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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 142

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 142

Ashlyn didn’t say another word and compliantly followed behind the man, but her eyes showed a hint of underlying dissatisfaction. How? How does an ugly duckling like Elise manage to live so vivaciously, and yet I have to suffer in such a way? …… When they arrived home, Alexander carried all the newly bought things to Elise’s room. This was his first time in her room, and he could detect a slight fragrance in the air as he entered. “Let me know if there’s anything else you need.

I’ll have Cameron bring it over to you,” Alexander said. Elise glanced at the pile of shopping bags in front of her and was a little shocked that they’d actually bought so many things today. “That won’t be necessary for now. We’ve already bought a lot, actually.” Alexander nodded and asked, “What do you want to eat for dinner? I’ll pass the word to the kitchen.” Elise’s eyes moved around as she pondered. She thought of something all of a sudden and said, “I want sticky pork ribs and roasted chicken.” Alexander made a mental note of her cravings.

“Sure, get some rest and just come downstairs when it’s time for dinner.” As he spoke, he left her room with wide and brisk steps. Elise cupped her face with one hand as she stared at herself in the mirror. Strangely, she felt like a girl who was being pampered by her boyfriend. Elise lay on her huge bed and stared at the ceiling above her; an image of Alexander surfaced in her mind and she couldn’t help but smile sweetly. Then, she rolled over and gradually fell asleep. Night approached steadily outside her windows. It wasn’t until a knock sounded on her door that Elise stirred.

She stretched lazily and checked the time—she was surprised to find that it was already over 7.00PM. “Dinner’s ready, Miss Sinclair.” The housekeeper’s voice came from outside her room. Elise quickly replied, “All right, coming.” Lifting her blanket, she hopped off her bed before putting on her slippers and leaving her room. On the way down, she bumped into Danny who was playing mobile games on his phone. He instinctively hid his phone at the sight of Elise and greeted her nervously, “Boss!” Elise looked at him and asked, “Have you been gaming again?” Danny admitted sheepishly, “Yeah…

I only played for a while, though—it was only a round.” Elise nodded in response. “Okay. Have you done your homework? Is there anything you don’t understand?” To that, Danny quickly said, “Yeah, there are a few questions I don’t understand. Can we please go over them after dinner?” Elise hid the cunning look in her eyes as she stared at him. She replied readily, “Of course, but I have a condition.” Danny had a bad feeling right away. “W-What is it?”

Elise extended a palm in front of him. “Give me your phone. No more mobile games until you make the top three on your next exam.” Danny felt like he was being controlled, but as he gave it some thought, it was indeed his own goal to pay attention to his studies in the first place. He wouldn’t be able to study well if he continued to give in to his desires and played mobile games without restraining himself. Thus, he happily handed Elise his phone.

“Here, Boss.” Elise said with a chuckle, “Good boy. Listen, you can play your games all day all night when you get into college. I won’t stop or bother you anymore then.” For some reason, Danny felt a little bummed out when Elise said she wouldn’t bother him. It was almost as if he enjoyed being constantly supervised by her. The two of them went down the stairs one after another. The housekeeper said the moment they arrived downstairs, “Mr. Griffith has business to attend to this evening, so he won’t be having dinner at home. Young Masters Brendan and Jack also said that they won’t be coming home tonight.” Elise nodded in acknowledgment and went straight to the dining hall.

Placed on the middle of the dining table was the sticky pork ribs and roasted chicken that she’d mentioned earlier. A warm feeling flooded her heart instantly and her mouth curved up into a sweet smile. “Wow, we’re having sticky pork ribs?” Danny hastily pulled out a chair and sat down. Then, he immediately picked up his fork and knife as he prepared to dig in. At that moment, Alexander seemed to appear out of nowhere and bellowed, “Danny!” Danny froze on the spot as soon as he heard that and quickly put down his cutlery. He looked up at his brother and greeted, “Alexander.”

It was obvious that Danny was still rather afraid of crossing Alexander. The latter responded lightly and turned to Elise. “Here are the sticky pork ribs and roasted chicken that you were craving. Why don’t you give them a try?” Danny realized then that the food on the table was specially prepared for Elise. It was no wonder his brother reacted in such a way. Thus, he quickly pulled out a chair for Elise and politely said, “Take a seat, Boss.”

Elise sat down with a smile on her face. Even when the housekeeper had finished bringing out all the dishes, neither Alexander nor Danny started eating. Alexander turned to Elise and said, “Give it a taste.” Elise cut a piece and took a bite. Instantly, the rich barbeque sauce melted in her mouth; it tasted no different from what she remembered. “It’s delicious. Please, dig in.” Danny had been itching to start eating the moment he saw the food, so he began to stuff his face as soon as he was allowed to.

“These ribs are so good, Alexander.” Alexander instinctively hid his hand under the table as he watched them enjoy the food—there was a small but noticeable band-aid around his finger. “Eat more if you like it.” Elise thought that the sticky pork ribs were pretty tasty, but she could taste a hint of charred residue on the meat. She assumed that the chef must’ve been careless with the fire as he was cooking it. Other than that, she didn’t give it much further thought. At that very moment in the kitchen, however, Stella was staring at quite a few slabs of pork ribs lying in the trash can, completely burnt and inedible. It was her first time seeing Alexander cook after serving in the Griffith Family for so many years.

At the thought of that, she couldn’t help but chuckle. Seems like Young Master Alex has fallen for that young woman. After dinner, Elise went to the study to teach Danny his homework. Just then, her phone rang. She took it out of her pocket and realized that it was an alarm that she’d set for herself. Today was Wednesday, the day she had to teach Arisian to Alexander. “Have you understood everything? Do you have any other questions?”

Danny shook his head. “Nope. I’m all good.” Elise then left the study and returned to her room. After locking the door behind her, she turned on her computer and noticed that Alexander was already online. She couldn’t help herself and sent him a message. ‘Quite on time, aren’t you?’ Alexander simply replied, ‘Yeah.’ Immediately after that, he said, ‘Let’s start, then.

What’s the topic for today?’ Elise was surprised at how fast Alexander could learn. In just over a month, he’d already mastered the basic Arisian sentence structures and grammar. He practically had no problem engaging in simple conversations as of now. ‘Let’s practice situation dialog today,’ said Elise.

Then, she swiftly began to create a scenario in which they could have a conversation. Though Alexander was usually very efficient in learning Arisian, he seemed a bit off today. In truth, he felt like Sare’s way of speech was quite similar to Elise’s. Have I gone crazy? Why does everything I do have something to do with Elise?

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