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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 132

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 132

This time, Alexander’s face was darker than the sky during a thunderstorm. The air pressure dropped instantly, and even Jack shuddered. In the next second, Alexander enunciated, “I. Don’t. Like. Men!” With a few simple words, Elise could hear that he was almost hissing it out between his teeth, so she then nodded quickly. “Oh, I see!” The heaviness in the air gradually lightened, whereupon Jack exhaled deeply and blinked at Elise, as if telling her that they couldn’t simply joke about this with Alexander.

Noticing that, Elise stuck out her tongue playfully and then withdrew her gaze. After returning home, Elise opened the car door first and got out of the car, while Jack was still chatting with Alexander about H. “Oh, by the way, Alex, I forgot to ask you: Why are you so obsessed with this H anyway?”

Alexander originally didn’t want to answer such a naive question, but if he didn’t answer, his sexual orientation would be judged again, so he still said what was in his heart. “After so many years, I still owe her a concert ticket, so I have to find a chance to return it to her.” “Oh? That’s it?” Jack asked in disbelief. Alexander frowned slightly and asked, “What else do you think there is?” Jack shook his head. “No. I’m just curious; that’s all.”

Alexander graciously said, “Curiosity killed the cat. And stop talking nonsense in the future.” Jack nodded again and again with a serious look. “Don’t worry. I will never doubt whether you like men or women in the future, because I think you are more likely to like women after all…” After Jack finished speaking, he ran away without waiting for Alexander’s reply. Alexander shook his head helplessly while looking at Jack quickly escaping to safety, then he walked into the house.

Elise, on the other hand, went back to her bedroom and did her homework first. At 9.00PM in the evening, she took a shower and changed out of her clothes. However, at this moment, there was a knock on the door of the room. Elise looked at her face with makeup removed and panicked. Hurriedly, she asked, “Who is it?” Immediately afterward, Danny’s voice came from the door. “Boss, it’s me!” When Elise heard it was Danny, she hurried toward the door but didn’t open it.

“What do you want?” As a matter of fact, Danny didn’t have any major issues at all. He was only a little nervous because the monthly exam was approaching, so he came to Elise to calm his nerves. “The monthly exam is tomorrow, and I…” Danny was a little embarrassed to say that he was nervous. After all, this was the first time in his student life that he was nervous before an exam; he never took any exam this seriously before. “Are you nervous?”

As if she could tell what was on Danny’s mind, Elise asked directly. Danny, who was exposed by Elise, lost all the nerves in an instant. With a sigh of relief, Elise said across the door, “It’s going to be okay. First, have a good sleep and calm yourself; don’t think too much about it. When you take the exam tomorrow, just do your best to answer.” After hearing Elise’s words, Danny knew that he should adjust his emotions. “I see. Okay, Boss! Then I’ll go back to my room first.” Listening to Danny gradually walking away, Elise was finally able to let go of her dangling heart.
She then slowly walked to the dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror after she had restored her original appearance. With her current effort of trying to hide her own identity, she was about to forget what she looked like. Subsequently, Elise put a sleeping mask on her face and then drifted into sleep. On the next day. The monthly exam was held as scheduled. Elise walked into the examination room without any pressure.

One exam after another, it was obvious that the students’ mental state wasn’t taking it very well. After the last mathematics exam, all the students were relieved. Elise sorted out her school supplies and walked out of the examination room. Just as she walked around the corner, she ran into Danny. “How was the exam?” Elise asked. Danny frowned. “It wasn’t perfect. I couldn’t do the last few questions in the mathematics paper.”

However, Elise said, “I have told you about the difficult questions before. The way they structure the questions may change, but the way they’re solved remains unchanged.” Danny sighed. “It seems that I’ve not worked hard enough. Forget it; it’s just one test. I’ll go back and revise these questions again.” As Danny spoke, he already turned his body quickly and went back to the classroom to do exercises seriously. When there were questions that he didn’t understand, he took the initiative to ask Elise for explanations.

After Elise had finished solving the last difficult question, Danny immediately felt astonished. “So that’s how you solve it. I didn’t think of it at all during the exam.” Elise reassured him, “It’s okay. Just work harder next time.” Right then, Samantha walked up to both of them, then she looked at Danny’s test paper and said unceremoniously, “This question is very simple!” Danny didn’t like Samantha’s tone, so he immediately asked, “You know how to solve it?”

Samantha used to participate in math competitions, which meant her math foundation was good. Besides, she had also studied with Elise for a while, so the big, difficult questions in this monthly exam were really just a breeze to her. “For questions this simple, of course I do!” Danny obviously didn’t buy it, so Samantha took the pen and started to solve it while explaining it to him. After the calculation, Danny’s eyes sank, whereupon Samantha said arrogantly, “Well, I wasn’t lying, was I? It really is that simple.” Danny hurriedly took his paper and did not speak. Seeing this, Samantha quickly added, “Danny, it seems that you still need to work harder.”

Danny continued to reply, “Don’t you worry. I will definitely work hard to surpass you.” Samantha hooked her lips to reveal a beautiful smile, looking polite and graceful. “Game on, then!” In fact, Samantha’s words had no other meaning, but Danny felt aggrieved. He resolved himself to work hard to surpass Samantha the next time. After school, Elise, Samantha, and Riley walked down the corridor together. Jack’s new song was playing in the school’s studio yet again, whereupon Samantha said impatiently, “Damn. They play this song every day—my ears are tired of hearing it!”

Riley said, “Well, what can we do? This song is currently on the top of the major charts, which basically shows how influential H is.” Samantha shrugged. “Yeah. H is like a God. She only showed up in a tweet, but she made the whole music circle quake. When will I be able to reach this state, where as soon as I appear, everyone will lose their heads from the amazement?”

Elise put an arm around Samantha’s shoulder. “Come on. I’m sure that day will come. I’m still waiting for you to win the Best Actress award and sit on the throne as the Best Actress.” Hearing Elise say this, Samantha suddenly became high-spirited as she spoke to Elise and Riley. “Just you two wait for me. In the future, I will definitely come back with the Best Actress’ trophy and present it to you!” Elise and Riley looked at each other with a smile and said in unison, “We look forward to that day coming sooner.”

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