new suit when he returned. He went to the lounge room and said to Elise right away, “Let’s go.” Elise was a little surprised by how he had returned so quickly, but she felt somewhat guilty upon remembering that it was her who had asked him for the favor. “Alexander, you agreed without asking me why I need you to do so. You wouldn’t go back on your promise at the last minute, would you?”

Alexander raised his eyebrows before asking, “Is it difficult?” Elise pondered for a moment before shaking her head. Alexander then said, “Why would I go back on it when it’s not?” Elise was lost for words. She thought that Alexander’s words made sense. Still, feeling a sense of responsibility for him, she told him everything about the situation as they left the company. Alexander was expressionless after hearing her story. He merely looked into her eyes for a long time before saying, “I don’t have much experience in posing as someone’s boyfriend, but I’ll try my best to go along with you.”

Elise breathed a sigh of relief when she heard him say so. “Thank you so much! Don’t worry, Alexander. I’ll keep in mind the favor you’ve done me.” Alexander curled his lips into a smile. “Let’s get in the car.” Elise hurriedly got into the car and sent him the mansion’s location on WhatsApp. To her surprise, rather than heading for the destination right away, Alexander went to a shopping mall first and bought some gifts. Elise was stunned when she saw the trunk stuffed with gifts. “What are you doing, Alexander?” Alexander replied, “Didn’t you say that we’re going to meet your godfather?

We can’t possibly go to his place empty-handed, can we?” Elise was lost in thought upon hearing what Alexander said. We’re just pretending to be a couple; why do I have a feeling that Alexander is taking it seriously? This must be an illusion, she thought. Meanwhile, Quentin was sitting in the rocking chair in the courtyard of his mansion, drinking tea made using the Earl Grey tea leaves that he had just purchased this year. Owen, on the other hand, was sitting beside him. “There’s no need to overthink it, Owen. I think Ellie probably made that up on a whim.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend at all. If she really has one, she would’ve told me before, so you have nothing to worry about.” Owen came to his senses. In reality, he didn’t worry about it, for he neither liked nor hated Elise. He only complied with his family’s wishes and went on the blind date with Elise because of Elise’s identity, but whether the blind date worked out or not didn’t matter to him. “Mr. Fassbender, I think I’m fine with it if Miss Sinclair has found a good match for herself. After all, only remarkably talented and capable young men are good enough for someone as outstanding as her.” Quentin felt the same way; his daughter was a fine lady no matter how he looked at it.

Even though Elise wasn’t his biological daughter, he didn’t consider her any different from a daughter of his own. “Ellie is clever and beautiful. She was pursued by countless men two years ago, and I only helped her keep those men away because she was still a teenager at the time.” Owen was surprised upon hearing this. Elise is far from attractive; what’s so outstanding about her in Mr. Fassbender’s eyes? Not only that, but he even said that she’s very beautiful, he thought.

“There must be something extraordinary about Miss Sinclair that people are obsessed about.” Quentin gave him a meaningful look before explaining with a smile, “I’m afraid you don’t have a good grasp of the situation, Owen. Ellie is full of ideas, and she can be very imaginative. Sometimes, not even I could figure out what she’s thinking about. She’s absolutely good-natured, though,” he said, before instructing one of his men to bring his cell phone over.

“Let me show you what Ellie really looks like.” After finding a photo of Elise that was taken two years ago, he handed his cell phone to Owen right away. Owen’s eyes were full of surprise when he took a glance at the photo. There was a trace of youthfulness in the features of the young lady in the photo, but it wasn’t difficult to tell from her stunning features that she was drop-dead gorgeous. But the Elise I saw was… Owen thought, before a sudden realization hit him. So that’s what’s going on. “Miss Sinclair is very gorgeous indeed. One can’t help taking a fancy to her at a glance.”

Quentin seemed satisfied with this answer. “You have to work hard if you want to win her heart, Owen,” he said with a hint of encouragement. Owen’s eyes darkened. At first, he didn’t have much interest in Elise and only agreed to go on a blind date with her out of respect for Quentin. But now, she had sparked his interest. “I’ll do my best, Mr. Fassbender.” The two were chatting when the bodyguard outside came in and reported, “Miss is back with a stranger, sir.” Quentin was startled. “She’s back so soon?” he exclaimed while putting down his phone.

Then, he said to Owen, “Let’s go and take a look.” Owen followed Quentin closely as they walked along the hallway all the way to the living room. Quentin sat down in the living room on his own, holding the finance and economics newspaper he had read this morning as he pretended to read it. Elise somehow tensed up when she and Alexander arrived at the mansion’s main gate. Nevertheless, she said to Alexander, “Just do as we agreed on earlier.”

Alexander’s eyes softened as he stared at her. “Okay.” The pair got out of the car at the same time. Upon seeing them, the bodyguard hurriedly walked up to them and greeted Elise respectfully, “Welcome home, Miss.” “Where’s Papa? Take us there.” The bodyguard extended his hand as a gesture of welcome.

Just as Elise was about to go in, Alexander stepped in front of her and signaled to her to hold his arm. Elise felt somewhat embarrassed, but then it occurred to her that she had to play out the drama tonight. Therefore, she stretched out her hand and took his arm. Somehow, the pair looked like a match made in heaven as they stood side by side. Elise’s heart kept pounding as she held Alexander’s arm. Owen was the first to see them, and he greeted her first. “You’re here, Miss Sinclair.”

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