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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 143

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 143

Elise couldn’t help but ask, ‘Did something happen today? You don’t seem too well.’ Alexander stared at the band-aid around his finger as he replied, ‘It’s nothing. It’s just that you suddenly seem a lot like a friend of mine.’ Elise’s heart shuddered. She almost immediately assumed that Alexander was trying to expose her identity, but she was also quite certain that her disguise was flawless, and that he wouldn’t have seen through it so easily. ‘Am I? In what way are we similar?’

A slight frown formed between his brows. He felt ridiculous all of a sudden; Sare and Elise were clearly two different people, so how did he end up linking the two of them together? ‘It’s nothing. I’m probably just overthinking it.’ Elise let out a breath of relief. ‘Since you’re not feeling the best, let’s postpone our lesson.’ Alexander didn’t reject her suggestion. He replied with an ‘OK’ emoji and went offline right after. On the other end, Elise stared at the darkened profile icon of the man, and her subconscious pictured the figure of Alexander at this moment as he sat in his room. Her lips curved into a sweet smile. The next morning, Jack was quietly waiting downstairs. When there was still no sign of Elise after some time, he called out, “What are you doing, Elise? You’ll be late if we don’t leave soon!” Elise finally came downstairs in a rush. She had trouble falling asleep last night and didn’t doze off until past midnight, which was precisely why she’d woken up late today. “I’m coming!” Elise got into the car in a hurry and Jack immediately drove away.

He seemed to be in quite a good mood today and was humming his new song all the way to school. “Elise,” Jack suddenly called her name. She looked up and asked, “Yeah?” Jack studied her face for a moment before he finally let out his question. “You and my brother… Is there anything going on between you guys?” Elise blinked stiffly. She was unsure why he’d ask such a question, but she instinctively denied his claim nonetheless. “Like what?” Jack thought that she didn’t understand what he meant, so he tried again and asked, “Tell me honestly, Elise. Have you fallen for Alexander?”

Elise let out a light cough to mask her true feelings. She quickly averted her eyes and answered as she stared out the window, “Nonsense.” Jack was obviously unconvinced. “Are you sure? Why do I feel like there’s something unusual going on between you two?” For instance, Alexander would take her along even when he hung out with his brothers. Also, the condescending air around Alexander which could be sensed from miles away would disappear without a trace whenever he was with Elise. “What are you talking about? There’s nothing unusual going on between us!

Stop imagining things and focus on your new song.” Jack stopped probing since Elise was visibly upset. Regarding his new song, the music and lyrics that were both composed and written by H was amazing. The song wouldn’t have blown up the way it did if it wasn’t for H. In fact, he wanted to personally pay his thanks to H, but he couldn’t contact them no matter what; even Noel couldn’t help him secure an appointment with H. “Forget it. I won’t ask anymore if you don’t want to tell me. You know what, though, Elise? You should make your move soon if you really are interested in him.

After all, it’s not easy to bag a man as brilliant as Alexander.” If he got it right and Elise had really fallen for Alexander, it’d be great if she ended up as their sister-in-law. After getting along with her for some time, he’d found Elise to be a lot less of a nuisance compared to when they first met. She was instead an easygoing and approachable person who could be naturally casual with each of the brothers; she was never too over the top with flattering them or putting up a cold front.

Most importantly, he could feel that Alexander treated Elise rather differently. “Since you have time to pry into someone else’s privacy, why don’t you think about your own life?” With those parting words, Elise opened the door and got down from the car. Jack watched her furthering figure and muttered under his breath, “What’s wrong with my life? I’m doing fine, except I don’t have a girlfriend…” His heart ached a little. Was she roasting me for being single?

Nonetheless, he brushed it off with a scoff and didn’t think much of it before he started his car and sped off. At that moment, though, his phone rang. He reached out and tried to retrieve his phone from the passenger seat, but he accidentally dropped it underneath. Thus, he hastily bent down to pick up his phone. Just then, a loud bang sounded in the air and he slammed on the brakes immediately. The inertia sent his body crashing forward, and his head knocked into the windshield.

It was then that Jack noticed a person lying on the ground. He panicked and scurried down from his car at once. “Are you okay? You good?” However, when he realized who the victim was, he was stunned. Isn’t this the girl who’s always with Elise? “Hey, are you okay? Wake up.” But Mikayla simply lay motionlessly in Jack’s arms. He didn’t have time for much consideration and carried her straight into his car and gave Ronald a call as he rushed to the hospital.

“I hit someone, Ronald. I’m on the way to the community hospital…” Ronald was stunned when he heard those words. “You’re okay, right?” Jack quickly replied, “I’m fine, but she got hurt pretty bad.” “Okay, listen to me—don’t panic. I’ll be there right away. Be careful and don’t let the paparazzi catch any of this.” Jack hung up and stepped on the gas all the way. At the hospital, the doctor came up to them and quickly pushed Mikayla into the operating theater.

Jack stood outside and waited as he panted for air. Before long, Ronald came rushing up to him. “How’s things? How’s the person doing?” Jack replied, “She’s still in the operating theater.” Ronald didn’t care much about that, though. “This can never get out no matter what. We’ll have to impose a media blackout at once. Listen up, you leave ahead. I’ll take care of things here.” “But…” “Come on, no buts. Please, Jack, don’t forget who you are.

It’ll be messy if the media gets a hold of this.” Ronald spoke in a rushed manner as he whipped out his phone to call the driver. “Come over to the back door. Jack will be waiting for you there.” Then, he hung up and made Jack leave in a hurry. Even though Jack felt quite helpless, he could only leave for the sake of preserving his reputation. Jack returned to the company, but his mind was obviously somewhere else.

Just as he approached the elevator, Charlene, who was heading in his direction with a smile, gave him a warm greeting. “Jack!” Jack nodded absent-mindedly and walked past her with a poker face before stepping into the elevator. The smile on Charlene’s face froze in an instant. Jack had never taken her seriously; no matter how many times she’d tried to cozy up to him, he’d brush her off like she was nothing.

“Your phone’s ringing, Charlene,” her assistant said in a low voice when she saw the unhappy look on her boss’ face. Charlene took the phone and put it to her ear. After hearing what the caller had to say, the look in her eyes darkened. “You didn’t find anything? How’s that possible?”

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