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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 121

Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 121

Elise helped Alexander into his room and to his bedside. “Take a rest.” After saying this, she had intended to leave, but he stopped her and uttered, “I’m thirsty.” Acknowledging him, she poured him a glass of water without any hesitation. “Here you go.” As he looked at the glass of water in front of him, he reached for it and took a sip.

The temperature is just right. “Thank you!” With a smile, she replied, “No problem. Rest well. I’ll be going back now.” This time, he didn’t try to stop her and instead watched as she left the room. As soon as she closed the door, the expression on his face went back to normal.

Images of her kept popping in his mind as he gazed at the glass of warm water in his hand. For example, images of her accompanying him as he overcame difficulties with the Griffiths, organizing his documents at the company, and openly defending him in the public eye. All these memories of her were deeply imprinted in his mind. When did I start caring about her every move? And when did I start getting concerned about how she felt?

He couldn’t find the answer to this question, nor could he get her out of his head. …… As night fell, Alexander had a long dream. In it, he found himself at a festive scene with guests coming and going. Curious, he moved through the crowd and arrived at a hall. “Mr. Griffith, will you take this woman to be your lawful wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, till death do you part?”

Hearing the master of ceremonies’ voice, he was perplexed. I’m getting married? When was this decided? And who’s the bride? With all his might, he wriggled through the crowd to the front and finally saw clearly who the bride was this time. Elise? Why’s it her? Then, in his dream, she looked toward him all of a sudden and gave him a sweet smile. …… With a loud gasp, Alexander woke up from his dream. “Phew! It was all just a dream!”

he blurted out and stared outside the window to find that it was pitch black. Then, he looked at the clock on the wall. It was 3.00AM! Stunned, he couldn’t believe that he would have such a dream. It must have been because she had often been appearing before him recently that he started having hallucinations.

For the rest of the night, he had trouble getting back to sleep, so he decided that he might as well settle some of the company’s matters until daylight. As soon as the morning sun shone into the room, he changed into a tracksuit and went out. Meanwhile, Elise had a good night’s sleep. After getting out of bed, she drew the curtains to let the sunshine in. “What nice weather!” Then, she gave her body a good stretch.

The next moment, she saw Alexander jogging outside. Are his legs all better? Though she was puzzled, she looked away. Right after, she washed up and changed into a set of new clothes before going out. As soon as she stepped out, she bumped into Alexander. “Good morning!” she greeted.

Unlike before, where he would greet her back politely, he ignored her and walked past her back into his room. Confused, she didn’t give it much thought and headed downstairs.

After shutting the door, he realized that his heart was racing furiously. “What’s going on?” Why am I getting more excited than before when I see her? “When are you coming down? I’m going to be late,” she knocked on his door and said impatiently. Immediately, the door opened and revealed half of his body. “My legs aren’t well.

I’ll ask Danny to send you.” After saying this, he was about to close the door when she stopped him. “I don’t see anything wrong with your legs! I saw you jogging in the morning,” she grumbled. However, he insisted, “My legs haven’t fully recovered yet. It’s really inconvenient.”

Knowing that he was a hard-headed man, she brushed off her suspicion and said, “Fine. I’ll leave, then.” With that, she turned to leave and went to school with Danny. The lush greeneries of the school yard gave off a youthful and vibrant energy. As Elise got out of the car, she waited for Danny before entering the school. “Boss, could you explain the trigonometric functions to me? I took a look at the textbook last night, but I still don’t really get it.”

Upon hearing this, she conceded. “The textbook only covers the basics. For the final revision, doing practice questions would be more helpful. I’ll lend you my exercise book later. It might be of help.” Happily, he beamed. “Thank you, Boss!” Then, the two walked into the classroom in unison. Previously, Danny had always been the perfect example of a student who was ignorant and incompetent, causing many problems to teachers.

However, all the teachers turned a blind eye to his behavior as he was a Griffith. But recently, the ignorant and incompetent Danny started to take his studies seriously. He would pay great attention in class no matter what subject it was. Initially, the teachers thought that he was simply putting on a show, but this actually went on for a week, so the teachers were greatly impressed. “Danny, come and solve this problem.”

Mr. Winfrey, the mathematics teacher, called him. At once, everyone turned to stare at Danny with a look of disbelief. “Why did Mr. Winfrey ask Danny to answer the question?” “He’s a student from the last row. Teachers have usually given up on them. How did Mr. Winfrey notice him?” “Maybe Mr. Winfrey called Danny by mistake. Besides, Danny might not be able to answer the question even if Mr. Winfrey really did call him.”

The other students gossiped softly, but Elise overheard it all. With her brows raised, she looked at Danny and cheered him on silently. At first, Danny didn’t want to go up to the podium, but he stood up as soon as she encouraged him.

With the other students’ astonished gazes on him, he walked up the podium. “It’s alright if you can’t solve it. You’re remarkably brave for coming up here.” Mr. Winfrey handed him the chalk.

Taking over the chalk, he looked at the question on the blackboard. In less than two minutes, he had already come up with a solution. With that, he started writing it so smoothly and without hesitation that the other students watched with their eyes wide open. The classroom fell silent instantaneously as they stared at him.

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