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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 147

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 147

Jack took off his face mask, revealing his face, of which even women were envious. When Mikayla saw that, she thought her eyes were deceiving her. “Why are you here, hubby?” she blurted out before immediately covering her mouth. Then, she apologized with an apologetic smile, “Sorry, I’m used to calling you that…” As soon as she finished her sentence, she wished she could bite her tongue off. What do you mean, “I’m used to calling you that,” Mikayla?

Wouldn’t that make it obvious that I’ve been fantasizing about him for a long time? she thought. “What brings you here, Jack?” she asked curiously. Jack stepped toward her, asking, “Are you feeling better?” Is my husband caring about me? Mikayla felt like she was going to die of happiness. Even though she was still on an intravenous drip at this moment, she felt this was the happiest moment of her life. “I’m fine. It’s just some scratches and bruises,” she answered.

Only then did she realize something peculiar. How did Jack know that I got wounded? And why does he care so much about me? We’ve only met each other at school before. Well, I did play a role in the filming of his music video. Has he always remembered me since then? Jack was finally relieved when he saw that Mikayla was all right. “It’s good that you’re alright. Sorry, I got distracted while driving and knocked you over. If you need compensation, just tell my assistant the specific amount.” Mikayla was dumbfounded. So I was actually knocked over by Jack? What a stroke of luck this is! she thought.

“I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about it, Jack. I believe that you didn’t do it on purpose. As for compensation, I have no need for that,” she replied magnanimously, with no intention of blaming Jack at all. Jack was somewhat at a loss when he heard Mikayla say so. It was the first time he ran into such a thing. The lady seemed to be a fan of his, and she even idolized him. “You don’t have to hold back. It was my fault for knocking you over, so feel free to tell me whatever you want.” Mikayla couldn’t help laughing when she saw Jack behaving like this. “I’m fine, really. Besides, I’m not someone who would throw themselves in front of your car to blackmail you for money, so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you really feel bad about it, how about I add you on WhatsApp and send you a message if there’s anything?” Jack thought that Mikayla’s request was very reasonable. Without giving it much thought, he took out his cell phone right away and shared his WhatsApp QR code with her. Mikayla scanned his code right away without a moment’s delay. Just as she finished doing so, his phone rang. She glanced at the phone’s screen and noticed that it was a phone call from Elise. “Elise is calling you, Jack.” Jack retracted his arm and looked at his phone with a slight frown.

Elise would never call him on her own initiative unless it was his turn to pick her up from school. However, it wasn’t his turn to do so today. He looked up at Mikayla, asking, “Did you tell her?” He was referring to the incident where he had knocked her over. Mikayla immediately shook her head. “No, I didn’t. I only learned just now that it was you who knocked me over, so I couldn’t have told her about it. She must have something else to talk to you about.” “Mm-hm,” Jack responded. “Well then, have a good rest and tell Ronald if you need anything,” he said while turning around.

After walking out of the ward, he picked up the phone and asked, “Anything?” Upon hearing Jack’s voice on the other end, Elise cut to the chase. “Where are you now?” Jack’s eyes darkened as he glanced at the ward—the door of which was tightly shut—behind him. He answered, “I’m at the hospital.” Elise was surprised. “Are you ill?” Jack denied, “No, I’m here to visit a friend.” When Elise heard him say so, she didn’t question him about the reason he was at the hospital. Instead, she merely asked, “Are you free tonight? I’d like to ask you a favor.”

Recalling that he still had work to do tonight, he replied straightforwardly, “If you have anything to talk about, just tell me on the phone. I have work to do tonight, so I’m afraid I already have my hands full.” His reply shattered the only hope left in Elise’s heart. “Forget about it, then. I’ll find a way on my own,” she said before hanging up. Jamie hurriedly asked, “How is it, Boss? Did he agree?” Elise shook her head. “I’m afraid he can’t make it. He’s busy tonight.” “Oh,” Jamie responded. Then, he casually suggested, “In that case, let’s ask someone else instead. Alexander is definitely more suitable for the job.

Why don’t you give it a try, Boss?” Elise was somewhat hesitant. In the end, however, she let out a sigh in helplessness. “Alright, I’ll give it a try.” Jamie drove Elise to the Griffith Group right away. The immaculate marble floor reflected Elise’s slender figure. Since it wasn’t the first time she came to the Griffith Group, those in the company knew her to a certain degree. When they saw her, they respectfully greeted her, “Miss Sinclair.” “What can I do for you, Miss Sinclair?” asked an assistant. Elise pondered for a moment before asking, “Is Alexander here?”

The assistant answered with a smile, “President Griffith is in the office. I’ll inform Cameron right away.” Then, the assistant hurriedly called Cameron. Cameron hurried downstairs to pick Elise up when he learned of her arrival. “Miss Elise, you should’ve told us beforehand that you would be coming. President Griffith is now having a video conference, which will take a while.” He led Elise to the lounge on the top floor. “Please wait here for a moment, Miss Elise. I’ll let you know when President Griffith’s done.” “Thanks,” Elise replied. Cameron then left the room.

Elise felt somewhat nervous now that she had arrived at the Griffith Group. Now I’m here, but what if Alexander turns me down? After all, pretending to be someone’s boyfriend is really quite embarrassing, she thought. She randomly picked up a magazine and flipped through its pages, but her attention wasn’t on it at all. After a long time, the door to the office was pushed open, and Alexander strode in. When he saw Elise, a strange look crept into his originally expressionless eyes. With feigned composure, he stepped forward and asked, “Is there something you wanna talk to me about?”

Elise tightened her grip on the magazine upon hearing his voice. Raising her eyes subconsciously, she asked, “Are you done with work?” Only then did Alexander notice the magazine she was holding. He couldn’t help but remind, “You’re holding the magazine upside down.” Elise promptly lowered her eyes to look at the magazine she was holding. Then, she hastily put it aside while concealing her embarrassment.

“Do you have anything on later?” Alexander felt Elise was somewhat weird today. Still, despite him being as busy as a bee, he said, “Not really.” “Oh,” Elise replied without saying anything else. Inwardly, though, she was deliberating how to ask him the question. However, Alexander seemed to have seen through her. He said, “If you’ve got something to talk to me about, just say it.” Elise looked up and met his eyes.

After a long time, she said, “Indeed, there’s a favor I’d like to ask of you.” Alexander fixed his eyes on her while waiting for her to continue. Elise gritted her teeth. Finally, she said, “Alexander, can you pretend to be my boyfriend just for one night?” Silence reigned over the air the instant she finished her sentence.

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