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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 144

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 144

“Yes, my people have looked into it for quite some time but they didn’t find anything.” Charlene’s expression darkened even more. “I understand.” As she hung up on the call, her grip tightened around her phone. “What’s wrong, Charlene? Are you okay?” Charlene let out a scoff and shot her assistant a sharp glare. The one look was enough to send a shudder up her spine. “What’s wrong, you say? Are you hoping for something to go wrong for me?” The assistant quickly explained herself, “No, Charlene. I didn’t mean it like that.” However, the woman wouldn’t give her a chance.

“Just pack your things and leave now. I don’t want to see you ever again.” With those words, Charlene lifted her chin high and stomped away pompously. As she boarded her minivan, all she could think about was the fact that her people had failed to find even the slightest information on H. After all, H was clearly back in the industry, and she had to do something about it. Wait a minute. Since H wrote a new song for Jack, that means they’re acquainted. If that’s the case, I’ll be able to find H as long as I keep an eye on Jack. An idea popped up in Charlene’s mind as soon as she thought of that.

If she couldn’t find anything on H, she’d definitely succeed if she kept an eye on Jack. Meanwhile, Elise, who was still in class, had no idea about what happened. Seeing that her friend had been absent for the whole day, she sent Mikayla a text message after class. However, she never got a reply even after some time, and she didn’t think much of it either. Just then, her phone buzzed with a call. “Boss, they’re back at it again.” Jamie’s voice rang in her ear. He was trying his best to track the other party, but they were too cunning indeed, so much that even someone as skilled as Jamie fell short to them as a rival.

“Just hold them back for now. I’ll be there right away.” Elise hung up and told Danny to fill the teacher in on her early leave before she rushed to Ferry Building. Jamie had been dealing with them for the time being up until Elise’s arrival. After sitting down, Elise didn’t immediately begin to track them down. Instead, she tried to contact them. ‘What do you want?’ Elise wrote and sent it over. Then, she waited patiently for a reply.

Not even two minutes passed when the other side responded with a smiley face emoji. Jamie couldn’t hold back from cursing out loud, “Who the fck is this dumbss?!” Elise knitted her brows. Her fingers ran across the keyboard as she typed, ‘I know you don’t mean any harm. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have continued talking to us for this long, am I right?’ The reply was yet another smiley face. This time, Elise was all out of patience. “Boss, let’s just end it right now.” Elise stared at the emoji replies; her eyes darkened as she sunk into thought. She continued the conversation as she launched another tab and started writing some code.

‘Do you know me?’ wrote Elise, but the other side didn’t reply for a long time. At the same time, Elise had completed her code which she immediately planted into the other party’s system. A short moment later, their IP address was already in her hands. Just then, the other party replied, ‘I’ll be waiting for you.’ The reply was simple, and Elise instantly knew what it meant—they had done that on purpose. They’d clearly figured out her actions and had intentionally exposed their IP address for her benefit.

“I’ll go with you, Boss,” Jamie suggested. However, the moment he said that, a line of words appeared on the screen. ‘I want you to come alone.’ Jamie felt like they were definitely planning something. “You shouldn’t risk going alone, Boss. You’re a girl, after all. We should just ignore this dumb*ss.” Elise pursed her lips before she said, “No worries. I’ll go and meet them alone.” “But…” The next moment, Elise stood up. “Don’t worry.

I’ll be fine.” Even so, she didn’t know if she was reassuring Jamie or herself with those words. Strangely, though, she had a faint feeling that the unknown person behind the screen was someone she knew, and that they had no intention of harming her. And so, Elise wanted to give it a try and meet them in person. “I’ll send you a message every 30 minutes. Call for back-up if you don’t hear from me for an hour.” Jamie was still worried, but he knew that Elise was never one to turn back once she made a decision. Thus, he could only comply. “Don’t worry, Boss. I got it.” “Give me your car keys.” Jamie quickly took his car keys out of his pocket and gave it to Elise.

She took it and turned around without another word. The IP address pointed toward the outskirts of town. Elise started the engine and drove straight toward the location. An hour later, she glanced at the pin on the map of her phone and looked around. She was quite literally in the middle of nowhere, but she was sure that this was the place. However, she couldn’t find anyone even after looking around. Elise started to suspect if she’d gone the wrong way, so she slowed down and drove down the path.

Just then, she saw a huge and extravagant mansion hidden behind a forest of trees. Elise’s eyes darkened at once. She got down from the car after parking it by the roadside. As she walked up to the pond in the front yard of the mansion, two black German shepherds came running up to her. Elise looked down at the two dogs and her eyes were instantly filled with glee. “Potato! Tomato!” The dogs stopped next to her legs and excitedly wagged their tails as they stared up at her. Elise crouched down immediately and patted their heads affectionately.

“Oh my god! What are you guys doing here? Papa can’t be here, can he?” At that exact moment, the booming deep voice of a middle-aged man came out of nowhere. “Ellie!” Elise instinctively looked up when she heard the familiar voice. She called out cheerfully, “Papa!” When Quentin Fassbender laid his eyes on Elise’s strange appearance, though, he couldn’t help but tease, “My goodness, are you really my sweet daughter? What happened to your face?” Elise scratched her head a little awkwardly, but the next second, she boldly jogged up to him and wrapped her arm around his.

“Aren’t I pretty this way, Papa?” A deep frown formed between Quentin’s brows as he stared at Elise. “Why did you do this to yourself? It hurts to see you looking like this.” She stuck out her tongue and said, “Hehe! Just for fun.” “What’s so fun about this? Go and take this ridiculous makeup off your face right now.” To his surprise, Elise shook her head. “Nah, I’d rather not. I think this is great for a change. Besides, everyone around me thinks I look like this now. It’d be troublesome if I go back to normal all of a sudden.”

Quentin knew that Elise had her own way of doing things, but she was truly too ugly to look at right now. “Alright, sure. As long as you’re happy.” Elise simply replied with a scoff and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you’re visiting, Papa? You didn’t need to lure me over in such a manner.”

Quentin started laughing loudly when she mentioned that. “What do you think, Ellie? Wasn’t it a great surprise?” Elise shook her head. “A great surprise? More like a great scare.” However, Quentin put on a mysterious smile. “What I mean is… Were you surprised by the skills of the person who was battling against you behind the screen?”

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