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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 137

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 137

Upset, Wilder answered, ‘We know. We know. Your idol is the most powerful one; no one can break the record she had set back then. But there’s been no news about your idol for so many years. When do you think she’ll start playing games again?’ As soon as he said this, the group fell silent. After a while, KK said, ‘My idol is just resting. When she’s done resting, she’ll definitely come back.’ KK was absolutely certain of this. He believed that his idol, Ellimane, would definitely return. ‘I still have something to do, so I’ll go offline first. Let’s play together another day.’

After Elise sent the message, she immediately quit the game. Danny, who was beside her, was dissatisfied. “Boss, if I had known you were so good at playing games, I would’ve asked you to play a few more rounds with me. I haven’t had enough of it yet, yet you’re already going to quit?” Elise wrapped her arms around her chest and looked at him. “You still want to play games with me?” Danny nodded without the slightest hesitation, so Elise agreed and said, “Okay.

When you get into the top three in the class during the final exam, I’ll play with you for an entire night.” Danny’s eyes widened. “Boss, are you serious?” Smiling, Elise replied, “Dead serious.” Danny was as excited as a kid in a candy store. “Boss, just wait and see. I’ll definitely get into the top three. When the time comes, don’t forget to play games with me all night as you promised.” Elise nodded. “Don’t worry. I won’t forget.”

Having gotten her word, Danny didn’t have any interest in fooling around anymore. He went back to get his homework done, vowing to study hard, improve every day, and work hard to achieve his goals. … Elise returned to the Griffith Residence. The house was extraordinarily lively today because Robin and Laura were there. Jonah was in the living room, greeting Robin and Laura. “Thanks for coming all the way here.

This time, stay here for a while longer before going back.” Robin gave him a bright smile. “I’ll say, Jonah, when I sent my granddaughter over, you swore to me that you would definitely bring the two children together. It’s been more than half a year, but there’s still no news. Both of us old bones are still waiting for a grandchild.” Hearing this, Jonah repeatedly patted his head. “Robin, the children’s relationship matters can’t be rushed.

Besides, I think those two have some feelings for each other, but someone just needs to give them a little push. Only then will they take it a step further.” As soon as Jonah finished speaking, the servant came over. “Miss Sinclair is back.” In an instant, the three elderly people in the hall looked at each other, and it was as if something had sparked inside them. “Since Ellie is back, we need to carefully sound her out to find out what’s going on,” Robin said in a low voice, and Laura chimed in as well, “Let’s get this straight first:

No matter what, we’ll respect Ellie’s choice. We can’t interfere too much.” Robin reassured her, “Don’t worry about that! As long as Ellie likes him, as her grandfather, I’ll give my full support no matter what. I’ll never cause them additional trouble.” Laura dropped the subject, while Jonah said, “Don’t worry, you two. I’m concerned and have been watching whatever’s happening between those two.

But I’ll admit that I’m at my wit’s end too.” As he spoke, Elise came in. Upon seeing Robin and Laura, she was instantly surprised. “Grandpa, Grandma, what brought the two of you here?” Striding forward, she threw herself into Laura’s arms. “Grandma, I missed you so much.” As Laura studied her granddaughter, she couldn’t stop her eyes from turning red. “My lovely Ellie.” Robin, on the other hand, pretended to be calm.

“Ellie, have you gotten used to living here yet?” Elise nodded. “Yes, everything is well here.” When Robin and Laura heard this, they felt like a heavy weight had been lifted. The family continued chatting, and after a while, the servant came over again to report, “Sir, the young masters are back.” Immediately afterward, with Alexander leading Jack, Danny, and Brendan, the four young masters of the Griffith Family entered the hall. Jonah called out, “Come here. This is Mr. Robin, and this is Madam Laura.”

The brothers greeted in unison, “Mr. Robin. Madam Laura.” Robin and Laura swept their gazes over them one by one before finally stopping on Alexander. “Such good boys! Jonah! Your grandsons are all marvelous young men.” Jonah replied with a smile, “You don’t have to praise them. Compared to Ellie, they’re not even worth mentioning.” “Robin, Laura, it isn’t often we get you two here, so let’s enjoy the evening together.”

Jonah invited them all into the dining hall. The whole family sat together, and the atmosphere was extremely lively. Robin looked at Elise, then said to Jonah, “Actually, we made this trip here to bring Ellie back. She’s been here for so long that it must be causing you trouble.” As soon as he said this, the Griffith brothers exchanged looks. Danny was the most anxious one. “Elise is leaving already?” Robin nodded. “It’s time for her to go back.”

Elise was confused about this too, because Robin had never mentioned this to her. Now that he had announced it in front of so many people, Elise felt a strange sense of reluctance. “Can’t she stay for a while longer?” Danny asked in a somewhat pleading tone as he looked at Elise with a pitiful look. Elise’s lips curled up into a smile. “Why? You can’t bear not having me around?” Danny nodded without hesitation.

“Boss, if you leave, who’s going to teach me math? Who’s going to play games with me? And who’s going to look out for me?” Elise slightly raised her eyebrows. “But sooner or later, I’ll have to go home.” This upset Danny even more. He didn’t even realize that amongst his brothers, he was the most reluctant to let Elise leave.

Alexander didn’t say a word throughout the entire meal, and he had a calm expression on his face, as if this matter had nothing to do with him. At this moment, Jonah said to Robin, “Ellie has brought a lot of joy to our family during this period. Now that you’re taking her home so suddenly, I’m quite unwilling to let her go.”

Looking up at Jonah, Elise said in a melancholic tone, “Grandpa Griffith, I’ll come visit you often.” When Jonah heard this, he was rather relieved. Despite that, he couldn’t help but glance at Alexander, only to realize that his grandson had no reaction whatsoever, which caused the anger inside him to rise.

Just then, Alexander set down his cutleries. “Grandpa, Mr. Robin, Madam Laura, I’m done eating, so I’ll excuse myself to go upstairs first.” With that, he got up and left the dining hall without a second thought.

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