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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 129

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 129

Hearing this, Ronald immediately barked, “Jack, why didn’t you tell me about this earlier? This is a serious matter!” Jack also felt a little annoyed and replied, “I found this song under the computer desk. I wrote the first half.” Ronald shouted, “A scheme—this is all part of a scheme! Jack, it must be someone’s evil plan! What they are trying to do is to involve you in this dispute. Damn, this person is truly vicious.” Jack pursed his lips.

During his many years in the entertainment industry, he had been minding his own business, and he had never offended anyone. Who would actually do such a thing to him? “Let’s go and check the surveillance footage of my office’s door—I want to see just who placed this thing there.” However, Ronald stopped him and said, “Oh, darling! Now is not the time to find out the truth, but to give the public an explanation.

I will get someone from the public relations department to control the damage and to minimize the impact of this incident.” With that, Ronald took his phone to make a call. Seeing Ronald on his phone, Jack’s heart sank. No matter who framed him, he would go to the ends of the world to find the culprit. However, at this moment, the door of the office was pushed open, and Noel walked in. “This song is not plagiarized.”

He spoke at once. Immediately, Jack and Ronald looked at him at the same time. “Noel, what the hell is going on?” Noel replied, “This piece was written by H.” Both Jack and Ronald were obviously surprised, and Jack immediately uttered, “But the first half of this song was written by me.” The question was—how could H have possibly helped him improve the second half of his song? When Noel heard Jack’s question, he couldn’t exactly connect the dots, but he could roughly guess why Elise would help Jack.

It just seemed that Jack didn’t know Elise’s true identity, so Noel didn’t want to be the one to tell him. “Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to ask H herself for the answer to this question,” Noel said. Ronald also added, “If that’s the case, then this matter is much easier to handle. Let H personally clarify the misunderstanding, then the accusation of plagiarism will be eliminated.” Jack took a deep look at Noel. “I’m afraid this matter is not so simple.”

Noel smiled slightly. “It may not be that complicated after all—she probably just wanted to help you.” Jack was still confused and didn’t understand the meaning of Noel’s words, but Noel continued, “Leave this matter to me. I will try to convince H and let her come forward to clarify this issue. However, you also need to do some damage control because H’s fans are very powerful—we should still think of a way to minimize the impact of this incident.”

Ronald nodded in understanding. “Don’t worry. I will handle this.” Soon after that, Noel turned around and left. After Noel and Ronald had both left the office, Jack was the only person left. He looked out the window, thinking about what Noel had just said. Why did H compose a song for me? Are we related in any way? And the most important question is: How did H get the first half of my song? It felt like he was in a labyrinth with no way out. ……

Elise didn’t expect that it would bring Jack such a big trouble from just modifying his tune at random, and there was only one way to solve this trouble—she had to come forward as H to clarify the misunderstanding. However… She took out her mobile phone but was afraid to log in to H’s official account.

After so many years, she had never logged in to this account. She was afraid of seeing the messages from her fans who were eagerly awaiting her return, and she was also afraid of remembering what happened to her before. In fact, she didn’t want to face the past that she wasn’t brave enough to look back on, let alone face those bits and pieces. “Elise, school is over. Why haven’t you left yet?” Mikayla asked curiously.

As soon as Elise heard her, she quickly put away her mobile phone and got up. “I’m leaving now. Let’s go together.” Mikayla gave her a nod, and after Elise had packed up, the two of them left the classroom together. “Mikayla, did you know that Jack Griffith is currently facing a plagiarism scandal?” Elise couldn’t help but ask, but Mikayla answered curiously, “Elise, you’ve never mentioned Jack before. What’s wrong with you today?

Why are you suddenly interested in his affairs?” Elise explained, “I just happened to read about it on the hot search, so I asked.” Listening to what Elise said, Mikayla didn’t doubt a thing. She knew about Jack’s plagiarism scandal, but she was very optimistic about it, and it didn’t seem to bother her much. This was because she trusted Jack and believed that he would not commit plagiarism, and she believed the truth of this matter was bound to be uncovered some day.

“He’s not one to plagiarize.” Mikayla’s words were full of trust. Elise turned her head to look at her and asked, “Do you trust in him that much?” Mikayla nodded without hesitation. “He is my prince charming, my idol. After I’ve chosen to be his fan, I’ll support him wholeheartedly, and the premise of supporting him is trust. His character is impeccable, so I have always believed in him.” Mikayla’s words echoed in Elise’s ears, and at this moment, she suddenly envied Jack.

At least he had someone who believed in him without reservation. “You’re right. He really isn’t that kind of person.” After Elise finished speaking, she already had an idea in her heart. It was at this point that the two of them had arrived at the gate, and Mikayla waved at Elise. “Elise, I’ll take my leave first. See you tomorrow!” Elise replied with a smile, “See you tomorrow!” After parting, Elise took out her mobile phone.

This time, she did not hesitate to log into her previous account. As soon as she entered, countless messages flooded in… Elise didn’t plan to read those messages. Instead, she directly clicked into the edit box and tapped her fingers quickly on the screen. “H, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Noel’s voice rang in her ears all of a sudden. Subconsciously, Elise raised her eyes, and then pressed the lock screen button. With that, her phone screen went dark. “Is this about Jack Griffith?” Elise asked. Noel looked at her and then said, “Right now, you’re the only person who can help Jack get out of this situation.” Elise’s hand clenched on the phone silently while she said, “It’s my fault.

I did this without thorough consideration—I will help him clarify matters.” Noel was surprised that Elise agreed so readily. He thought that he would have to spend some effort this time. “Thank you, H!” Noel said sincerely, but Elise told him bluntly, “I’m not doing this for you.” Noel was obviously surprised that she said this, but he still covered it up very well. “I know.”

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