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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 136

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 136

Danny figured that she made sense, so he immediately took out his phone and handed it to Elise. “How about you play first, Boss? Let me see how strong you are.” Elise was speechless, but she gave him a smile. “There’s no need for that. Go online. I already have an account.” Upon hearing her say that, Danny scratched his head sheepishly, then took back his phone and logged in to his account. However, when Elise was about to log in to her account, which hadn’t been accessed for a long time, she realized that she had forgotten her password.

Hence, she simply signed up for a new account and logged in. “I’ll add you as a friend,” Elise said, then asked for Danny’s username. After a while, he received a friend request. Although he already had the conception that Elise was just a rookie, when he saw that her account was still at the lowest level, the corners of Danny’s lips twitched.

However, he didn’t think it was nice to destroy Elise’s enthusiasm, so he figured that he could help her a little later when they formed teams so that she wouldn’t lose so terribly. “How are we playing?” Elise asked. Danny thought that she didn’t know how to play and was planning to explain it to her, but she continued, “Are we playing 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, or 5 vs 5?” Danny was stunned. He usually played the 5 vs 5 version with his teammates.

After taking a look, he found that those teammates were all online, so he answered, “Let’s play 5 vs 5. It’s more exciting. I’ll ask my friends to join.” As soon as he finished speaking, he sent a message to his group. When his friends heard that they were teaming up with a novice player, they lost interest. ‘Young Master Danny, you’re not trying to trick us, are you? I don’t want to play with someone who knows nothing and who will only hold us back.’

‘That’s right, Young Master Danny. You should at least find someone with similar strengths as us. Everyone will be more interested then.’ Danny knew that he was forcing them with his request, but Elise was his boss nonetheless. She only agreed to play games together to motivate him to study, so he couldn’t disregard her kindness. Danny’s fingers flew across the keyboard. ‘If you guys join this game today, I’ll send each of you a full set of skins later.’

He could be so capricious simply because he was rich. After a few seconds of silence, his teammates replied in unison, ‘All right. Let’s play one round.’ Danny breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this and hurriedly called Elise, “Boss, they’re here.” Elise hadn’t played this game for a long time. Fortunately, she didn’t have any issues navigating it and was still as good as before. The five of them quickly formed a team to match their opponents before entering the game.

“Boss, you can just follow me later. Your movements aren’t that fast, so don’t run around.” Elise didn’t speak, but her fingers quickly moved her character in the game so that she was running forward with huge strides. As soon as she met an opponent, she quickly settled them. Her movements were natural and smooth, not at all sluggish. The moment she attacked, she defeated the opponent’s main force. “Wow, well done,” Zedd, one of Danny’s teammates, marveled.

Even Danny was caught by surprise. “Boss, that trick was amazing! You don’t seem like a rookie at all. “ Elise said nothing as she continued to pursue their opponent, and Danny hurriedly followed. The opponent’s movements were stable, and it could be seen that his skills were average. However, Danny didn’t pay attention and was attacked by the other party. “Damn it!” Danny couldn’t help but curse as his character died and fell to the ground.

At this moment, Elise came over to give him blood, then she chased after the opponent without saying a word. Her movements were so fast that the opponent didn’t even see how she attacked before they were finished off. Danny was stunned when he saw this, and he completely forgot to operate his own character. Elise hurriedly ran to his side and planned to wipe out any players who were going to attack him. “Boss, lead the way!”

Danny finally realized how good Elise was and followed her. Not at all bothered by this, Elise led Danny as they completely demolished their opponents. In the end, they won the game with an absolute advantage. After the match was over, Danny stared at Elise in disbelief. “Wow, Boss, you handled it so smoothly. You’re simply amazing. It’s hard to believe that you’re a rookie.” Setting down her phone, Elise raised her eyebrows and asked, “Who told you that I’m a rookie?”

Danny widened his eyes in shock, then looked at Elise before murmuring, “But your account is obviously a new one…” Elise was ashamed to tell him that she had forgotten her password, and so she randomly gave a reason. “I’ve played too much on my main account, so I’m just practicing on this extra account.” Only Danny would believe such statements. Afterward, his other teammates added Elise’s account one after another. ‘KK wants to add you as a friend.’

‘Fortuner wants to add you as a friend.’ ‘Wilder wants to add you as a friend.’ When Elise saw the friend requests, she asked, “Who are they?” Danny took a glance and answered, “We play games together. They’re the top ten players on the leaderboard, and they’re all my friends.” After hearing this, Elise accepted their requests. At this moment, KK sent her an invitation message: ‘This user has invited you to join the group chat.’

When Elise saw that the group picture was one of four stickmen, she couldn’t help but laugh. “Danny, that’s quite a unique group picture. What do the four stickmen represent? Does it mean that all four of you are bachelors?” Danny didn’t expect that Elise would expose them so straightforwardly, so he hurriedly tried to redeem himself. “What’s wrong with being bachelors? Bachelors have dignity too. We even have a really nice name—‘The Aristocratic Bachelors’.”

Elise laughed, then accepted the invitation to join the group chat. When KK saw that Elise had joined them, he took the initiative to greet her. “May I know what’s your name, Miss?” Elise subconsciously typed ‘Ellimane’, but felt it was inappropriate. After all, the title was given to her by other people and not self-penned, so she simply used the one she was used to—‘Elli’. Unexpectedly, after she typed out that word, KK said, ‘Elli, can you change your name?

Your name overlaps with my idol’s name.” KK’s idol happened to be Ellimane. Danny quickly piped up, ‘That’s okay. You can still call her Elli.’ Immediately afterward, Fortuner greeted her as well. ‘Hello, Elli. I’m Fortuner.’ Elise replied with a smiling emoji. ‘Nice to meet you.’ The last member, Wilder, hurriedly wrote, ‘Elli, you were amazing.

It’s been a long time since I last saw a girl playing games so well. Your skills are almost comparable to Ellimane’s.’ KK was dissatisfied with this statement. ‘Elli is indeed amazing, but she’s still not as good as my idol.’

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