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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 123

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 123

“That’s true.” At that moment, Danny was regretful. Why didn’t I realize that reading and studying were so pleasurable? “Let’s go home. We’ll come again tomorrow.” With that, Danny and Elise made their way out of the library. Then, he started the car and drove them home. It was already pretty late when they reached home. Just returning from work, Alexander bumped into Elise and Danny, who were chatting happily as they came in. “Alex, you’re home!”

Danny greeted. After acknowledging Danny, Alexander glanced at Elise, who was standing next to Danny, and asked, “Where did you go? Why did you come back so late?” “We just went for a walk,” she answered with a chuckle. It was obvious that Danny didn’t want Alexander to know about his current situation, so she didn’t expose him. Instead, she waved at them. “I’ll go upstairs first.” “Goodnight, Boss!”

Danny waved back. After watching her go up the stairs, Alexander asked softly, “When did you two become so close? Didn’t you find her annoying before?” “No, I didn’t! We’ve always been close. What happened before was just a little misunderstanding.” Danny snickered. Alexander was quite surprised to hear so because he knew what kind of person Danny was. Danny would come up with a thousand excuses if he hated someone; on the contrary, he would put his heart on his sleeve if he treated someone as his friend.

“It’s nice to know that it was just a misunderstanding. It’s late. You should rest too.” “Okay. Goodnight, Alex.” With that, Alexander made his way up the stairs. The next morning, Danny knocked on Elise’s door. Half-awake, she got up reluctantly in a daze. “Danny, what are you doing so early in the morning?”

Then, he handed her a pair of headphones. “It’s a good idea to listen to Chinese listening comprehension in the morning. ” Upon hearing this, she was at a loss for words. Staring at him, she asked unhappily, “You’re not crazy, are you?” “I’m just sharing a good way to study Chinese with you. Besides, I’m not taking up much of your time. I just woke you up ten minutes earlier than usual.” He laughed. Thinking he must have gone mad, she chided, “Don’t wake me up next time.

I just want to sleep ten minutes more.” Right after, she closed the door with a loud bang. In spite of that, he wasn’t annoyed at all. Whatever. I’ll listen to it myself if she doesn’t want to. With that, he turned to leave. Just then, Danny saw Alexander coming out of his room, whereupon he greeted, “Good morning, Alex!” Seeing that Danny was wearing his headphones, Alexander asked curiously, “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, nothing. I came to wake Elise up.” He giggled. Alexander was slightly upset seeing Danny’s unusually enthusiastic attitude toward Elise. However, he had no right to say anything. “Let’s have breakfast. You need to go to school in a while.” Danny agreed, and the brothers went downstairs to have breakfast. Halfway, Elise finally came down with an exhausted look on her face. As she pulled the chair out, she said to Danny, “Don’t wake me up so early in the morning next time.”

“Okay,” Danny conceded. Then, like a little lackey, he handed her a glass of milk. “You should drink more milk. It’s a rich source of protein.” Instinctively, she reached for the glass and took a sip. “Hmm… Not bad.” Alexander put on a poker face as he watched the interaction between the two. Putting down his cutleries, he told Elise, “I had something going on yesterday. I’ll take you to school today.” Just as Alexander finished, Danny quickly replied, “There’s no need.

I can go with her, so there’s no need to trouble you since there’s so much to do at the company. Go ahead and settle the company’s matters.” “Yeah, we’ll just go to school ourselves,” she concurred. Looking at both of them, Alexander had no choice but to refrain from what he was about to say. Instead, he responded, “If that’s the case, I’ll leave first.” The servant hurriedly handed him his briefcase when he stood up and headed toward the door.

Taking it, he left without the slightest hesitation. Yet, he didn’t leave at once after coming out of the house but waited in his car instead. He waited until Danny and Elise came out and watched as they got into the car happily. Finally, he started the car and drove away after they left. In the car, Elise suggested, “Today’s last period is a self-study session, so let’s head to the library earlier.” “Sure. I’ll wait for you at the school gate,” Danny replied.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the ancient book that she had not finished reading yesterday, while he found that the library’s environment was perfect for studying. Hence, with a tacit understanding, they slipped out of class during the last period. When they reached the library, they proceeded to do their own things with unspoken understanding. She was reading on the second floor while he was revising on the first floor.

Neither of them bothered each other. With that, both of them stayed in the library until 9.00PM before they finally left reluctantly. It was already 10.00PM when they reached home. All of a sudden, Elise realized that it was Wednesday—the day that she was supposed to teach Alexander Arisian. Quickly, she typed on her laptop, then she sighed in relief as it turned out that he was offline. At the same time, she was surprised as he was usually on time for the lesson.

What happened today? Meanwhile, the lights of Maybach in the Griffith Residence’s yard had been turned off. Yet, Alexander sat rigidly in the car with no intention to get out. With a cigarette between his index and middle fingers, he took a long drag and exhaled circles of smoke while he recalled the sight of Danny and Elise coming home together earlier.

Frowning, he stubbed out the cigarette and pulled out his car keys before getting out of the car. It was also then that he realized that it was Wednesday, and he was supposed to learn Arisian. He almost forgot. Immediately, he went into his room and turned on his laptop. After going online, he sent Sare a message.

Elise had been waiting for him online all the while. When she saw his message, she typed on the keyboard swiftly and replied to him. After receiving her message, he got up and took off his coat before going into the bathroom, then the sound of water rushing came from the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, he walked to his laptop while drying the drops of water from his hair before sitting down and starting his Arisian lesson with Sare. An hour passed by very quickly. After their lesson, he sent her a private message: ‘I heard that there’s a batch of good stones that had just arrived in Athesea. Are you interested?’

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